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Two documentaries that Explain the genocide and CRisis in Our Family Courts!!


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Lora Brislin is the mother of two daughters ages 6 and 4. Lora has not spoken to or seen her daughters since May of this year. In May Judge Phyllis Miller of Guinette County, Georgia ordered that ALL custody and visitation be taken from Lora, and that the girls be in the sole custody of their father, Charles Brislin, and of his new wife, Christina.

            Lora endured 5 years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of Charles Brislin, during which time he repeatedly hit Lora, as well as stalked, harassed, and verbally abused her. During their marriage Mr. Brislin wanted nothing to do with their two daughters. When Lora finally found the courage to leave Charles Brislin in October of 2006, Mr. Brislin suddenly became adamant about not only seeing his daughter, but about taking custody away from Lora Brislin. After visiting with their father, the oldest daughter began reporting that %u201Cdaddy%u201D and Christina were molesting her with a vibrator. Despite these allegations, Mr. Brislin was successful at convincing Judges Melonie Snell Connor of Guinette County and her %u201Csit-in%u201D, Judge Mark Louis, that their daughter was in fact being molested by her mother and not by Mr. Brislin and his wife. At that time Judge Mark Louis ruled that sole custody be given to Mr. Brislin and that Ms. Brislin be given limited visitation.        

            Again, despite the daughter%u2019s reports of sexual abuse by her father and Christina, Lora has been the one, for two years now who has had to endure a battery of psychological tests, chastisement and ridicule from the courts, and little help on the part of law enforcement officials. For two years Ms. Brislin has heard numerous pleas of help from her daughters and has tried to make the courts listen to her and her children and, once and for all, hear the TRUTH. Instead she was laughed at by the courts, told she was making false allegations against their father, and was a menace to her children. On May 4, 2009 Mr. Brislin was awarded sole custody and Lora was to have no contact with her daughters whatsoever.

            Lora Brislin, along with the undersigned, is confused by this outrageous injustice by the court. Ms. Brislin is not the only loving and responsible mother who has had her children literally ripped from her arms and placed in the sole custody of an abusive father. We are asking that this case be investigated, that this egregious injustice be dealt with, and that Lora and her daughters be reunited. If the daughters themselves were %u201Clistened%u201D to they would most likely state that they do not feel safe with their father and wish to be able to live with their mother. This grave misuse of power cannot be stood for! Clearly there is some reason other than simply poor judgment on the part of the courts that has caused Lora Brislin to lose all contact with her children. No matter what that hidden agenda might be, if the court%u2019s decision is allowed to stand the Guinette County court system will be continuing to place these children in harm%u2019s way and be punishing their mother for trying to protect them!

            There are men and women all over the country as well as all over the world, who are watching to see what is done about this horrific case of %u201Ccourt-ordered%u201D abuse. We believe that if government officials do not intervene in cases like this in which a clear misuse of power has destroyed the lives of two young children and their mother, then the government should be seen as, not only negligent, but as condoning this outrageous behavior on the part of the judge who seemingly, has to answer to no one!

            Our family court system was supposed to have been put in place for the purpose of aiding families, and in cases where abuse is involved, supporting the protective parent, thereby ensuring the safety of innocent and defenseless children. In this case, however, it appears that the very system that was put into place for the purpose of protecting children is, instead, aiding in the traumatizing of these helpless victims. We, the undersigned, are standing together in an attempt to speak for these little ones who are not allowed to speak for themselves and, in order to prevent further destruction in their lives, we are asking that this case be revisited and that The Truth finally be brought into The Light so that justice can prevail!

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