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End the Silence of Domestic Violence in Child Custody Cases - Dr. Phil Show

Great Job Steve Burdo and the Center For Judicial Excellence!!!
End the Silence of Domestic Violence in Child Custody Cases

Dr. Phil: Stats show that in Domestic Violence Families children are abused 50% times more often than non Domestic Violence Families. So Why Are We giving Abusers and Pedophiles and killer daddy's custody of these same children?



Steve Burdo is the lead advocacy consultant for the Center for Judicial Excellence. “Women are just not being believed or listened to in family court, where the majority of these cases are being tried,” he says. “Oftentimes, they are being blamed and punished. Only in family court do we see a situation where the victim is the person who has to present the case against the abuser. If it’s in criminal court, it would be a DA or a prosecutor who would present the case for the victim, but if a woman is the victim of domestic violence, and can’t afford an attorney, then she has to go into court and present that case, and it’s extremely intimidating facing your abuser in the first place, but being able to go about the more technical or litigious aspects of presenting a case. In our criminal courts, we will make sure that our most heinous murderers have adequate legal representation. However, a mother who’s trying to protect herself or her child and can’t afford an attorney in family court, she’s thrown to the courts like a lamb to the slaughter.”

“How do we change that?” Dr. Phil asks.

“We need to completely rethink the way we handle domestic violence cases, and that means having all the right people involved, not just the legislators, not just the courts,” Steve says. “You need a domestic violence community, you need domestic violence victims at that table, talking about how to change the way we handle these cases, and it’s something that’s just not happening right now.”

“It doesn’t seem to me, from my involvement in this, that we have all the entities communicating,” Dr. Phil says. “If CPS is involved, a criminal court may not know that. If there’s a custody battle, CPS may assume that the family court is looking at this, so they’re not going to start an investigation, because they think it would be redundant, when in fact they might have resources that the family court doesn’t have, particularly with our budget cuts. Why do we not have family court, criminal court people talking to each other?”

“With the hundreds of calls we get each month at the Center for Judicial Excellence, our experience is that we see it’s more of an issue of CPS not communicating with the family courts,” Steve says.

“When CPS is investigating allegations of abuse, and they see that there’s a custody dispute also, they will just close the case as inconclusive. It’ll then go to the family courts. The family courts will look at it and go, ‘Oh, this was closed as inconclusive. There’s no abuse,’ and they’ll just take that as a final verdict.”

Civil and family attorney Areva Martin and the National Network to End Domestic Violence have child custody precautions every mother needs to know before leaving an abusive relationship. See their tips here!

Read more at www.drphil.com


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MARY JILL DOUGAN- DYKES How's that Facebook thing working out for you?



 Poor widdle JILL DYKES was a scaredy cat

Ahhh the poor poor widdle Jill Dykes was a scaredy cat. She thinks that there are many angry bloggers out there ready to attack her? I mean seriously why else did she leave court today after stabbing Claudine through the heart and not allowing Rikki to come home to her mom. How many moms out there have said no you cannot call your dad or no you cannot go visit him and NOT been threatened with Jail? I know LT was not only threatened with it but she was thrown in jail. Danielle Malmquist has also been thrown in jail.

Oh!!!!! I had a serious brain fart!!!! The pisshead JD was scared of little ol' Claudine? Nah you can't be serious Petunia. What could Claudine do even if she wanted to? Halleck Richardson has made damn sure she will never be able to work another day in her life, he has hired men to rape her, has hired women to beat her, and now he continues his abuse of her by now allowing a mother and daughter to have contact. He also has the criminal conviction record to prove all of this.
And let's not forget Don Hoffman and his snot nosed son Jason P. Hoffman. Hell has a special place for these two when they go.

And the winner of the day goes to the very UN esteemed Judge David Debenham. He is the one who yet again would not hold Daddy dearest responsible and allow Claudine and Rikki to reconnect as mother and daughter. And the pisser in all of this? He took Claudine's cell phone away from her. I guess the DYKES bitch thought Claudine would call all of her big bad ass blogger friends. Guess what DYKES? The Internet is more powerful than you, whinehead Hoffman, snot nosed brat Hoffman and woman-beater, wife raping child stealing Halleck Richardson and all the GAL's who want to side with widdle ol' scaredy cat Jill Dykes (Yes you Renee). We will prevail. You cannot keep this mother and daughter apart forever. Rikki will be 18 one day and then your little circus will go up in flames. But we shall continue to hope it does not take that long.

Fuck you Jill --- Karma is a coming.

Watch out for Falling Houses.


M. Jill Dykes GAL—Court Appointed Child Abuser, Topeka, Kansas

(Coming for your child soon)


News & Politics


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Topeka (KS) M. Jill Dykes GAL- The Witch that Flew Off her Broom Stick.WHERES A PAIR OF RUBY SLIPPERS WHEN YOU NEED THEM?

Source youtube.

WHERES A PAIR OF RUBY SLIPPERS WHEN YOU NEED THEM?http://mamaliberty.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/wheres-a-pair-of-ruby-slippers-wh...

Wicked Witch Of Topeka Kansas—Shawnee County Courthouse get 1K each month for the pre 18 age of EVERY child she gets appointed too--- it is of course OVERTIME if she actually has to go to court to defend her right to be on case—such as keeping a battered mother away from her daughter—and leaving that child with Abuser Halleck George Richardson… Hal Richardson Wife Beater Topeka Kansas


HIS WIFE (m. Jill DYKES ‘told him what happened’. hence the phone call) He lies 5 x’s I counted about every answer and statement. KARMA comes in many ways—not judicial. beware of falling houses.

Entire unedited audio herehttp://bit.ly/lV0G25

HIS WIFE (M. Jill DYKES ‘told him what happened’. (by his OWN words--hence the phone call)  He lies 5 x’s - I counted. About every answer and statement.

KARMA comes in many ways—not judicial. Beware of falling houses. It is after all Tornado season.



WHERES A PAIR OF RUBY SLIPPERS WHEN YOU NEED THEM?http://mamaliberty.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/wheres-a-pair-of-ruby-slippers-wh...

Court Appointed Child Abuser - M. JILL DYKES and her cronies can legally harass, threaten and have her HUSBAND CHRISTOPHER DYKES call a private number of a Battered Mother of the child who Mary JILL Dougan DYKES allows to be with a KNOWN, admitted and convicted ABUSER - HAL RICHARDSON, as they all get away with fucking and legally trafficking kids.

Its attorneys rule and the rest of you are all fucked! Entire unedited audio here http://bit.ly/lV0G25

Disciplinary Board says --- http://www.scribd.com/doc/56251013/2011-May-6-M-Jill-Dykes-Gets-Again-Rubber-...


Sham in Shawnee County Topeka, Kansas http://www.nowpublic.com/world/sham-shawnee-county-topeka-kansas
The last time I did court watch for protective mother CLAUDINE DOMBROWSKI, I called my subsequent posting on the experience "Showdown in Shawnee County."

See the post here http://dastardlydads.blogspot.com/2010/02/showdown-in-shawnee-county-we-final...

I can't even call the hearing held on October 19, 2010 a showdown. It was just a sham.
Let's do a little review. Claudine is a battered mother who lost custody of her only daughter in an ex parte hearing in 2004. (Ex parte means the mother wasn't even represented at the hearing.) Since then, she has had very little visitation. The hearing in January 2010 (see post above) was supposed to fix that. And finally, Claudine was awarded two hours of unsupervised visitation on Sunday and telephone contact twice a week. We figured it was a start.

Well, this was not to be. And not because of anything Claudine did.
Some serious healing was going on-- and in there lies the problem. Abusers can not allow that - It is their Complete control. Lets Review... Continue reading here: http://www.nowpublic.com/world/sham-shawnee-county-topeka-kansas


Guardian AD Chargem- M. Jill Dykes Topeka KS paid for by YOUR Tax $







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Co Conspirators  (source http://dombrowski-richardson.blogspot.com/ )



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Peter Jamison: Parental Alienation: A 'Mythical Legal Argument'- PAS: Mad Science?



