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by mamaliberty


Take my child away, abuse me, take away my freedom of speech…NOT ON MY WATCH!

Lets catch everyone up here….here we are in 2010 and Shawnee County and Judge Debenham continue their obstruction of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  When our forefathers came up with the idea of truth…WE ALSO hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men/women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.

When entering family court they do not hold these truths but base their business on lies, corruption, collusion and cronyism.  They do not treat anyone equal, especially if you are a domestic abuse survivor.  We have seen these crimes, we have proof by way of transcripts, we have witnesses to the actions and we are making sure that no survivors nightmare with family court is silenced by those who meant to conceal their injustices, lies and bias.

This week we saw DIS-honarable Judge David Debenham spin his twisted head into a knot…not to mention GAL for this case psycho Jill M. Dykes and Attorney/Bitch  Jason Hoffman.  This judge court whore Debenham took posters for a DV rally at the capital.  Anyone could see he was punishing Claudine for allegedly speaking out, another First Amendement violation by the way.

But more interesting enough Debenham placine blame on her for placing a report from Roedheffer the PSYCHO-ologist in the case, online.  He states in court that he believes there is no other conclusion than it was Ms. Dombrowski who put it on the world wide web.  But no consideration that she was possibly set up by those that mean to do her harm?  No!  Especially since Claudine was not even allowed access to report…. but the others did!  Given the fact that Claudine was previously posting on the corruption of the court he based his conclusion on that alone… without proof or concrete evidence that SHE was the one that posted that report.  What about the expert Kimberly Ridgeway who stated incorrectly about posting on facebook.  Where is the proof?

No other conclusion????  Not even with a unprofessional GAL who told Claudine after she lunged for her and Dykes said she would make sure she NEVER sees her daughter again.  Screaming and shrieking through the halls of Shawnee Courthouse!  Not EVEN when the GAL has her husband contact Claudine on a PRIVATE number that cannot be googled??  Making threatening remarks about him taking care of the issue of his wife’s licentious and laughable behavior.  Unconscionable!  Amoral! Barbarous! Criminal! Dishonest! Unethical! Sneaky! Wicked!

So they claim that Claudine Dombrowski is everywhere…posting this….posting that….posting on her facebook page…CYBERSTALKING HER or was it HER???  But not only is it a crime in Debenhams court to criticize him on a blog or website but also for others….the WWW its a tool to use against her to not allow her to be a Mother to HER child.  I assure all of the idiots from Shawnee County right now that WE are everywhere…Claudine is our HERO…we love and cherish everyday that she has been in our lives…because we have had our own DIS-honarable Judge Debenhams in our life too….we have had our own court whore like  Jill M. Dykes….WE ARE CLAUDINE!  WE ARE EVERYWHERE!! Even in countries far far away!  Every one of those that blog about family court corruption has a simliar case to hers….sometimes even worse!…. where children have been murdered by their father by being placed by corrupt judges as you…sometimes children are sent to live with substantiated sexual abusers….but ALL the time we have a common thread….we have been abused not only by our abuser….but also abused by the injustices done by family court!  But most importantly we have survived.  We have beat the odds that we would be killed by an intimate partner who commits acts of violence.  We are the worst and best when it comes to being a true survivor….we are adamant we will not allow anyone to abuse us anymore in any shape or form.

We are not going to give up, shut up or go away….sorry.  Gag the internet…..but the internet is here to stay and so are we.  Ten years ago you would never find the social networking we have today.  Thank you facebook….thank you MySpace…thank you Al Gore!  You might be able to threaten a protective mother to not post anything and violate her first amendment rights….but you cannot GAG us all.  You say that she is her own worst enemy….no sir you are…you have failed to uphold the laws of the land…you have colluded with those that mean to do more harm to a victim of abuse….but mainly you are to blame for killing MOTHERHOOD.  Your askew view has made you the target….YOU DID THIS to yourself.

It began in February 1995 with a Domestic Violence Conviction against Halleck Richardson two months after her dear daughter was born.  What did you think she was going to do when Richardson came after custody?  NO MOTHER WOULD STOP….but you chose to stop her….we chose to continue to expose the evil and wicked ways of your court.  So RIP Shawnee County…from 1995-2010 you have tormented an abuse victim…but those days are over….its our turn.

So where in the world is Claudine Dombrowski??  Well..I will tell you…she is doing what every mother/survivor does that has lost a child to family court….living her life….walking in the truth….and waiting patiently for the day when she can look into the eyes of her child….and tell her I never gave up and I will love you forever.

So fuck off Shawnee County COURT WHORES….this is a free country and as long as I have the most potent and consequential words in American history….LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS…and boy am I pursuing it! 

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