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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-----The Garvin County Three

Garvin County OK, October 18, 2010…..



The Garvin County Three

Garvin County OK, October 18, 2010…..Invited by three families from Oklahoma’s Garvin County, Susan Murphy Milano has been meeting with them, as well as their attorney, Jaye Mendros, and representatives from the grass roots organization, The Eleventh Commandment.

Taking a look with fresh eyes is often the advantage for cold cases, especially in light of mishandled investigations and rubber stamped death certificates from medical examiners. Fresh eyes uncover evidence that was either once hidden or totally overlooked, which seems to be the case with “The Garvin County Three,” three cases of obvious murder that were not ruled properly in the original investigations.

According to Murphy Milano, a nationally known Intimate PartnerViolence Strategist, Author and Consultant, “These cases, and others, demand a special prosecutor to re-open and re-investigate. These families deserve justice which has eluded them far too long. If you do what you've always done in the past, you will continue to get the same results.”

During her trip to Oklahoma she has visited extensively with the families of Chanda Turner, Sheila Deviney and Tom Horton (The Garvin County Three) and has had the opportunity to review the case files as well as tour crime scenes gathering evidence and information which will be turned over to independant cold case investigators. The three families have petitioned for reform of the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office, demanding that changes be made within the broken system, so that future cases will be handled properly.

As tales of alleged corruption, as well as horror stories from the families are being shared, Susan Murphy Milano has set out to keep them from suffering the injustice of no justice. With her extensive background in intimate partner violence and its prevention, Murphy Milano has written three books on the subject of leaving a relationship safely, and has presented the innovative Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit.

Had any of the Garvin County Three used this procedure, there would be no question as to what happened to them, and the perpetrators of the violence against them would be arrested promptly. 
Murphy Milano will be meeting with several legislators and members of the media during her stay in Oklahoma. 
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