Monday, December 21, 2009

Guardian AD Chargem- M. Jill Dykes Topeka KS paid for by YOUR $Tax $

 Court Whores and Court Appointed Child Abusers since they have decided that THEY are immune I will have to begin a blog posting campaign on EACH one.

Google your own names those who profited from the blood of my family- your silence is NOT mine and I am Silent no more!
Hit list

Odyssey- Where Sexual Pedophiles get re integrated back into the home with victims- Grant money funds this- FYI- NOT battered Mommies- We strive ONLY to Serve the Perpetrators: Kara Haney, Drex Flott…..

Donald R. Hoffman, Jason P Hoffman- ALL COURT quackos evaluations, criminal records, Judge Debenham, Dr, Rodeheffer and Dr Albott both known better as Dr. Pedophiles- see  and the list will keep growing along with 16 years of documentation and recordings….
But this one is for

1243 SW Topeka, Blvd., Suite B

Topeka, Kansas 66612

btw Jill Dykes- although your OPININION under Supreme court rule 100 entitles you to kill..; it DOES NOT entitle you to defend against the ethics charges and Behavioral Sciences Board- And Charge the county for your defense- by your own hand…. in your over time expenses- below( note the time ACTUALLY spent with the child she is court appointed to Abuse?

.5 hrs good fucking gawd!
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2009_1-14- GAL M. Jill Dykes Court Appointed Abuser submits for OVERTIME pay

Compelling stories from parents and grandparents about problems with placement and removal of children

By Earl Glynn On December 4, 2009

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Kansas CPS Post Audit said...

I'm kinda curious to why BSRB Roger Scurlock called this GAL Jill Dykes in regards to a complaint you made against another individual. Roger Scurlock and the BSRB have refused to investigate licensed workers by claiming "no jurisdiction" which violates their regulatory process and why the BSRB was established in the first place.

Kansas CPS Post Audit said...

This is shameful that Kansas has allowed this separation of mother and daughter to go on year after year!!! These individuals MUST have mental issues to destroy this family.

Unknown said...

because they can thx for commenting I did not know I even had comments enabled (oops) a Google thing I guess :-)