California family courts

Parental Alienation: A 'Mythical Legal Argument'

By Peter Jamison, Thu., May 19 2011 @ 2:18PM

Categories: California family courts, Crime, Law & Order, Science



PAS: Mad science?

Slate published an excellent story this week on the battle over whether to include the theory of "Parental Alienation Syndrome" in the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Like almost every other informed and disinterested observer who has assessed the validity of PAS, Slate senior editor Dahlia Lithwick takes a very dim view of the theory.

She also gracefully articulates the many reasons that the theory, as currently used as "scientific evidence" in family courts across the country, is pernicious. In a March cover story, SF Weekly described how PAS -- and its virtually identical variant, "Parental Alienation" or PA -- can be used by abusive fathers to win custody of children from protective mothers.

The theory of Parental Alienation, a term coined by the late pedophilia apologist Richard Gardner, posits that mothers maliciously brainwash their children to hold delusions of sexual abuse at the hands of an estranged father. As described by its adherents, PAS is probably the only supposed psychiatric condition that arises solely in the context of divorce proceedings, one of many reasons that reputable scientific and medical organizations such as the American Medical Association don't recognize it.

As Lithwick puts it:

... no hypothesis so rooted in gender bias should be credited by medical science. And because evidence of PAS is so frequently offered to counter maternal allegations of abuse, the experts testifying about PAS can be aiding and abetting a system that takes children from abused mothers and hands them right back to abusive fathers. Once again, this doesn't mean that some parents don't alienate their children in a divorce. It means that PAS is now used to discredit women whenever they claim abuse.

Of course, despite its tenuous scientific credentials, PAS has become the dominant psychological paradigm of the family-court system. The word "syndrome" is often deliberately omitted so that litigants arguing that the condition exists can avoid the unsavory connotations of the theory's origins, and most particularly its founder, Gardner, who argued that "pedophilia has been considered the norm by the vast majority of individuals in the history of the world."
Lithwick's conclusion: "While nobody was looking, a mythical legal argument known as parental alienation may have already taken over family courts."
Follow us on Twitter at @SFWeekly and @TheSnitchSF


child molester, Dahlia Lithwick, evidence admissibility, family court evaluators, family courts, Parental Alienation Syndrome, pedophilia, Richard Gardner, Slate

Trouble with Women—We are just returning the favor Family Court--


AMPP is a social movement. seeking justice and accountability within the family court system which includes DHHS/CPS, psychologists and other so called experts.

We as mothers demand CITIZENSHIP and our Rights to our Children. We demand that our children not be used as pawns by our abuser in a custody dispute. We demand that Mothers and Children be equally protected against court ordered visitation with an abuser. We demand that Mothers and Children be given the same rights, privileges and voice that the abuser gets in family courts!

We demand that our President take action now as can no longer afford to be silent and we won't. We demand the same "rights and freedoms" to which all humans are entitled. Behind the closed doors of the dirty little secret of the family court system, thousands of women each year lose child custody to violent men who beat and abuse Mothers and Children. Family courts are not family-friendly and betray the best interests of the child. Until Mothers and Childrens voices are heard we will never shut up, give up or go away!

Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss

Women tired of being ignored by our President are banding together to bring awareness to the fully funded genocide that is currently raging through America. Pres. Obama has allocated $500 Million in Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives which help abusers gain access and/or custody to children. In 2010. 175 abusive fathers killed their children http://dastardlydads.blogspot.com/2011/02/175-killer-dads-fathers-who-ended-t... fathers who ended their children's lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)

We are not going to give up, shut up or go away...we are going to get LOUDER!
Disclaimer: I voted for Barack Obama and had every faith in him, We have tirelessly attempted to bring awareness to him about the issues with women in family court and domestic violence. This video intent is to enlighten others on the subject that we women will not get fooled again. We demand that our president stop ignoring our pleas and take action as we can no longer afford to be silent and we won't. The politicians that are currently waging a war on women we have taken notice of and will not be fooled again.

Gender Bias or Mother Nature??


Fathers EARN your rights.

(Topeka, KS) M. Jill Dykes G.A.L.- Unethical Court Appointed Child Abuser Sends her Husband Chris Dykes-


Since you were searching Jill , for Chris here is one with his name.

try this link http://chrisdykes.blogspot.com/

19th May 2011
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Cox Communications

19th May 2011
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By MamaLiberty

Faster than a flying monkey the witch flew off the broom handle yesterday in a Kansas courtroom…yes we are talking about Jill M. Dykes!

After a hearing was adjourned in regards to the DIS-honorable Judge David Debenham personally took off the docket of Judge Schmidt.  The same Judge who originally started the death of Claudine Dombrowksi’s relationship and being a MOTHER to HER child!

The beat went on at the hearing of course and in usual Debenham fashion he refused to enter any evidence of collusion and conflict by this Mother.  Today Debenham is set to determine solely based on his interview with the daughter IF he will followed the applied laws and statutes of the land of OZ.  That still remains to be seen….

But if the usual corruption, cronyism and collusion doesnt confound people by now this will.  After the hearing was adjourned GAL Jill M. Dykes Court Whore couldnt help herself to see what evidence Claudine had.  She viewed and cranked her neck over the shoulder to gain sight of the facebook screen shots of Dykes facebook.  She shrieked and squealed as if someone had murdered her.  She saw that her child was in one of the screenshots of Dykes public facebook profile.  Pictures SHE put on the internet for ALL to see…not just Claudine.  She ran to cry to the judge that OH MY GOD someone had found her public facebook account and took proof of the corruption.  Just as THEY have been doing to Claudine since she started exposing these whores of the court of Kansucks!

Last night at 5:06pm Claudine received a phone call from the GALs husband, Christopher Dykes.  Thats right, a professional that is paid with tax dollars put her husband up to phone Ms. Dombrowskis PRIVATE UNLISTED cell phone number.  He wanted to know if he had anything to worry about because, someone called me from the courthouse and told me my wife is upset,.  Hmmm…first off lets take this slow…since when is this EVER appropriate and secondly Claudines number is private for a reason, because she has been abused and stalked.  She is under protection with a program for abuse victims to make sure their abusers/colluders dont have access to their address or phone number.  Specifically unwanted contact like the call from the GALs hubby!  Claiming he knew nothing of Claudines case, but yet knew enough that his wife was upset regarding the facebook pictures.  Just as upset as ANY mother could be when they view their child is in danger.  Which the whole big beef that started this shit was the pictures and tribute video that a MOTHER made with HER childs pictures.

The next item of unbelievable corruption Debenham refused to return posters and other items for a DV Rally in Kansas worth over $500!  These items were in the galley…along with everyone’s coats and purses that he didn’t take…he said they were HIS.  Even after contacting police regarding this theft the judge refuses to return personal property!  Is he trying to avoid Claudine from protesting?

That IS a FIRST Amendment Violation!  This is not over we are not going to stop blogging!


We know you are trying to shut her up, make her give up, go away….shes not…and NEITHER ARE WE!


Mary Jill Dougan-DykesNext we tell you about how she released attorney client confidential information and on a minors case  she had her husband Christopher Dykes call and harass Claudine—wtg Jill—you really know how to be professional.


Mary Jill and Rikki 10-20-2010

Yes the very same GAL from hell who has erased the Mother out of this little girls life—the Mother Claudine Dombrowski who is not allowed to even have any photos of her daughter and vice versa--  who is constantly being harassed for ANY images of her own child she may possess—….yet this county paid cunt acting as an attorney thinks its all right to post images of Claudine Dombrowski’s daughter on the internet beside the fact that this just aint cool..

Hey M. Jill Dykes--- we heard you screamed all up and down the Courthouse when you thought a picture of your child was some other persons hands.

