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Stop the Abuse of Christian Coffey -- Judge Catherine Rice Holderfild Circuit Court: CIR DIV IV FC TWO County : Warren KY

Corrupt Judge! Holderfield won't help abused child!

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Judge Catherine Rice Holderfield YOU CANT SHUT US ALL UP!!!

Catherine Rice Holderfield

American Mothers Political Party Hosted today's Show about Judge Catherine Rice Holderfield 

 The judge is threatening the mom and supporters with jail and there is an upcoming hearing in Bowling Green, KY. October 19th, 2010--

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Judge Catherine Rice Holderfield Court Whore and the County of Warren, KY


We need to free Christian Coffey from foster care and let him be given a voice to decide where he wants to live. We need to spread the word to share this post for everyone to link to this page to show support.

"Stop the Abuse of Christian Coffey"

This is the story of Christian Coffey and all the abuse he has gone through in his 15 short years of his life. Taylor his beautiful girlfriend wrote a blog to bring awareness to the plight for Christian's safety. You can find a link to that in many places on the page.Christian is back in the hands of the abuser where he was taken out of! Why? Who is going to be his voice?

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"Stop the Abuse of Christian Coffey"

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Taking a Stand Against Child Abuse

This blog has been created in order to help my boyfriend, Christian Coffey, who is mentally and physically abused by his father, Steven H. Coffey. He has cried out to people in the government and multiple people in Bowling Green, KY and it seems they have turned a deaf ear. We have no other choice b...

Catherine Rice Holderfield

Family Court Judge
Warren County Justice Center
1001 Center St., Suite 303
Bowling Green, KY 42101-2192


(270) 746-7190 (Phone)
(270) 746-7147 (Fax)

Cir. 08, Div. 04 Family

Read the affidavit from Kimberly Harris Christians mom who is trying to protect him.

Case Number 10-D 00184-001
Place: Warren Circuit Court: CIR DIV IV FC TWO County : Warren KY
Judge Catherine Rice Holderfild





CASE NO. 01-CI-00407


In the Interest of Christian Coffey, a minor child:








COMES NOW the Petitioner, Kimberly Harris, through counsel, and after being duly sworn, states that the following information is true and accurate to the best of her knowledge and belief:


__MCE_ITEM__(1) My name is Kimberly Harris and I am the mother of Christian Coffey. I share joint custody of Christian with his father, Steven Coffey.


__MCE_ITEM__(2) On April 23, 2004, I agreed to modify custody to permit Steven Coffey to serve as the primary residential custodian of Christian. Since that Order was entered, a change has occurred in the circumstances of Steven Coffey and our son, Christian Coffey, such that a modification of custody is necessary to serve the best interests of our child.


__MCE_ITEM__(3) Specifically the changes include but are not limited to the following:


__MCE_ITEM__a) A finding by this Court that domestic violence occurred between Steven and Christian and the entry of a Domestic Violence Order that against Steven Coffey for the protection of Christian.


__MCE_ITEM__b) The Warren County Attorney's Office has filed charges against Steven Coffey based upon the abuse perpetrated upon Christian. Specifically, the charge is Criminal Assault 4th Degree – Child Abuse and can be found in Warren District Court Case No. 10-M-02048.


__MCE_ITEM__c) In order to deal with the abuse and the after-effects, Christian has being seeing a therapist at Centerstone in Nashville, Tennessee. Christian has been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood and possible Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms. The psychosocial/environmental problem cited as the root of this diagnosis is the physical abuse from the Christian's father.


__MCE_ITEM__d) Christian's therapist has noted some improvement in Christian's levels of fear and anxiety since staying with me and limiting contact with his father. However, Christian is having problems sleeping, eating and dealing with feelings of depression and he is regressing due to the thought of returning home to live with his father.


__MCE_ITEM__e) Christian has told me that he lives in fear of his father because his father hits him and spanks him excessively. Christian has informed me that his father has hit him in the face and left bruises. On October 30, 2009, Christian reported to Tracie Downing at Drakes Middle School, that he had been hit in the face by his father. Tracie noted the swelling and bruising in Christian's face and reported the incident to the Department of Protection and Permanency.


__MCE_ITEM__f) On May 14, 2010, Christian reported to Tracie Downing that he felt hopeless that he would never get out of his situation; that he feared his father; that he was not sleeping or eating because his stomach was upset; that he was having difficulty going to the bathroom; and that he was considering running away because he was living in such fear of his father. Again this incident was reported to the Department of Permanency and Protection.


__MCE_ITEM__g) On May 22, 2010, Christian was beaten with a belt during a time which Christian had urinary tract infection. The belting resulted in extremely firm contact to Christian's lower back, buttocks and back of his legs. Since that time, Christian has reported pain in his lower back and pain during urination. This is complicated by a birth defect in Christian's kidneys that could be impacted by a severe trauma to these areas. Christian is currently receiving medical treatment as a result of this incident.


__MCE_ITEM__h) Christian has informed me and that his father calls him an idiot, tells and tells him that he is worthless and stupid.


__MCE_ITEM__i) Christian's father claims to have a problem with Christian and Christian's girlfriend in that he has unsuccessfully tried to prevent them from seeing each other and talking. The basis for Steven trying to prevent contact between Christian and his girlfriend is that he claims he is trying to prevent them from engaging in sexual activities. Steven's admitted method for dealing with this situation is belting Christian. I can handle Christian and address these issues appropriately.


__MCE_ITEM__j) During the time that Christian has been in my custody, he has consistently had panic attacks after speaking with his father on the phone.


__MCE_ITEM__(4) Christian's response to Steven's methods of discipline is highly unpredictable. Christian could react violently toward Steven, which could result in serious physical injury to Christian and/or Steven. Christian could also be overwhelmed by his feelings of depression and helplessness and he could cause harm to himself.


__MCE_ITEM__(5) The present environment at Steven's home endangers seriously Christian's physical, mental, moral, and emotional health and I firmly believe that if my son is forced to return to or remain at Steven's home, he, Christian, may be severely injured, physically and emotionally.


__MCE_ITEM__(6) I do not believe Steven should be allowed visitation until anger management classes are completed and at that time the visitation should begin with supervised sessions.


FURTHER the Affiant sayeth not

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