Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fathers: Do you want full custody of your child without having to pay ANY child support?

Fathers: Do you want full custody of your child without having to pay ANY child support?

All you have to do is sexually abuse your child.

Just make sure that NO ONE is looking and make sure there is NO physical evidence. If your child doesn't tell his/her mother, do it again until whatever you do disturbs your child so much that your child will tell Mom. Then just sit back and relax. Your work is done!

BE SURE to document how upset your ex-wife/girlfriend gets when she hears about what you did. The more she tries to protect the child, the more she'll look "crazy" because there are NO witnesses and NO physical evidence.

Then find a court evaluator and a lawyer who do "parental alienation" cases. They will tell the judge that your ex-wife/ex-girlfriend has "Parental Alienation Syndrome" and/or "Munchhausen Syndrome"

Just Google "father's rights" and you'll find plenty of help with this legal strategy.

Remember to stay cool when you're in court. The more composed you appear, the more your ex will seem crazy because she'll KNOW you sexually abused your child

The court won't protect your child from further abuse because there's NO proof and YOUR the biological father with the RIGHT to raise your child! It's important to say things like "I want shared custody" (even though you really don't).

When you see the case start to go your way, remember to play the part. Look worried and say things that make the judge think that you are concerned about your ex's mental condition. Say that you want her to have contact with your children but that her contact should be "supervised" so she can't continue to "alienate" your children from you.

The judge will take your children from her and give her only "supervised visits" Once that happens, watch how upset and "crazy" she'll get!

Contact the "father's right's" groups. They'll help you find the right people to talk with about this winning strategy!

Sick strategy? Yes. A national scandal bigger than the Catholic Church scandal.

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silencedmother 7:50 AM


I have seen similar comments all over the internet about how Islam has the right idea, that the men are treated right, etc.



I am continually amazed at how tainted opinions are towards women. The comments that the 'male ruled courts' are unjust towards women astounds me. What percentage of fathers are awarded custody of their children while they are held financially responsible, even when in cases where the mother is unfit by any measure? Where is it written that a mother is a better parent than a father? We are victims of a society that believes a woman is "special" because she has a ####. In truth, women are passive aggressive, manipulative, and vengeful. They emasculate boy children and convince girls they are special because they have a ####. Where would these women be without a man and his penis? This entire attitude is so off the mark. After all, Eve would not exist without Adam's rib. Women weaken the human race. The nation of Islam has the right idea. They truly know how much women are truly worth.

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DesertColonel 2:37 AM

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