Did it make you scream did it make you hysterical?? Well, now I guess any mother would be hysterical—just like Claudine is when it comes to her child..

the door swings both ways bitch.. remember that and know that HELL has a special place for you. Your Husband and of course the end of any law degree you hold.

MARY JILL DOUGAN-DYKES and all her little court whores –friends.. welcome to Facebook

(Topeka, KS) Rene M. Netherton G.A.L. - EXPOSED on Facebook along with several other KS Attorneys.

Rene M Netherton GAL Everyone's favorite Court—opps actually JUST WHORE

This seems to her be her favorite post—and the most incriminating, can you say ‘caught’? :-)  indeed.

Click to enlarge image’s.

Here is the BIKER Bitch and ohh---- shant we forget “ALL HER RICH MALE CLIENTS” that she has the DRY VAGINA hots for--- btw these rich male clients are stealing children from the woman they battered.. but of course

Rene netherton

both gawd awful ugly but Rene is the uglier one on the right

read further to find out who her atty gal pal is :-)  Jennifer Harris-Berger on the left—they are hanging out a a bar called the KICK START a true biker bar for those who just love the “Sons of Anarchy”—read on you’ll see--

(and this bitch walks the streets--- worst she is a GAL a court appointed child abuser who represents YOUR child (allegedly) in Court. God Pray the little children who's blood this bitch profits from.

Karma is a Bitch Rene--

Scroll down to see how UN ETHICAL this bitch is… its scary to think that TOPEKA KS attorneys frreely air how they fuck over their clients pay off each other—nice little racquet they have going—n had soon……stay tuned--- much, much, much more to come.

*Claudine does not own this blog or post this blog* I am TRUTH

Rene M Netherton Facebook 9-30-2010

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Relationship Status:  Single has old lady dry CUNT (read on she tell ya)




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Rene M. Netherton We think that our friend Milo a/k/a Bruce Jones might have died. Could anyone who has any information let us know? I did a search on Legacy and I cannot find him. I hope it was not so sad that no one did an obit!

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Anita Crummey Poker Run

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September 20 at 9:34am

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Rene M. Netherton Isn't a beautiful nite? Doggies all around me, Jamie turning 19 on Saturday-enough money to send her and her peeps to KC for the weekend and of course a lovely glass of Chardonnay-Life is Good!

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September 15 at 5:55pm via Mobile Web


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Rene commented on Robin Miller's status.


Rene M. Netherton Making fried chicken potato salad n baked beans-good bye summer, it's been great!

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September 12 at 3:29pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image028[5]

Laury Schuetz Yummy! Looks like I'll be coming up next weekend to personally get my pickles! Gonna check out some RV lots up there...any tips? Looking for a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler.

September 12 at 8:46pm

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Rene M. Netherton Lawn mowed-check;weeds wacked-check;pool drained-check;Rene's tired-CHECK!

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September 12 at 10:47am via Mobile Web



o clip_image010[2]

Jennifer Harris-Berger dang it....just getting ready to mow...I don't want to.......booooohoooo!

September 12 at 11:07am

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Rene commented on Kevin Hoover's link.

Rene commented on Sidney Noble's status.


Rene M. Netherton Is it an indicater that I've lost my purpose if I'm vacuuming the dog while on the couch?

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September 10 at 4:18pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image033[3]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Is it better to vacuum the dog while it is on the floor? I think the not having to bend over to vacuum the dog is quite alright.

September 10 at 11:46pm

o clip_image035[5]

Sharon Kale Stelzer Not at all...it shows you can multi task - sit, vacuum and groom the dog simultaneously. Currently I'm multi-tasking by sippimg a mojito while my Roomba vacuums the office. There's something about knowing a robot is vacuuming your house that just screams " COCKTAIL".

September 11 at 1:15am · 1 person

o clip_image009[31]

Rene M. Netherton You 2 are sooo funny-thanks!

September 11 at 7:43am

o clip_image033[4]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt I so want a Roomba. And a mojito.......

September 11 at 6:25pm

o clip_image009[32]

Rene M. Netherton Me too!

September 11 at 6:29pm

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Rene M. Netherton Will Smith says we all need a purpose-any idea's on my purpose? No comments from Kurt

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September 10 at 4:07pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image028[6]

Laury Schuetz To get me some pickles?

September 10 at 4:10pm

o clip_image009[34]

Rene M. Netherton ok obviously i need to keep it simple

September 10 at 4:16pm

o clip_image028[7]

Laury Schuetz LMAO...have a great weekend Rene!

September 10 at 4:17pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Difficult day! New client who was sooooo hot I could barely look at him-thank god there are rules I have to follow or my ##*** would be in trouble! :)

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September 10 at 10:52am


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o clip_image034[1]

Corey Murrow So.... your saying i could never render your services? :o)

September 10 at 11:03am

o clip_image009[36]

Rene M. Netherton Corey-remember your sweetie, and I do not provide rendering services.

September 10 at 11:07am

o clip_image033[5]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Ok Ne that was funny.

September 10 at 12:38pm · 1 person

o clip_image034[2]

Corey Murrow LOL - I hope (no disrespect) i never need your services!!

September 10 at 1:07pm

o clip_image028[8]

Laury Schuetz Hot like Jax hot????

September 10 at 6:14pm

o clip_image035[6]

Sharon Kale Stelzer Funny. At least you'll have something to smile about.

September 11 at 1:09am

o clip_image009[37]

Rene M. Netherton He even has Jax beat and he was in my office and drank out of one of my coffee cups-WOOF WOOF!

September 11 at 8:41am

o clip_image036

Mary Jill Dougan-Dykes Was he my referral??? If so maybe I can redeem myself for my other referrals. :)

September 11 at 8:51am

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Rene M. Netherton Teresa n Rene's GIRLS NIGHT OUT-friday @ 6:30 pm @ Johnny Pabloni's (formerly Zax's) Be there!

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September 9 at 7:56pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image037

Kurt James I was @ the swimming pool when you let your girlls out. Is that the same? And can I watch ?

September 9 at 8:04pm

o clip_image009[39]

Rene M. Netherton i only flash for cash!

September 9 at 8:12pm

o clip_image011[1]

Sidney Noble Where is that?

September 9 at 8:13pm

o clip_image037[1]

Kurt James not true. And I can say I never paid for THOSE

September 9 at 8:14pm

o clip_image037[2]

Kurt James but talk to me. I might be persuaded

September 9 at 8:14pm

o clip_image037[3]

Kurt James make me an offer. I might not refuse your money

September 9 at 8:15pm

o clip_image009[40]

Rene M. Netherton funny ha ha stupid head!

September 9 at 8:50pm

o clip_image037[4]

Kurt James yeah, but I still know your girls. And I still wonder what I should charge you to look @ them again

September 9 at 9:10pm

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Rene likes When life hands you lemons............ DEMAND Tequila and Salt!!!!!! on. · Like


Rene M. Netherton Repeat post-some friends of ours, Mike, Kris, Storm and Eli-their house caught fire last nite in little Russia-lost everything-need: Mens-jeans 34x34, LG T-shirts; 12 shoes; Womans-7/8 jeans, Lg/Med shirt, 8.5 shoes; Girl 34x34jeans, Xlg t-shirts; 11 shoes; boy-size 18 jeans leg/med t-shirts, size 8 shoes-can be left ...

See More

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September 9 at 2:13pm



o clip_image028[9]

Laury Schuetz I'm sorry for their loss...I'll look and see if I have anything I can send your way. Keeping their family in my prayers!

September 9 at 5:40pm

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Rene M. Netherton ‎40 minutes to SAMCRO-i think i came a litte:i

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September 7 at 8:23pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image028[10]

Laury Schuetz LMAO ROF..oh dear God does Jax do it for you too? I'm PRAYING for another shower scene this year! WOO F__CKING HOO!

September 7 at 8:35pm

o clip_image038

Angela K Vagts holly crap!!! I forgot. Gotta go, Jax is on. yum yum.

