Sunday, December 13, 2009

Open Letter to the Government, Judges and Lawyers in America

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Open Letter to the Government, Judges and Lawyers in America

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I received this as a submission…here you go sweetie, you deserve to speak out:

Open Letter To The Government, Judges and Lawyers in America–


We are tired of being victimized.  We are tired of your allowance of violence against us.  We are tired of you looking the other way.  We are tired of asking you to help.  You are no help to women, you are our abuser.

I have come to understand who you are.  You are the voice of the abuser.  You hold the gun and you pull the trigger.  You are the one who opens the door for them.  You are the one who pushes them through so that the abuse can continue in your presence.  You feed off abuse.  You are the voyeur who loves to watch it.  The courts are your private chambers of horror where you can strip a victim so that you can feel your hardness swell between your legs that tells you, you are the superior being.

You are an inferior being, not superior to I or any woman.  You could never stand the pain we have gone through.  You are lesser than the slim who tried to kill us and got away with it.  You are lesser because you let him get away with it.

YOU ARE A MURDERER, a slimy killer of women and children.

YOU ARE A PROSTITUTE for your friends who you allow to beat us down.

YOU ARE A FAILURE,  you have failed the women and children of America.

Do you think your friends would stick by you if you were prosecuted for what you do?  No, they would desert you faster than they can head for a urinal.  Your own children will have no respect for you.  You have taught them to be killers, the same as you are.  Your wife, your church and the people you “serve” will scorn you.

And when you meet your maker, She will turn her back on you, for your maker was a woman, your mother.  She,  and she alone, chose to allow you to live.  Your father had nothing to do with that choice.  And when she sees you in heaven, she will have a record of what you have done with your life, and what will she do?  Will she count your dollars as a measure of your success?  Oh, but you forget, there are no dollars in the afterlife.  So, what else does she have to count?  The farce that was your life?

It is time, my sisters, to end the degradation, to end the pain they inflict on us.  It is time to stand as one.  It is time to tell the world what we know.  What happens in the “Third World Countries”, the violence against women in the home and the court, is inspired by what happens here in America.


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