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Jana Mackeys Campaign Topeka KS YWCA 12-10-2009

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Jana's Campaign

Curt Brungardt
"Domestic violence is often a hidden act. Too often it is seen as a private matter between partners. IT IS NOT. Domestic violence is a public issue. Domestic violence is a public crime that demands a public response!"

-Curt Brungardt
Jana's Stepfather

The Time for Action is Now!

According to a recent United Nations report, one in every three women worldwide will directly experience violence in their lifetime. The overwhelming majority of these women will be physically harmed by their intimate partners. In the United States, domestic violence is recognized as the leading cause of injuries experienced by women. And data from the US Department of Justice says on an average, three women every day are killed by their current or former partners. On July 3, 2008, Jana Lynne Mackey, a University of Kansas law student was one of these fatalities.

In honor of Jana, a committed group of advocates have created Jana's Campaign to encourage and promote a public policy response to domestic violence. "We believe it is our responsibility to use the story of Jana's life and the story of her death to help reduce violence against women." Jana's Campaign promotes new and effective legislation and other government action that secures safety and justice for victims of domestic violence. "It is our deep desire to play a significant role in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and be a catalyst for social change."

Public Policy Advocacy

Jana's Campaign is a grassroots, community-based advocacy effort developed for the purpose of working in the domestic violence public policy arena. Partnering with other advocates, victims, the criminal justice system and law makers, this campaign encourages the development of effective state and national public policy. The campaign's goal is to move the issues of domestic violence to the top of the political agenda and support legislation that enhances victim's services, prevention and treatment programs, and provides for true accountability and justice. Currently Jana's Campaign is supporting new legislation in Jana's home state of Kansas. To learn more about the proposed Kansas domestic violence legislation click here.

"The actions of government bodies - their laws, practices, regulatory measures, and funding priorities - profoundly affect how women and their families experience life and freedom from domestic violence."

-National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

About Jana and Her Legacy

Jana Mackey was well-known throughout Kansas for her advocacy for women's rights. She had spent years volunteering to aid victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. She received her bachelor's degree in Women's Studies from KU and was an active participant in KU's Commission on the Status of Women. Jana also served as one of the youngest lobbyists at the Kansas State Capitol for the National Organization for Women.

The most unlikely of domestic violence victims, KU law student Jana Mackey was found dead in her ex-boyfriend's home on July 3, 2008. For more about Jana please visit Jana's story.

Jana's Campaign to stop domestic violence was motivated by, and developed as part of, Jana Mackey's Eleven hundred Torches foundation. Eleven Hundred Torches was created after Jana's death and was designed to encourage hundreds of ordinary citizens to serve others.

Inspired by Jana's life, and motivated into action by her death, Eleven Hundred Torcheswas created to inspire others to make a difference.
On July 9th, 2008, speakers at "Jana's celebration of life" service called on the 1100 people in attendance to pick up her fallen torch and find the courage to carry her work forward. It is our hope that her single torch will soon become eleven hundred torches. Eleven hundred others making a difference in our world.
For more information visit
1100 Torches

Follow Jana's Campaign on Facebook

Jana's Campaign on Facebook

KS Capitol

Jana's Campaign recommends that Kansas lawmakers pass the DV tag legislation

News & Events

Jana's Campaign kick-off event scheduled

Jana's Campaign will have its official kick-off activity and press conference on Dec. 10 in Topeka, KS. This event is scheduled during the International

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (Nov. 25 - Dec. 10). More 1More 2

Artist records song about Jana

Lance Stafford
Award-winning singer and songwriter Lance Stafford has written and recorded a song in honor of Jana and her legacy.

"Jana's Light Will Shine"
Click here to listen

Jana's Campaign announces Staff appointments

Jana's Campaign is happy to announce the appointment of several staff positions who will work closely with the leadership team.
Liz Stuewe - Kansas State Coordinator/Lobbyist (Lawrence, KS)
Lou Zhai - International Policy Advocate (Yangzhau, China)
Tisha Bieker - Administrative Assistant (Colby, KS)
Matt Peters - Webmaster (Beloit, KS)

Congressman Jerry Moran gives speech about Jana

For the second time, Kansas Congressman Jerry Moran has gone to the floor of the House of Representatives to talk about Jana and Domestic Violence. - SEE VIDEO

Brungardts' Speak Out
Curt and Christie Brungardt (Jana's parents) are speaking throughout the state calling on Kansans to support D.V. tag legislation.

January 30 - Hays, KS
December 10 - Topeka, KS
November 20 - Salina, KS
November 4 - Lawrence, KS
October 21 - Topeka, KS
October 20 - Hays, KS
October 5 - Lindsburg, KS
October 3 - Wichita, KS
September 17 - Lawrence, KS

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