September 7 at 9:32pm

o clip_image028[11]

Laury Schuetz Steve about died when he read your post! He laughed & said "GOD, you two!" LOL

September 8 at 7:32pm

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Rene M. Netherton Just like Sharon, I "labored" too dang much on labor day! Mowed the yard, washed the dog, and put my 55 gallon fish tank back together. I think it is a chick thing :O)

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September 7 at 2:51pm



o clip_image033[6]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt I planted bulbs, moved daylilies, cleaned the rabbit hutch and refinished a china cabinet, while doing laundry.

September 7 at 4:15pm

o clip_image009[44]

Rene M. Netherton Crazy isn't it Christie-maybe we should have a Woman's Non-Labor Day? n ya got me beat-critter wise-on the rabbit

September 7 at 5:40pm

o clip_image009[45]

Rene M. Netherton Ohh and I still have your china cabinet!

September 7 at 5:41pm

o clip_image033[7]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt I was thinking about that thing as I painted this one and wondering what happened to it. It was quite the bargain as I recall, and now it is an antique.

September 7 at 8:11pm

o clip_image009[46]

Rene M. Netherton i love it and will send you a photo-my dad and i refinished it in1980-you charged me $25

September 7 at 8:22pm

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Rene M. Netherton


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September 5 at 7:47am via Facebook Mobile · Share

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Rene M. Netherton Beautiful morning on Praire Lake!

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September 5 at 7:17am via Mobile Web


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Rene M. Netherton Happy Tuesday! I get to go to Lyndon, KS today for a hearing, gosh I get to go to all of the exciting places.....

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August 31 at 6:13am



o clip_image026[2]

Kathleen Ambrosio It could be Holton!

August 31 at 6:24am

o clip_image020[2]

Nicole DeGennaro Oh my dear you know that when you arrive it will become and exciting place.

August 31 at 7:51am

o clip_image009[50]

Rene M. Netherton Kathleen-I love Holton, but the clerks in Osage are mean little B's!

August 31 at 9:53am

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Rene M. Netherton OMG-the guy they just arrested for killing and burning that 14 year old in Great Bend, worked for Chad in GB and was texting our friend Teresa to let him come to Topeka to stay for awhile-OMG

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August 28 at 7:52am



o clip_image040

Michael Kesel Jr Zomg

August 28 at 8:39am

o clip_image015[4]

Robin Miller no way??? u kiddin me????????????

August 28 at 9:12am

o clip_image009[52]

Rene M. Netherton I recognized his name cause Teresa was talking about him 2 weeks ago

August 28 at 9:12am

o clip_image015[5]

Robin Miller good lord that is scary...............

August 28 at 9:14am

o clip_image009[53]

Rene M. Netherton Very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 28 at 9:14am

o clip_image011[2]

Sidney Noble Yowzer!

August 28 at 10:30am

o clip_image014[2]

Jaye Parkerson Too close

August 28 at 2:07pm

o clip_image009[54]

Rene M. Netherton Teachs us all about who we text and who we let into our lives!

August 28 at 2:19pm

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Rene M. Netherton Great day! It's simply gorgeous outside and I'm getting new carpet-sooo excited.

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August 28 at 7:42am


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Rene M. Netherton Almost noon and I get to quit listening to stupid people with their stupid problems who pay me stupid money to listen to this ###-ooops gotta go!

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August 27 at 11:07am


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Rene M. Netherton


Aug 26, 2010 7:17pm


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August 26 at 9:48pm · Share · Flag



o clip_image010[3]

Jennifer Harris-Berger singing Harry! LOL

August 26 at 9:53pm

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Rene M. Netherton


Aug 26, 2010 7:17pm


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August 26 at 7:17pm · Share


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o clip_image009[59]

Rene M. Netherton Just home with the kids, howelling at the moon!

August 26 at 7:39pm

o clip_image030[2]

Marta Barron Ok, that was adorable! My Harry is awesome!!!!

August 26 at 9:17pm

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Rene M. Netherton Sometimes, "professionals" do not act very "professionally"!

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August 26 at 10:25am



o clip_image017[1]

Cherylene Algarin So did you get drunk and do something stupid?? LOL

August 26 at 10:41am

o clip_image009[61]

Rene M. Netherton Actually not a statement about myself-for a change!

August 26 at 10:54am

o clip_image017[2]

Cherylene Algarin I figured that but thought I'd make ya laugh!!!! :}

August 26 at 11:00am

o clip_image009[62]

Rene M. Netherton Thanks I actually needed that to calm down a little

August 26 at 11:00am

o clip_image011[3]

Sidney Noble One of the times I was in the Topeka municipal court clerks office the woman handling my paper work picked her nose and kept on going - all while shuffling my papers. Did the same happen to you?

August 26 at 11:26am

o clip_image009[63]

Rene M. Netherton Once again dear Sidney LMFAO!

August 26 at 11:48am

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Rene M. Netherton Watch this please-it will break your heart!


Soldier Reunions


America is forever indebted to both the troops for risking their lives & their families for sacrificing so much time away from their loved ones in order for all Americans to enjoy freedom and security.. Amazing Video! Puts life into perspective. This video was posted to facebook by Goobig Qp,...

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August 25 at 1:57pm · Share · Flag



o clip_image014[3]

Jaye Parkerson So much for makeup

August 25 at 3:53pm

o clip_image033[8]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt How do they do this as a surprise? Adrian and I pestered Eric for months before he came home. The pressure got to Adrian so bad that he had to quit going to school for a few weeks. That said, we were late getting him at the airport and missed the big welcome committee with all the balloons.

August 25 at 10:09pm

o clip_image043

Paula Schwartz Blair Thankfully I know how these people felt - It's hard knowing your loved one (my son) is in a war zone..... Thanks for sharing the happy clip of homecomings!!!

August 25 at 11:18pm

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Rene M. Netherton GREAT NEW BBQ PLACE-Flint Hills BBQ-29th & Topeka Blvd-killer bbq chicken, sausage, etc. good price-won't ever beat Nicole and Weibel-but they don't serve lunch!

Top of Form

August 25 at 12:07pm



o clip_image033[9]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Damn. I am so jealous. I miss 'que. Up here BBQ is cooking your salmon on a plank.

August 25 at 10:00pm

o clip_image009[66]

Rene M. Netherton Funny girl!

August 26 at 10:57am

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Rene commented on Sidney Noble's status.

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Rene M. Netherton


Double Burnout.AVI


This is two Top Fuel Harleys doing a burnout from inside the Broken Spoke Saloon in Sturgis, SD.

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August 23 at 1:02pm · Share · Flag



o clip_image009[68]

Rene M. Netherton Mike Bahnmaier and Chuck Jones in Sturgis!

August 23 at 1:04pm

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Rene M. Netherton Into every life a little rain must fall-generator on RV quit-no air n the gray water backed up-but 3 little elves filled up a track trash can with the stinky stuff strapped it to the back of a golf cart-drove to the end of the track n punched it-no more stinky!

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August 22 at 9:08am via Mobile Web


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Rene M. Netherton Weibel n nicole's ribs are a BIG hit @ the races-thanks!

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August 21 at 8:01pm via Mobile Web

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Rene M. Netherton Truett & Osborne 2010 Dave's double engine


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August 20 at 6:17pm via Facebook Mobile · Share



o clip_image009[72]

Rene M. Netherton We r racing!

August 20 at 6:22pm

o clip_image046

Liz Boyer Wow!

August 20 at 10:19pm

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Rene M. Netherton


Truett & Osborne Drags

Friday, August 20, 2010 at 6:00pm

Wichita-Kansas International Dragway

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August 19 at 4:10pm · Share

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Rene M. Netherton thanks to all but the rumor that my ex Tony Edwards passed away. came as a real surprise to him :)

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August 19 at 8:58am via Mobile Web



o clip_image011[4]

Sidney Noble Did he get struck by lightning?

