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Teflon Dad: Single Dad of Two in St. Louis Gives Us More Insight Into The Misogynistic Mind

Teflon Dad: Single Dad of Two in St. Louis Gives Us More Insight Into The Misogynistic Mind

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Unfortunately, the world is full of psychologically-deranged people that project their hostility and violent tendencies to others.  This is a well known psychological problem.  Mark K. Godbey of Fathers Parental Rights is one of them that could seem to suffer with this issue.  Another is Teflon Dad.  Read what he has been saying at Dads Divorce . com, Cordell & Cordell’s (divorce lawyers that focus on tactics for fathers to win it all) den for whining misogynists.

Screen shot from on December 11th

How about that handle:  Teflon Dad.  What a riot!  Guess he made sure the charges didn’t stick???

So what exactly is Teflon Dad’s gripe?  I had repost an article that was widely distributed by Womens eNews, written by Garland Waller, of Boston University.  Guess he wasn’t sharp enough to figure that out, even though it is stated at the beginning and original link provided.  See Family Courts Betray “Best Interests of the Child” and Award Child Custody to Abusive Fathers.

Then Teflon Dad complains the site is “modeled after fathers4justice and follows Glenn Sacks…”  Sorry dude, I don’t know what in the world you are talking about when it comes to fathers4justice, I do not go to sites like this as I cannot stomach them.  And follow Glenn Sacks?  Yes, I do get their newsletter.  We definitely have our difference of opinions on a subject or two, but I find some things he has written to be good, and have said so on this site.  I have even found a good Robert Franklin article I have repost here (see Hell Must Have Frozen Over).  So I’ll take his rant as a compliment.  Thank you very much.

Yes, the most recent article discussed a mother who lost custody of her young baby to the father and the stepmother injured the baby.  The article was repost from a newspaper in Montana with no commentary added, with virtually the same title as the newspaper had.  Hey dipwad, women are guilty of domestic violence too, but at a rate far less overall.  But that really, in the whole world sense, doesn’t matter, does it….nobody should be hurting the baby.  And yes, NOT ALL FATHERS ARE BAD, but this guy had no business taking a baby and letting her mother only see her TWO HOURS A MONTH, which goes to show people that some just want it all and want to punish the other parent.  THAT was the point, dipwad.

So, although he rants “bitter, hateful, vitriol-filled misandrists” I am sure his other 3175 posts on this forum as just as filled with dripping hate as this one.  Unfortunately, these are the people taking the children for themselves and making sure mothers are fully squashed out of their lives.  Thanks a lot for the insight, single dad of two in St. Louis.

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