Friday, January 15, 2010

Anonymoms Message to The Family Court and The Fathers Lobby


Anonymums Message to The Family Court and The Fathers Lobby

From: TheAnonymums 

A strong message to the Family Courts and Fathers lobby Groups who are accomplices in the abuse towards women and children. Pedophilia laws refer to Parent Alienation Syndrome and Alienation that excuse sexual abuse towards children and even recommend that it is more harmful to protect the child from abuse.

There are No scientific organizations in the world that support this theory, yet this is being used in Family Courts since the 1980s when Gardner began doing worldwide conferences with the AFCC. It became a major attack on family violence advocates which filtered down to all of the victims. The laws that were meant to protect the victims became twisted into laws that protect perpetrators.

The courts are aware that they are systematically perpetrating this violence against women and children, instead of rectifying the situation the participants have seeked out more laws and remedies to conceal their actions. Such laws include censorship where the children are publicized if the victims abandon the order, but restrictive in disclosing faults that led to the abandonment.

Anonymums is a worldwide growing movement of mothers, fathers and children who are against these crimes. Our focus on mothers is due to the invisibility of their plights and concerns in seeking safety for themselves and their children. Fathers Rights Groups have severely wronged mothers, fathers and children. Just because a court was created to resolve conflicts does not mean it is devoid of responsibility towards all family members that deal with this court.



Hello Family Courts and father lobby groups.

We have been monitoring your alliances, your views promoting pedophilia within your laws, the destruction of motherhood, the suppression of children and their mothers.

We are aware of the children and women that are killed because you ordered it. We are aware of the parents who are treated like criminals because you were negligent in protecting them.

We know of the lies you spout every time the media catches a child killed by a court order. With the help of your underpaid court staff, we have been able to monitor your actions closely. We know of the innocent mothers laying in jail cells because they were against child abuse. Your malevolent actions for the sake of profit will not go unnoticed.

Anonymums has decided that your organization must be destroyed. For the best interests of the children, for the good of mothers, fathers and grandparents and for the rest of the community. We shall expel you from funding and systematically dismantle your powers until your organization ceases to function. We acknowledge you as a serious opponent. Your methods, hypocrisy and exploitation will be circulated widely. You cannot hide as we are everywhere internally and externally.

Like that of anonymous, we are indestructible but we are of our own origin, ideas and directions. No doubt you will attempt to suppress and distort our intentions, but the evidence we hold is beyond your power. We are above your law and adhere to human rights of which you are violating. We hold you in contempt for every life you order as cheap. The lives of women and children are not yours to own, nor control. Silence is control Control is for the unintelligent.

That is why we are beyond you... We are anonymums


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