August 19 at 9:19am

o clip_image009[75]

Rene M. Netherton my god sidney you should be a comedian-you crack me up

August 19 at 9:40am

o clip_image010[4]

Jennifer Harris-Berger hadn't heard that one yet.....wow.....

August 19 at 5:37pm

o clip_image033[10]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt I call my ex husband my "first husband". it just sounds like he died.

August 19 at 7:04pm

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Rene M. Netherton What do we do when our children become to us the horror we were to our parents?

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August 17 at 7:13pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image035[7]

Sharon Kale Stelzer I've had several occasions in the past couple of years to think back about how we treated our parents as youngsters, and about how we are now the parents. It amazes me how teenagers are sure they know everything. I'm sure we were the same way. It makes me appreciate how patient my parents actually were.

August 17 at 9:25pm

o clip_image009[77]

Rene M. Netherton a year ago when mom was still alive-jamie was being a horrible butt n i was apologizing to mom about how poorly i had treated her n she pausef n said she had no memory of me being bad 2 her-that is a wonderful parent-n sharon thanks!

August 17 at 10:36pm

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Rene M. Netherton Did everyone have to deal with *@$holes all day or is it just me?

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August 17 at 4:29pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image020[3]

Nicole DeGennaro I thought that was a daily in the life of a girl with your profession.

August 17 at 4:33pm

o clip_image011[5]

Sidney Noble Count me in on this.

August 17 at 5:36pm

o clip_image009[79]

Rene M. Netherton thanks my chicas!

August 17 at 5:46pm

o clip_image015[6]

Robin Miller no hun as u know i had to deal with at least one!! thanks for worrying about me..........................

August 18 at 12:52am

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Rene M. Netherton FW:


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August 16 at 4:35pm · Share



o clip_image010[5]

Jennifer Harris-Berger lol....is that your kitty?

August 16 at 4:53pm

o clip_image009[81]

Rene M. Netherton Yes it's Momma yawning-tee hee

August 16 at 5:34pm

o clip_image030[3]

Marta Barron That's a yawn? Hell I thought she was getting ready to attack!!

August 17 at 12:12am

o clip_image037[5]

Kurt James I am glad someone told me what the picture is. It reminded me of the look on opposing counsel's face just before trial. Including the hissing and spitting.

August 17 at 2:14pm

o clip_image009[82]

Rene M. Netherton Kurt: Were you looking in a mirror? Tee Hee

August 17 at 2:30pm

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Rene M. Netherton


Sons of Anarchy: season 3 trailer


First trailer for season 3 of the FX series "Sons of Anarchy."

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August 16 at 2:24pm · Share · Flag



o clip_image009[84]

Rene M. Netherton I really need my Jax fix SOON!

August 16 at 2:25pm

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Rene M. Netherton




August 16 at 12:36pm · Share


Rene M. Netherton Party was a success-only 2 casualties-Dougie dead on the couch n can't find his bike-n jack asleep in the front yard-where was Robin?

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August 15 at 9:36am via Mobile Web



o clip_image034[3]

Corey Murrow Thanks again for having us out. Definatly enough food and the best part was all our friends there to socialize with!! Love ya!!

August 15 at 10:35am

o clip_image009[87]

Rene M. Netherton thanks 4 coming but r u n donna joined @ the lap :)

August 15 at 11:00am

o clip_image034[4]

Corey Murrow HaHa - no, but we just met and she didn't know anyone. And really, who wouldn't want to sit on my lap? :o)

August 15 at 4:11pm

o clip_image009[88]

Rene M. Netherton u r such a player

August 15 at 6:45pm

o clip_image043[1]

Paula Schwartz Blair So jealous!! Wish I could have been around for the frivolity --- and the Mexican food! - Appears Tex-Mex is NOT an Aussie fav - I'll do my best to enlighten them - starting with many margarita's - that should do the trick! ;-)

August 15 at 9:19pm

o clip_image015[7]

Robin Miller sorry we were riding all day long. and then hoss wanted indian tacos. lets u, me and t do something this week

August 15 at 10:34pm

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Rene M. Netherton Teresa's BDay party-my house 6ish! Lots of mexican food, I've been cooking since sun up!

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August 14 at 2:19pm



o clip_image016[2]

Anita Crummey Hey, I know Teresa was helping Steve organize a poker run for me. Tell her CG's Lounge has a benefit planned for Sept 12th so they don't schedule the same day. Would you do that for me please? Thanks, Girlfriend. Happy Birthday, Teresa !!!!!

August 14 at 6:41pm

o clip_image009[90]

Rene M. Netherton teresa needs doug 2 come 2 the bar

August 15 at 11:38am

o clip_image016[3]

Anita Crummey ok

August 15 at 4:10pm

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Rene M. Netherton I'm the boss and I say I am not working today-it's gonna be 104 and I'm not gonna take it anymore, my pool is calling my name!


A Smile For Today

A Smile For Today

Did You sMiLe today?

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August 13 at 7:57am via A Smile For Today



o clip_image020[4]

Nicole DeGennaro Sweet take the day off . Hope your pool is at least cooler than mine.

August 13 at 8:09am

o clip_image030[4]

Marta Barron You are the Boss..........Stay Home!!!!! :) Catz are at Am. Legion tonite on Hiway 24, come see us!!!

August 13 at 8:14am

o clip_image009[92]

Rene M. Netherton Thanks my ladies I think I will! You all come for Teresa's Bday party at my house Saturday @ 6-gonna cook all day

August 13 at 9:04am

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Rene M. Netherton Not looking good for the new restaurant Sweet Peas-slow disorganized-no food in 45 minutes!

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August 11 at 11:45am via Mobile Web


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o clip_image034[5]

Corey Murrow Where's that at?

August 11 at 11:51am

o clip_image009[94]

Rene M. Netherton the old Lanes on Kansas-an hour now

August 11 at 11:59am

o clip_image034[6]

Corey Murrow Walk out - that should get someones attention!

August 11 at 12:00pm

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Rene M. Netherton Man Bashing Party has begun-NO ONE IS SAFE

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August 10 at 5:54pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image015[8]

Robin Miller be there soon

August 10 at 5:57pm

o clip_image011[6]

Sidney Noble I'm in!

August 10 at 6:04pm

o clip_image017[3]

Cherylene Algarin I wanna come...I got lots to say!!! LOL

August 10 at 6:10pm

o clip_image015[9]

Robin Miller that was fun.................

August 10 at 9:25pm

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Rene M. Netherton



Rene passed you Allison Lahache's balloon named Hope!, which has been to 40 places:

This balloon is for someone you know who has cancer. In memory for those who lost their Life to cancer. For those who are fighting Cancer today. Never, never, never give up. In memory of my Mother Father Brother sister and husband (RIP) I Miss you all.

Status:Need a Hug

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August 10 at 12:00pm via Travel Balloon · Pass the balloon ►►

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Rene M. Netherton



Rene passed you Allison Lahache's balloon named Hope!, which has been to 40 places:

This balloon is for someone you know who has cancer. In memory for those who lost their Life to cancer. For those who are fighting Cancer today. Never, never, never give up. In memory of my Mother Father Brother sister and husband (RIP) I Miss you all.

Status:Thinking of you

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August 10 at 12:00pm via Travel Balloon · Pass the balloon ►►

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Rene changed her profile picture.

Rene commented on Sidney Noble's status.


Rene M. Netherton I have discovered one of the most important secrets of the ages----you know you are old when you spend your time trying to make sure that your bra strap doesn't show and you know you are young when your bra strap is an accessory and color coordinated with your outfit :))

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August 10 at 11:36am


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o clip_image020[5]

Nicole DeGennaro Shoot baby just buy a flashy one and act young. Thats what I do.

August 10 at 12:54pm

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Rene M. Netherton Teresa W's b-day is tomarrow! Kickstart @ 3 ish?

Top of Form

August 9 at 2:14pm



o clip_image034[7]

Corey Murrow I'll be there!

