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D-Day [Part Two] the Slaughter of one Kansas Family of Women; Domestic Violence By Susan Murphy Milano

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D-Day [Part Two]



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by movingoutmovingon

[pictured Karen, Emily and Lauren Kahler]

The majority of women abused want to get away as far from their abuser as possible and begin their lives without the violence. Karen Kahler who was murdered along with her two children and her 89 year-old grandmother by her estranged husband, was no different.

Karen Kahler was a loving woman with strong ties to her children and the community. So much that friends and family have set a blog http://www.karenkahler.blogspot.com/ in memory of their friend and for the only child, a 10 year-old son whom survived the bloody massacre and needs assistance himself.

Nothing short of purchasing a weapon and signing up for lessons on how to take accurate aim to a target could have prevented these murders. Family homicide is an epidemic. It is a war. And if you are reading this, thinking “nope this can’t happen to me” think again!

I have reported on so many stories of men murdering their families in the last few months, I have lost count. With over 20 years of hands on assistance directly to women and their children I wonder how many moremurders it will take before the legal system wakes up and corrects a process within the courts that is allowing offenders in many situations to get away with the slaughter of innocent women and children.

An order of protection will do nothing in the prevention of a person whom is so enraged they will stop at anything to commit murder. Because you or a victim that is a family member or friend, perhaps a co-worker or church member has decided to end the relationship.

Take a moment and read yesterday’s post on the murders of Karen and her family. If you are involved with someone who is abusive you need to realize you cannot fight this battle without taking the necessary steps prior to leaving, this means before announcing to this dangerous person, “It’s over,” or “that you are leaving” or “filing for divorce.” You might as well kiss your life goodbye.

It is similar to setting off the detonation of a ticking bomb, with the abuser set to go off at any time. The abuser has a plan to harm you and or the children if you do not stay in the relationship. You must be taughtthe techniques that will get you safely out from under the abuser.

If you want information on how to do this please email me atcontact@movingoutmovingon.com all emails are held in strict confidence. And remember, I too, am a casualty of family homicide. Imay not have been able to save my mother, but, so many are alive today because she lost her life in this war.

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Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] Battered Mothers Rights - A Human Rights Issue.


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