Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Forum: Protective Parents for Children’s Rights

New Forum: Protective Parents for Children’s Rights

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I am so impressed by this site!  It is an online discussion and chat forum for protective parents, which includes parents who have lost custody of their children to their abusers.  This is from the site:

Welcome to Protective Parents for Children’s Rights!

This is a free forum for protective parents to publicly warn others about court strategies, personnel that fail to protect children, violate their human rights and often vilify the both the child and the parent trying to protect them. This forum is public to read. In order to be able to post information, you will need to register and be approved for membership to keep out those people on the internet who do not have the same goal of child protection. Do not post your name or a child’s name unless you want it to live forever on the internet. You can expose judicial failings by naming the people involved who are involved in undermining protective efforts. Be sure that you do not commit libel/slander, but report the facts, using the words allegedly and reportedly as need be. The posts are moderated and it is important to not violate Terms of Service for the forum host. Please start exposing those involved in the unethical treatment of children and other abuse victims. When posting a new topic, please select the correct location and list the county or district as well as the state or province in the subject title.

Go register at Protective Parents for Children’s Rights and join the discussion, and enjoy the music too! See you there!

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