August 9 at 2:18pm

o clip_image020[6]

Nicole DeGennaro I will be there and for the party functions at 6 pm. I plan on trying to make it around 4

August 9 at 2:41pm

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Rene M. Netherton Kill me now! Pulling carpet out of Dave's house-96 degrees and NO FRICKN air conditioner-AND I don't do manual labor //:((

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August 8 at 12:34pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image034[8]

Corey Murrow I thought you lawyers where smarter than that?

August 8 at 12:35pm

o clip_image035[8]

Sharon Kale Stelzer Did you volunteer to help install the new flooring also? The potential for fun there is unlimited.

August 8 at 12:41pm

o clip_image033[11]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt You are a crazy girl. Don't you know you can search Craigslist and PAY people to do foolish stuff for you? My thinking is, you will make him pay a lot for this in the long run ;-)

August 8 at 1:41pm

o clip_image046[1]

Liz Boyer If you're tasked with sawing boards for a new HW floor, don't do it. Had a banjo playing friend lose his left index finger to a saw accident this year. And I know you like your power tools.

August 8 at 2:58pm

o clip_image037[6]

Kurt James hahahahahahaha, you do nanual labor. Wanna wash my windows?

August 8 at 6:42pm

o clip_image030[5]

Marta Barron It'll only make ya stronger!!! you go girl, you can do it!!! Good News.....you can jump in your pool when your done!!!!!

August 8 at 8:56pm

o clip_image026[3]

Kathleen Ambrosio Rene...You should stick with my motto....."there are people that do that"....I avoid lots of work that way....i mean how are the carpet people going to survive if you do their job for them?

August 9 at 6:50am

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Rene M. Netherton We women are angels and travel with our wings, but mess with us and break a wing and we still fly...on a broom-we're flexible that way!!!

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August 6 at 4:04pm


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Rene M. Netherton Ahh home with a nice glass of wine from The Oz Winery (yes Wamego) cleaning lady has come and gone-life is perfect!

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August 5 at 6:05pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image046[2]

Liz Boyer I can just see you there with your Wamego wine, enjoying your clean house. Enjoy the evening.

August 5 at 6:23pm

o clip_image009[103]

Rene M. Netherton oh lizzie some things never change-would u like some wamego wine?

August 5 at 6:26pm

o clip_image043[2]

Paula Schwartz Blair Wamego, samego - wine is wine and all is good! ;-)

August 5 at 7:04pm

o clip_image030[6]

Marta Barron I want some Wamego wine!! :)

August 6 at 7:15am

o clip_image020[7]

Nicole DeGennaro Cleaning lady ??? are you joking.

August 6 at 7:31am

o clip_image046[3]

Liz Boyer I think the phrase Wamego wine belongs in a song. A song about a beautiful gal, sittin' in her clean house, drinking Waa-meee-go wine.

August 6 at 8:34am

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Rene M. Netherton Heading to the big city of Westmoreland-was in Seneca yesterday and Oskaloosa the day before, then Friday back to Seneca-oh the life of a jet setting attorney


A Smile For Today

A Smile For Today

Did You sMiLe today?

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August 5 at 9:06am via A Smile For Today

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Rene likes 13 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails Ever Recorded on Video! on 13 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails Ever Recorded on Video! · Like

Rene commented on Sharon Kale Stelzer's status.

Rene commented on Anita Crummey's status.


Rene M. Netherton via Lazer 105.9:


its hot in topeka


its hot in topeka, just see it :)

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August 4 at 8:53am · Share · Flag

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Rene M. Netherton ‎105 frickn degrees-REALLY?

Top of Form


August 3 at 5:58pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image035[9]

Sharon Kale Stelzer Are you in Tucson? 105 in KS is seriously worse than 105 in AZ.

August 3 at 7:42pm

o clip_image030[7]

Marta Barron yeah, 105 dgrees and high humidity = hotter than Hell!!!!!!!!!

August 3 at 8:05pm

o clip_image057

Linda Mitchell This is why I like winter; you cam always put more clothes on, but iIn this weather, even if you take EVERYTHING off, you are still hot and sweaty!

August 3 at 8:20pm

o clip_image033[12]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt You should come visit me. We turn on the air at 75.

August 3 at 9:04pm

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Rene M. Netherton


Sons of Anarchy-Season 3

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 9:00pm


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August 3 at 9:48am · Share

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Rene commented on Kevin Hoover's status.

Rene commented on Kevin Hoover's status.

Rene commented on Kurt James's status.


Rene M. Netherton Can it get any hotter? Ooops, maybe I shouldn't have asked that!

Top of Form

August 2 at 2:07pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Why do we call them tennis shoes? we don't play tennis'

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July 30 at 6:19pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image033[13]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt call 'em sneakers. you probably still sneak.

July 30 at 8:37pm

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Rene commented on Robin Miller's status.

Rene commented on Robin Miller's status.

Rene commented on Robin Miller's status.


Rene M. Netherton this day just gets better n better-NOW i have LOST to the worlds dumbest attorney! Actually i think the Judge beat me not the attorney!

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July 30 at 5:27pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image017[4]

Cherylene Algarin that sux...but I'm sure you'll have another chance against both

July 30 at 7:47pm

o clip_image037[7]

Kurt James and I was there. We should have gone to the bar when I asked

July 30 at 10:41pm

o clip_image036[1]

Mary Jill Dougan-Dykes Which bar are you talking about - side bar or bar bar. Lawyer humor. Not very funny is it?

July 31 at 7:52am

o clip_image035[10]

Sharon Kale Stelzer I take it the world's dumbest attorney is not one of your FB friends?

August 5 at 9:01pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton its friday @3:45 p.m. and i am still in trial with the worlds dumbest attorney!

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July 30 at 3:46pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image034[9]

Corey Murrow You haven't worked that late on a Friday... well ever?

July 30 at 4:03pm

o clip_image009[112]

Rene M. Netherton thank u for reminding me!

July 30 at 4:04pm

o clip_image030[8]

Marta Barron Are you out yet? It's 5:45!!!!

July 30 at 5:51pm

o clip_image057[1]

Linda Mitchell Dare I ask who??????

July 30 at 10:54pm

o clip_image036[2]

Mary Jill Dougan-Dykes I worked till 11:30 last night and have two home visits today. What is wrong with this picture? The word is "No".

July 31 at 7:53am

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Rene M. Netherton call to arms 4 all friends of our friend Anita Crummey-positive thoughts 4 her n chemo

Top of Form


July 29 at 8:29pm via Mobile Web


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Rene M. Netherton my butt is @ the kickstart waitn on nichole n weibel 2 bring their killer BBQ

Top of Form


July 29 at 3:16pm via Mobile Web


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o clip_image017[5]

Cherylene Algarin You just made me hungry....

July 29 at 3:19pm

o clip_image009[115]

Rene M. Netherton sweetie hit the road i'll save you a plate-Rrric. vic n steve all say hi!

July 29 at 3:37pm

o clip_image016[4]

Anita Crummey Hi Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!

July 29 at 3:45pm

o clip_image010[6]

Jennifer Harris-Berger yum!!

July 29 at 3:48pm

o clip_image017[6]

Cherylene Algarin Do tell em hi....Hi Niter

July 29 at 4:06pm

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Rene commented on Kurt James's status.

Rene commented on Robin Miller's status.

Rene commented on Kurt James's status.


Rene M. Netherton


very funny


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July 27 at 3:02pm · Share · Flag

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Rene M. Netherton


Mobile Uploads

By:Rene M. Netherton

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July 27 at 2:42pm · Share · Flag



o clip_image010[7]

Jennifer Harris-Berger too cute!!!!

July 27 at 2:51pm

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Rene M. Netherton


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July 27 at 2:37pm via Facebook Mobile · Share


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o clip_image015[10]

Robin Miller aaaawwwwwwwww

July 27 at 2:42pm

o clip_image009[119]

Rene M. Netherton Steve was holding Cooper hostage!

