Sunday, May 29, 2011

MARY JILL DOUGAN- DYKES How's that Facebook thing working out for you?

 Poor widdle JILL DYKES was a scaredy cat

Ahhh the poor poor widdle Jill Dykes was a scaredy cat. She thinks that there are many angry bloggers out there ready to attack her? I mean seriously why else did she leave court today after stabbing Claudine through the heart and not allowing Rikki to come home to her mom. How many moms out there have said no you cannot call your dad or no you cannot go visit him and NOT been threatened with Jail? I know LT was not only threatened with it but she was thrown in jail. Danielle Malmquist has also been thrown in jail.

Oh!!!!! I had a serious brain fart!!!! The pisshead JD was scared of little ol' Claudine? Nah you can't be serious Petunia. What could Claudine do even if she wanted to? Halleck Richardson has made damn sure she will never be able to work another day in her life, he has hired men to rape her, has hired women to beat her, and now he continues his abuse of her by now allowing a mother and daughter to have contact. He also has the criminal conviction record to prove all of this.
And let's not forget Don Hoffman and his snot nosed son Jason P. Hoffman. Hell has a special place for these two when they go.

And the winner of the day goes to the very UN esteemed Judge David Debenham. He is the one who yet again would not hold Daddy dearest responsible and allow Claudine and Rikki to reconnect as mother and daughter. And the pisser in all of this? He took Claudine's cell phone away from her. I guess the DYKES bitch thought Claudine would call all of her big bad ass blogger friends. Guess what DYKES? The Internet is more powerful than you, whinehead Hoffman, snot nosed brat Hoffman and woman-beater, wife raping child stealing Halleck Richardson and all the GAL's who want to side with widdle ol' scaredy cat Jill Dykes (Yes you Renee). We will prevail. You cannot keep this mother and daughter apart forever. Rikki will be 18 one day and then your little circus will go up in flames. But we shall continue to hope it does not take that long.
Fuck you Jill --- Karma is a coming.

Watch out for Falling Houses.


M. Jill Dykes GAL—Court Appointed Child Abuser, Topeka, Kansas

(Coming for your child soon)


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