Friday, December 18, 2009

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Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] Family 'Lawless' Court Whores.



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  • 2006 – State of American Manhood One of the more relevant pieces around, I blog on this June 2, 2009. Courtesy “ and — pls visit! 0
  • Kids in Distress in Australia (cf. CourageousKids in the US) Well written discussion, many links. Parallels US situation…”In 1975 the no fault divorce rules came into force. This meant that the normal tests of morality and behavior such as drug addiction, infidelity, gambling, and violence were irrelevant to a d 0
  • Richard Gardner says (er, said…) From StopFamilyViolence. Pro-PAS = Pro THIS. FYI, “Stop Family Violence does not agree with the views espoused by Gardner – we find them disgusting, offensive, and most importantly, they are not correct. Gardner’s views are based in his own perverse t 0
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