July 27 at 2:43pm

o clip_image015[11]

Robin Miller no he cant do that!!!!!!

July 27 at 2:44pm

o clip_image034[10]

Corey Murrow Cooper looks a little nervous...

July 27 at 2:44pm

o clip_image060

Donna Mae Erquhart Now Steve has a Facebook picture. How cute.

July 27 at 3:31pm

o clip_image020[8]

Nicole DeGennaro Hum they must have the same barber

August 6 at 7:48am

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Nothing like a good "Prize Package" burger to set you right with the world!!

Top of Form

July 27 at 2:00pm


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o clip_image015[12]

Robin Miller mmm that sounds great............havent had one in forever

July 27 at 2:29pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Bunco with my friends from kickstart n my attorney friends-great time at Colby's incredibly wonderful house

Top of Form


July 24 at 10:38pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image010[8]

Jennifer Harris-Berger good times!!! Thank you :)

July 24 at 11:47pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton my baby girl came home-oops shes gone again!

Top of Form


July 23 at 8:18pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image010[9]

Jennifer Harris-Berger lol

July 23 at 8:21pm

o clip_image037[8]

Kurt James bail ?

July 23 at 8:27pm

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Rene commented on Kick Start Saloon's photo.

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Rene commented on Robin Miller's status.


Rene M. Netherton i know that what remains of my family and most of my college famiily live elsewhere1i wanns let u know that i saw the worlds most perfect rainbow-here in kansad 2 nite

Top of Form


July 20 at 8:44pm via Mobile Web



o clip_image033[14]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt I am jealous. I could use a drive out to the lake to look at the sunset too.

July 20 at 9:44pm

o clip_image036[3]

Mary Jill Dougan-Dykes It was awesome. Especially when the lightning went through it sideways. :)

July 21 at 6:31am

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Rene M. Netherton sorry i am stealing this for my status-It's a sign of maturity when you can be cordial to people who have done you wrong in the past. Forgivness heals your heart not theirs

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July 20 at 7:08pm


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o clip_image037[9]

Kurt James stop taking about me likd I'm not here

July 20 at 10:17pm

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Rene commented on Robin Miller's status.

Rene commented on Jennifer Harris-Berger's status.

Rene wrote on Kick Start Saloon's Wall.


Rene M. Netherton IT'S OFFICIAL-Jose Peppers sucks!

Top of Form

July 19 at 7:14pm



o clip_image061

Terry Schwartz Thanks for the warning. Another sucky Mexican place? Los Cabos at the Legends. Worst food AND service, evah!

July 19 at 7:21pm

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Rene M. Netherton dave made a great run televised by Speed chanel-1 hour an i get airconditioning

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July 17 at 7:58pm via Mobile Web


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Rene M. Netherton ok the track is 164 degrees-you would think by my age i might have caught a clue-BUT NO

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July 17 at 5:58pm via Mobile Web

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Rene commented on Kevin Hoover's status.

Rene likes Kick Start Saloon (Bar). · Like

Rene changed her profile picture.

Rene changed her profile picture.


Rene M. Netherton While all my friends are on "float trips", etc this weekend, I will be at Heartland Park, "Pinks all Out" (TV show) where it will be 154 degrees on the track. WTF is wrong with me?

Top of Form

July 16 at 10:11am



o clip_image010[10]

Jennifer Harris-Berger Maybe you will get discovered and end up as a host on the show...ot their inhouse legal counsel where you get to travel around the country...the possibilities are endless for you!! (But I still wish you were floating with us!)

July 16 at 12:09pm

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Rene M. Netherton Great Weekend-MDA ride, over 200 bikes and raised $25,000.00! Great street dance..Very good time

Top of Form

July 12 at 8:44am


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Rene wrote on Great Bend High School Class of 1975 Reunion's Wall.

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Rene M. Netherton Yeah it is realllly close to being Friday and lucky me, I only work a half day...

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July 8 at 2:22pm

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Rene M. Netherton Ahhh the drama of being a parent. Does it ever end?

Top of Form

July 7 at 10:15am



o clip_image010[11]

Jennifer Harris-Berger oh please let it end sometime........

July 7 at 10:19am

o clip_image016[5]

Anita Crummey NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 7 at 10:19am

o clip_image009[132]

Rene M. Netherton You two suckkkkkkkkk

July 7 at 10:48am

o clip_image010[12]

Jennifer Harris-Berger luv u....you are a good mommy!!! Even if it does last til we die!!

July 7 at 12:00pm

o clip_image033[15]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Trying not to laugh

July 7 at 1:46pm

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Rene M. Netherton


Rene gave a A Smile For Today to 2 friend(s).

Did You sMiLe today?

.:A Smile For Today

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June 30 at 2:56pm via A Smile For Today · Send a Gift

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Rene M. Netherton Jamie's first weekend with the house to herself-came home to: broken beer bottles, green pool, mailbox knocked over, but the best....a bag of pot in one of my planters-Even though she is adopted, she is obviously my child!!!!

Top of Form

June 28 at 3:18pm


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o clip_image037[10]

Kurt James does she share, or do you?

June 28 at 5:55pm

o clip_image033[16]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Just desserts is not the name of a restaurant!

June 28 at 6:52pm

o clip_image037[11]

Kurt James karma, karma, karma

June 29 at 10:07am

o clip_image033[17]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Your karma just ran over your dogma.

June 29 at 2:19pm · 1 person

o clip_image030[9]

Marta Barron I'm looking for a house for her!

June 29 at 11:18pm

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Rene commented on Anita Crummey's status.

Rene commented on Kurt James's album.


Rene M. Netherton i just fed over 40 people here @ the track-ribs mom's potato salad etc. dave is 7th out of 16 bikes in pro dragster class-thats nitro n it is so very addictive

Top of Form


June 26 at 6:07pm via Mobile Web


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o clip_image033[18]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt You cook?

June 26 at 8:51pm

o clip_image009[136]

Rene M. Netherton i can only cook 4 an army! remember our cocktail parties on laramie?

June 27 at 10:46am

o clip_image033[19]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Yes, I do! Fondly. Hazily. I also remember when you made spagetti. Instant mashed potatoes, pasta and tomato soup. Unforgettable.

June 27 at 1:30pm

o clip_image035[11]

Sharon Kale Stelzer Remember when we would come up with the weekly grocery list and go to Food4Less? CB always kept us as organized as possible. Also one of my favorite memories from Laramie St was when Liz Kokjer asked us where they grow macaroni. Anyone know what Liz has been up to for the past 30 (yikes, really) years?

June 27 at 4:50pm

o clip_image009[137]

Rene M. Netherton Liz is still married 2 jeff n still plays bluegrass @ winfield

June 27 at 6:14pm

o clip_image033[20]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt One of my favorite memories of you is when you said that you actually had big tatas, you just let Liz carry them around.

June 28 at 2:45am

o clip_image009[138]

Rene M. Netherton Ohh Christie you are so cracking me up-was your memory not as effected by college as mine? You remember the funnies things!

June 28 at 3:17pm

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Rene M. Netherton in the RV headn 2 the all harley drags in KC

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June 25 at 12:31pm via Mobile Web


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Rene M. Netherton Blue October is coming back to Crossroads in KC-My life is now complete-YEAH!

Top of Form

June 21 at 10:53am



o clip_image010[13]

Jennifer Harris-Berger OUR GROUP!!!!!!!

June 29 at 11:05pm

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Rene commented on Anita Crummey's status.

Rene commented on Anita Crummey's status.

Rene commented on Anita Crummey's status.

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Rene is no longer listed as "in a relationship."

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton I think I should really be on vacation as I am accomplishing nothing but reading "texts from last night" and LMAO! Did I pick the right vocation or what???

Top of Form

June 15 at 1:56pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton in a continuing ed class allllll day-gonna die of boredom

Top of Form


June 11 at 9:38am via Mobile Web



o clip_image033[21]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Are you texting under the table?

