Sunday, October 3, 2010

How YOU can do something small to end Court Ordered Child ABUSE!

How YOU can do something small to end Court Ordered Child ABUSE!

by American Mothers Political Party on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 5:23pm

A very special thanks to Mom Linda  Marie Sacks (who does the talking in the spots) and Elizabeth Fillingim, The Center for Judicial Excellence and California Protective Parents Association for helping put this amazing Public Service Announcement together. The time is NOW to also do some small activism in order to make sure our voices are not ignored anymore!

Two small steps for our children and theirs...the future will not be bright if this abuse of power continues. A tragedy can make villains...but it can also make a super-hero too! Who better the super-hero for our children than us, their Mothers? No one.

1.  HOW TO VIEW THEM   The spots can be found at the ftp site here:

The files are titled "Child Custody PSA - 2 x 30 -" and "Child Custody PSA - 2 x 30 - SD.mpg". 

Anyone can download the file by right-clicking on the appropriate file (high definition or standard definition) and choosing "save target as" or "save link as" (depending on browser).

2.  WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? Even if you can't open them, your local TV station CAN!

Anyone anywhere anytime can use them, give them the ftp link. 

It will be most effective if you select the OTHER TV stations in your markets to solicit. 

Call them, ask for the Public Service Announcements Coordinator and ask them if they will consider running one of two PSAs on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, since it is DV Awareness Month anyways!

Keep it simple and short, they are busy. Info on TV stations and law, the Federal Communications Commission REQUIRES TV stations to air Public Service Announcements. 

We have been advised that the nicer we are with the TV Station (you get more bees with honey), the more chance you'll get the spot aired in other, better prime time programming. 

Ask nicely, tell them you know they'll air them overnight, but what can we do to get maybe 5 spots during prime time this month?

See what they say.

Do this for both Network TV and Cable TV. Both are just as good. Network is ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Cable is everything else. 

Cable stations are more regional than in every city, but you have a cable network somewhere. 

Whomever you pay your monthly cable bill to, that's your local cable station. Contact them as well.

Internet use of these PSAs is fine as well. Post them on your site, your therapists site, your attorney's site. 

Go online and find other domestic violence sites and child abuse sites and ask them to post them as well.

These videos will do us no good if they sit on this FTP site and don't get used. 

  Also if you do get a TV station to air the PSAs send them a nice thank you note (not email) and if you get a moment we should also do the same to Center For Judicial Excellence and California Protective Parents Assc. for doing all of this for us.

                                                                                 PEACE & LOVE                                                                                                     

American Mothers Political Party


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