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(Topeka, KS) M. Jill Dykes G.A.L.- Unethical Court Appointed Child Abuser Sends her Husband Chris Dykes-


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19th May 2011
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19th May 2011
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By MamaLiberty

Faster than a flying monkey the witch flew off the broom handle yesterday in a Kansas courtroom…yes we are talking about Jill M. Dykes!

After a hearing was adjourned in regards to the DIS-honorable Judge David Debenham personally took off the docket of Judge Schmidt.  The same Judge who originally started the death of Claudine Dombrowksi’s relationship and being a MOTHER to HER child!

The beat went on at the hearing of course and in usual Debenham fashion he refused to enter any evidence of collusion and conflict by this Mother.  Today Debenham is set to determine solely based on his interview with the daughter IF he will followed the applied laws and statutes of the land of OZ.  That still remains to be seen….

But if the usual corruption, cronyism and collusion doesnt confound people by now this will.  After the hearing was adjourned GAL Jill M. Dykes Court Whore couldnt help herself to see what evidence Claudine had.  She viewed and cranked her neck over the shoulder to gain sight of the facebook screen shots of Dykes facebook.  She shrieked and squealed as if someone had murdered her.  She saw that her child was in one of the screenshots of Dykes public facebook profile.  Pictures SHE put on the internet for ALL to see…not just Claudine.  She ran to cry to the judge that OH MY GOD someone had found her public facebook account and took proof of the corruption.  Just as THEY have been doing to Claudine since she started exposing these whores of the court of Kansucks!

Last night at 5:06pm Claudine received a phone call from the GALs husband, Christopher Dykes.  Thats right, a professional that is paid with tax dollars put her husband up to phone Ms. Dombrowskis PRIVATE UNLISTED cell phone number.  He wanted to know if he had anything to worry about because, someone called me from the courthouse and told me my wife is upset,.  Hmmm…first off lets take this slow…since when is this EVER appropriate and secondly Claudines number is private for a reason, because she has been abused and stalked.  She is under protection with a program for abuse victims to make sure their abusers/colluders dont have access to their address or phone number.  Specifically unwanted contact like the call from the GALs hubby!  Claiming he knew nothing of Claudines case, but yet knew enough that his wife was upset regarding the facebook pictures.  Just as upset as ANY mother could be when they view their child is in danger.  Which the whole big beef that started this shit was the pictures and tribute video that a MOTHER made with HER childs pictures.

The next item of unbelievable corruption Debenham refused to return posters and other items for a DV Rally in Kansas worth over $500!  These items were in the galley…along with everyone’s coats and purses that he didn’t take…he said they were HIS.  Even after contacting police regarding this theft the judge refuses to return personal property!  Is he trying to avoid Claudine from protesting?

That IS a FIRST Amendment Violation!  This is not over we are not going to stop blogging!


We know you are trying to shut her up, make her give up, go away….shes not…and NEITHER ARE WE!

Mary Jill Dougan-DykesNext we tell you about how she released attorney client confidential information and on a minors case  she had her husband Christopher Dykes call and harass Claudine—wtg Jill—you really know how to be professional.

Mary Jill and Rikki 10-20-2010

Yes the very same GAL from hell who has erased the Mother out of this little girls life—the Mother Claudine Dombrowski who is not allowed to even have any photos of her daughter and vice versa--  who is constantly being harassed for ANY images of her own child she may possess—….yet this county paid cunt acting as an attorney thinks its all right to post images of Claudine Dombrowski’s daughter on the internet beside the fact that this just aint cool..

Hey M. Jill Dykes--- we heard you screamed all up and down the Courthouse when you thought a picture of your child was some other persons hands.

Did it make you scream did it make you hysterical?? Well, now I guess any mother would be hysterical—just like Claudine is when it comes to her child..

the door swings both ways bitch.. remember that and know that HELL has a special place for you. Your Husband and of course the end of any law degree you hold.

MARY JILL DOUGAN-DYKES and all her little court whores –friends.. welcome to Facebook

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