Thursday, December 24, 2009

Judge David ‘death’ Debenham Shawnee County Court Whorehouse- Merry Christmas! (The Murder of Motherhood pt 2)


Maybe we could call this the 12 days to truth- no Christmas cookies here- I hurt and I am angry a normal reaction to a very heinous and horrific OUTRAGE!


Dear Judge David Debenham Shawnee County Court Whorehouse Merry Christmas - from my dear mother watching you from heaven!  Ohhhhh…. wait I am in contempt for this beautiful tribute video—So be it…

My mother says ‘fuck you” (as do I)- ‘’when they circumcised you they threw away the wrong part”-my daughters Granny that you denied (as the video below shows)

Its not bad enough that you have to screw up your own daughter after the death of your wife ( oh how the court hallways talk)  but you have the ‘lack of balls’  to stop fucking up the lives of OTHER little girls (my daughter) how the mother dead mother of your daughters must be- as she looks down on this x-mas evening upon your new wife and family and her precious daughters you tossed away.

But OHHHHHHHH wait you are only defending the father- who still maintains the coffin.. but wait your a GOOD Judge/god- little man syndrome-

I have noting left but the truth- the same truth that still stands 16 years later! I have nothing better to do with my time than to exercise my 1st amendment right- ( as you know my own mother died this time .. Merry fucking Christmas Judge ‘death’ Debenham. FUCK YOU! and all the other court whores ( each will get their own special post) See M. Jill Dykes- two down….

Oh, dear Judge did you know that the real Claudine Dombrowski is WORLD WIDE???  Her sites her blogs her name- is everyone's- This mom will never go away- and neither will the shit that this court CONTINUES to try to keep Silent

.. WE are the world


… WE are every where


for now, this will serve as a Christmas card to all the whores of this Court all who have and are- a part of the Inter-American Commission Human Rights Petition – for ohh gee guess what- HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLTIONS!!!

how proud you must be as you ‘cheer’ each other tonight- while so many suffer from YOUR profit.

keep on violating all Human Rights, Constitutional rights ( as if that ever did exist) Bill of Rights and the list goes on and on…. There is no justice- JUST-US- the  lawyers, Judges and Other court whores- keep playing your silly games… the truth remains simply- the truth.

Google your own name Judge David Debenaham - no need to Google my name with yours- your a star on your own-

and we are only just beginning.

On Jan 8th, 2010 when you sever my rights – recall it must be because I am a threat to my daughter- NOT YOU! and the court whores!

Judge David ‘death’ Debenham- ‘SOLD’ to the highest bidder denies even in death human rights.



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Merry Christmas Mom, Merry x-mas my daughter- I miss you both..

I will never give up!!

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