Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gov Brownback Signs Bill That Is Biased Against Mothers


It already had it for children over age 5 in the divorce and custody guidelines.
Guess now its birth to 4 ever.

April 7th, 201, Bill Signed by Gov Brownback has biased wording against Kansas mothers, see page 8, line C

""and there shall be no presumption that it is in the best
interests of any infant or young child to give custody or residency to the

"Mother"? Really? Couldn't this have been worded as "either parent"???

FYI, Kansas Constitution gives mothers equal rights to their children.

Constitution of the State of Kansas


6: Rights of women. The legislature shall provide for the protection of the rights of women, in acquiring and possessing property, real, personal and mixed, separate and apart from the husband; and shall also provide for their equal rights in the possession of their children.

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