Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sheila Drake,Cabinet for Health and Family Services Bowling Green, Kentucky--YOU ARE BEING CALLED OUT!! CHILD TRAFFICKING under the veil of Judicial Immunity --Judge Catherine Rice Holderfield- Stop the ABUSE of Christian Coffey

Social Worker who pulled a minor child out from class and questioned the minor without their parent or schools consent! Sheila Drake of Bowling Green,Kentucky. Stop the Abuse of Chrsitian Coffey! And stop harassing his supporters!


Sheila Drake

About Me Basic Info

Sex: Female

Current City:
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Employers Cabinet for Health and Family Services September 2006 to present Bowling Green, Kentucky

College Western Kentucky University '06 Bachelor Social Work

High School Tates Creek High School '02


JUST SOME GOOD OL BOYS Two hours of questioning of a minor child regarding the ownership of this blogs and many more is really showing how desperate this Judge court whore has become.

Rice-Holderfield sent out her goons  Sheila Drake  today to many persons homes, including Miss Kentucky International Elaine Bateman.  What has become of the justice system that they are hell bent on jailing a mother for others taking the stance on this injustice?!

We hope you are proud of yourself by intimidating a child into submission, falsely accusing her of blogging the TRUTH...CPS worker Sheila and Police Officer Blevins. There is a special little place in hell for those who fail to protect and serve....not sure which level...I will have to get back to you on that.  In the meantime I suggest you do some reading....




Face Book Page: “Stop The Abuse of Christian Coffey”

VIDEO HERE: Corrupt Judge Catherine Rice Holderfild  "Stop the Abuse of Christian Coffey" Bowling Green,

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