Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Which Arizona Court is Responsible for this Broken-Hearted Mother’s Death?

Which Arizona Court is Responsible for this Broken-Hearted Mother’s Death?

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Killing me in the Courtroom-Susan Murphy- Milano


Mother Who Lost Custody of Children Commits Suicide on I-17 This Morning

We are anxiously awaiting news of which judge and court whore screwed over this mother.  We ARE going to dig into this.  If it is within Maricopa County, they have removed the records already.  A lot of us are darned mad about this.  We are tired of the courts breaking mothers then taking the children away!

May dear Brenda Suzanne Ownby be at peace now.  Her sister and mother were with her in the pickup truck she jumped out of, and they are suffering terribly too now.

Please moms, if you are in this situation, and so many are, think of your children and get help for yourself.  Your children need you, even if the other parent has taken them and won’t let you see them.  Don’t EVER give up.  EVER. Don’t let the bastard win.

At the scene on I-17 this morning

** Roadway should be re-opened by 2:30 pm **

Today, Jan. 25, 2010, at about 10:19 am DPS officers responded to a report of a pedestrian which had been struck in the roadway on I-17 northbound under Grand Avenue just south of Thomas Road in Phoenix. The Phoenix Police and Fire Departments also responded and provided assistance. Officers arrived on scene and discovered an adult female deceased on-scene and began their investigation and traffic control closing I-17 northbound at the I-17/ I-10 interchange or the stack..  ADOT also responded and assisted with traffic control.

DPS Vehicular Crimes Unit (VCU) Detectives are on-scene and conducting the investigation.

The deceased victim has been identified as Brenda Suzanne Ownby, 37, of Phoenix, Az. Mrs. Ownby was traveling northbound on I-17 in the right rear passenger seat of a late model Nissan Frontier crew cab Pick-up truck. Her sister was driving with her mother in the right front passenger seat.  At about 10:19 am, as they were traveling under Grand Avenue in the #1 lane of I-17, adjacent to the HOV lane when Mrs. Ownby left the passenger compartment of the truck and struck the roadway. She was then struck by one vehicle, that vehicle was then rear-ended by a utility truck.

Mrs. Ownby’s family members who were in the truck report that they had just left a court hearing where she was given unfavorable information regarding a custody issue. Mrs. Ownby was apparently quiet and hadn’t said much after leaving court before the incident took place.

The Phoenix Fire Department’s Community Assistance Program and Chaplain provided assistance to grieving family members on-scene.

*Note: As with any incident resulting in death or serious injury, DPS’ Standard Operating Procedures are to treat the incident as a criminal investigation until any criminal involvement can be ruled out.

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