June 11 at 4:22pm

o clip_image036[4]

Mary Jill Dougan-Dykes And you said I was fabulou...all five minutes of it. It was soooo worth it to see Hannah's face when I arrived at school. she was elated. :)

June 12 at 8:04am

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Another friend of mine, Rick died ten minutes ago! WTF! He retired two years ago and drank himself to death. Can anyone help me understand how when we get to this age we deal with all the people dying?

Top of Form

June 3 at 8:28pm



o clip_image033[22]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Growing old is not for sissies. So sorry Honey.

June 3 at 9:39pm

o clip_image057[2]

Linda Mitchell We are not at the age where we should really have to deal with that many people dying. Unfortunately, you can't save some people from themselves....sorry for your losses...

June 3 at 10:00pm

o clip_image033[23]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt We lost a few right around the end of college too. I lost two male friends in the past couple of years right after they got either settlements or retired. I don't think retirement agrees with men.

June 3 at 11:32pm

o clip_image035[12]

Sharon Kale Stelzer So sorry to hear about your loss. It does frequently seem like bad events cascade into more bad events. Everyone takes their own path and all we can do is decide to enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. If you want a long ride, keep a wide range of interests and wide range of friends and try to live a happily healthy life.

June 4 at 12:53pm

o clip_image035[13]

Sharon Kale Stelzer

One more thought. I actually read this in an obituary in the Tucson paper a couple of years ago. I just saw it in another obituary in another paper, so I guess it's not original but it does explain the need for some to fly through life with...See More

June 4 at 1:00pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Attorney's are stupid!!! Not me, just the other ones!

Top of Form

May 27 at 11:05am



o clip_image037[12]

Kurt James got whipped by Brian Carroll again?

May 27 at 11:30am

o clip_image009[145]

Rene M. Netherton Wow! How wierd that you even know that idiot, no I'm screwing with Attorney Kim **&&&$$$$

May 27 at 12:48pm

o clip_image037[13]

Kurt James Bieker? she's nice. And, yes, I know Brian. Easy to whip, no knowledge or preparation.

May 27 at 3:15pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Grump! I have to drive to Seneca today for a trial, and I have to pass by 3, count em, 3 casino's. WISH ME LUCK!

Top of Form

May 25 at 6:23am


· Vic Phillipson likes this.


o clip_image035[14]

Sharon Kale Stelzer Did you win? Did you make it to Seneca or are you still playing Blackjack?

May 25 at 6:08pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Ol Man is Leon Burgen who had Ol' Mans Cycles in Oakland

Top of Form

May 22 at 8:07pm



o clip_image012[1]

Cat Gates So sorry. I know you'll miss your friend. Thinking of you.

May 22 at 8:18pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Ol man died today from colon cancer. He and I did our colonoscopy together last February, mine was fine his wasn't. This is my seventh friend in a year to die from cancer, I am reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tired of it.

Top of Form

May 22 at 7:58pm



o clip_image033[24]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Growing old is not for sissies. I've lost a few friends and my Dad to cancer in the past few years. My old friend Dolly, I don't know if you remember her, died of cancer about a year ago. so sorry honey

May 23 at 1:13am

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool-AHHHHH Kansas!

Top of Form

May 22 at 9:43am



o clip_image033[25]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt Crap. You and Sharon have pools. I have a hose.....

May 23 at 1:21am

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Have I said how much I love my sister Tammy? Well she is the rock in our family and she is the best in the whole wide world!!!!

Top of Form

May 20 at 6:25pm



o clip_image043[3]

Paula Schwartz Blair Isn't it amazing how we grow up and see our family through different eyes than when we were young and clouded? Having a wonderful family is a blessing!!

May 23 at 10:32pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Long day, i'm outta here

Top of Form

May 20 at 3:32pm


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o clip_image033[26]

Christie Mondell Reinhardt RENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 20 at 4:06pm

o clip_image009[152]

Rene M. Netherton hi honey

May 20 at 6:05pm

Bottom of Form


Rene M. Netherton Wow! Glad I got that client out of here so I could get back to facebook.

Top of Form

May 20 at 12:02pm


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Rene M. Netherton Really I swear I will work today....

Top of Form

May 20 at 11:10am

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Rene M. Netherton Jennifer and I created havoc in Italy!!!





36 new photos

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May 20 at 10:57am · Share



o clip_image010[14]

Jennifer Harris-Berger lol....sleeping in airports on the way.....good times...I so loved that trip with you!

May 20 at 11:04am

o clip_image009[156]

Rene M. Netherton Atleast I didn't put your "special" photo's up

May 20 at 11:08am

o clip_image010[15]

Jennifer Harris-Berger You are a great friend :) Thank you! I love these!

May 20 at 11:17am

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Rene M. Netherton





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May 20 at 10:34am · Share

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Rene M. Netherton New to facebook-how in the world do you all find time to work!!

Top of Form

May 20 at 10:16am



o clip_image037[14]

Kurt James try to avoid reading (or dispensing) drivel. And hide the mafia wars, hickville, fish & other crap

May 20 at 10:25pm

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Rene M. Netherton




Jamie Marie

19 new photos

Top of Form

May 20 at 10:11am · Share



o clip_image010[16]

Jennifer Harris-Berger beautiful Jamie!

May 20 at 10:33am

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Rene M. Netherton




My Babies

13 new photos

Top of Form

May 20 at 10:03am · Share

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Rene M. Netherton It has been a blast!





50 new photos

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May 20 at 8:54am · Share

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Rene M. Netherton OK! I give. I will give this facebook crap a shot....Up at 5:00 a.m. cause Jamie has a new job, which she says she needs to quit cause she is not a morning person. AM I?

Top of Form

May 20 at 6:47am



o clip_image016[6]

Anita Crummey Welcome Sweetie !!!!!

May 20 at 7:11am

o clip_image009[163]

Rene M. Netherton ok, if you can do it, I can toooooo

May 20 at 7:18am

o clip_image010[17]

Jennifer Harris-Berger do it! do it! do it! You have crossed over to the dark side ....welcome :)

May 20 at 10:34am

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Rene is in a relationship.

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Rene activated Facebook Mobile.

Rene joined Facebook.

Posted by "Come on" at 9:20 AM

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BRING IT ON said...

Wow...no wonder Kansas is a SHITHOLE!

October 21, 2010 10:21 AM

Purpleheart said...

Claudine-you and all your friends are always welcome at the Kickstart! We can show you some real KARMA! Get a life!

October 21, 2010 12:29 PM

You Cant "Gag" Us All said...

You should be talking about karma-- I believe Claudine (I am not her) HAD a life until YOU and all your crooked friends STOLE HER CHILD and gave to a CONVICTED ABUSER, HALLECK RICHARDSON OWNER OF MINUTEMAN SOLAR FILM for YOUR personal profitably and gain.
Guess what? KARMA IS A BITCH and it has landed in Topeka KS.
Tell us the truth Rene, "Life really just hasn't been the same since that house landed on your sister huh?"

November 5, 2010 7:17 AM

BRING IT ON said...

Is that a threat cat lady? You purport yourself to be a professional and by the looks of your shitty life your are further from the truth or any resemblance of professional. Fuck you...your cats and your hummels...or and the biker bar you puke at. There is a special level of hell for court whores like you!

November 5, 2010 8:34 AM

Rene M said...

lol and "her hummels" thats fucking funny lol
As an attorney-- she is bound by the "RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT" http://www.kscourts.org/rules-procedures-forms/attorney-discipline/complaints.asp
Her and her ilk showed all their shit wide open--

November 5, 2010 10:57 AM

BRING IT ON said...

Rene M. Netherton: Almost noon and I get to quit listening to stupid people with their stupid problems who pay me stupid money to listen to this ###-ooops gotta go!
August 27 at 11:07am
This really says it all...she cant even make it until NOON to do her job?? Then she calls them stupid people with stupid problems. She needs a psych eval and possibly a drug test.

November 8, 2010 11:33 AM

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