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Money Talks, Bullshit Walks: When Child Custody Cases Get Nasty

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Money Talks, Bullshit Walks: When Child Custody Cases Get Nasty

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I’ve had my share of nasty comments here on this site, but to see parties go at it like this is amazing. This is in reference to a nasty custody fight in Florida, where Lisa Hutchings was duped into thinking this guy she hooked up with was okay….well he wasn’t. Wes Hutchings had many problems, which I won’t go into, read the original story here:

Father from Ultra-Rich Family Wins Custody of 2-Year-Old Despite Crack Cocaine Abuse History

Lisa had kept us updated with the case via comments on the post.  Last week, she came in with some pretty nasty allegations.


Dear Readers,

I was recently sodomized by Robert Young Pelton, of Bonsall, California. He was my friend for 20 years. We started the Upper Deck Company together. I left Upper Deck, because Richard McWilliam was counterfeiting cards with Reggie Jackson.

Robert has caused me great physical pain, and damage is now being done to my two children, Cameron & Chloe.

Currently, Tom Kreiss, has legally kidnapped Cameron. I receive death threats on a daily basis from his henchmen (litany of Family Law attorneys).

Mark Kaplan
Sorrell Trope
Steven Knowles
Michael Collum
Tara Scott
Charles Wake
Dan Jaffe
Stacy Phillips
Rex Beaber
Brian Brandmeyer
Rick Flam
Howard Pilch
Matthew Miller
David Simmons
Commissioner James Endman
Judge Arthur Birken
Kreiss Enterprises
Hutchings Automotive Products

Both Kreiss Enterprises and HAP are Florida based companies primarly because it’s cheaper for these criminals to do business in Florida, “Bush Country.”

I am recovering from the rape. I was also robbed of $20,000 of my personal belongings by Dr. Deborah Lynn. Apparently, she has been working together with Wesley Hutchings and Thomas Kreiss, without my knowledge.

Lisa M. Hutchings

Comment by Lisa Hutchings — January 12, 2010 @ 1:04 pm

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When a mother loses her child to a bad parent that has boatloads of money, it gets to the point the nobody will do anything ethical or right, least of all what is right for that little child.  Lisa hopefully got a rape exam for this, or some kind of exam because if she is suffering pain, there must be some physical damage.  If she doesn’t get in with a prosecutor, this will get her nowhere. Bullshit walks.

Two comments from the same person (written from same computer, same IP address), who lives in Escondido, California, attacked right back:


2010/01/16 at 11:23am

Lisa Hutchings is a Culver City based prostitute who makes a living entraping and extorting her wealthier clients, many of them rich men and lawyers who fall for her fake sob story. She even works for lawyers and has access to sensitive information.

She tried going big time with the Hutchings and Kreiss family and the courts in Florida and California shut her down and correctly determined that she is mentally ill, violent and a criminal. Good luck Lisa you clearly fooled some people some of the time. Her victims are silent but please explain why you were commited to a mental institution at least four times and every man who know “raped” you? :) ) Please girl take it to the street not the internet.

Don’t fall for her con and men if you see her on a dating service or on Craigslist selling sex. Beware!

And mothers please don’t confuse this criminal activity with the good work of this website. Don’t waste a minute of emotion or pity on this criminal and con artist.


2010/01/17 at 10:24am

Prostitutes have rights too. Just because Lisa Hutching is a prostitute and a convicted criminal doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have kids. Lots of strippers, drug addicts and insane people have kids. But whats up with the laundry list of lawyers and stupid unfounded accusations on this site. Isn’t this about her kids? She doesn’t even mention them. Who cares who she wants to trash in public? Clearly she lost her kids because its all about her not her children. Lets see some information on her custody battle not her perverted sex life.

I am confused by his second comment, he says “prostitutes have rights too.”  Well, yes they do.  Actually, I have much more respect for prostitutes than crack-pots.  They are working at the world’s oldest profession, legal in many places, and if not, still sought out by politicians, clergy, or just your average horny guys.   Doing really nasty things some guys like to do that disgust most women.  But that’s beside the point.

Money talks.

It looks like there will be a lot of Court Whores lining up for this one.  Meanwhile, there are two children who are without their mother, and money looks like this is the big reason.  As a child victim of the courts, I can tell you that those children miss their mother very much and the hate will grow in them for people that try and keep them from her.  It is all about power and control for these people, and making money.

It is very difficult for any mother to overcome all that money battling against her.  But that will not stop most mothers, and they will do everything in their power for their children, this I know too.

Now a story that hasn’t been read much lately is getting a lot of hits now, and I bet most of them are lawyers and court whores planning how to make money off it this.

God help them all.  Most of all the two dear children.

Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] Battered Mothers Rights - A Human Rights Issue.



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