Friday, January 22, 2010

REPORT: Right Wing Terrorism (MISS) Mothers Intelligence Secret Service

 Right Wing Terrorism

    Right wing terrorism is most notably known for their attacks on races, but other attacks seem to fall by the wayside invisible to the security realm.  The Christian party website that has obtained more than 3000 signatories for the "fathers manifesto" reveals the historical roots beyond their current campaigns.  The site contains over 3000 signatures supporting forced marriage, hate towards single mother households and diminishing human rights towards women in general.  The Christian party also had a poll promoting the exiling of blacksfrom America among other race hate propaganda.  Racial hate is now in most developed countries regarded as a social taboo. It was in the 1970s that the Klu Klux Clan and other white supremest groups diminished when mens groups began to form.  With the white supremacy ideology, it evolved to promote the ideology that households without men were problematic, some even describing them as anabomination of society.  It is as comparable as the rise in stork populations and human birth rates - there is no link, but the statistics appear as though there is. 

    Google, "Fathers rights" and "bombs", it will take you to UK Fathers4Justice flour bombs and Australian Family Court Bombings in 1984.  The Taliban would prefer to be called "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" as the taliban has almost become the definition of terrorism as their a ctions have spoken louder than the title that did not serve those who read it.  The same can be said for fathers rights groups and shared parenting organizations who are in practice right wing terrorists.  As the Taliban alter their image to appeal to the public as civilized members of the community seeking a worthy cause - so have right wing extremists in UK, USA, Canada, India and Australia. 

    In UK, Fathers4justice drove a minister out of her home whilst they sieged her roof for the platform of propaganda.  After a plot by the group was revealed to kidnap the prime ministers son, they reorganized as a supposed, "New Group". 

    The problems as to why governments are not responding effectively enough to these groups is not that they do not meet the criteria as a terrorist organization, the issue is more complex than that.  In many countries, the media has supported these groups with favorable articles in fear that the large number of complaints to media authorities would harm their career in journalism.  In Canada, a lawsuit was launchedagainst a researcher for the critical review of their movement. 

    As the Phillipine government reacted to the Moro National Liberation Front(MNLF), so did other governments by injecting funding into these organizations.  The funding did not dissolve the organizations animosity, but simply resourced them for future activities.  Often the difference between home grown right wing terrorists and Taliban terrorists is that of economical value.  Upon the surface, imposing sharia law significantly reduces governments ability to participate in global markets, whereas homegrown terrorists do not immediately appear to affect trade.  When considering the impact of right wing laws that promote:

    • Not legally recognizing domestic and child abuse(Family Violence). 

    • Enforcing marriage against the will of women.

    • Children as the property of men.

    • Women not participating in the workforce(income reliance on men)

        There are some striking similarities in Sharia law and right wing terrorists are astounding.  The difference is that right wing extremists do not wish to impose trade restrictions.  The economical impacts are similar as they seek to exclude a large portion from the workforce, raise the skyrocketing stats in family violence murders, the insurance price on healthcare costs and a major reduction in productivity.  It will convince companies to turn to overseas workforces where workers are consistent and high in supply.  Whilst lawmakers may be illumed that social problems spill out within the boundaries of the home, they are greatly mistaken.  As the domino effect of these issues continues spill out over the world, there is a failure to recognize where it started and take effective action in confronting these issues.  Failure by allowing such groups to thrive is already evident in the war against currently listed terrorist organizations.  Whilst the problem grows and becomes exacerbated with funding and support form the media, so does the opportunity for both groups to join forces and meet a common goal.  This is evident in India's right wing movement as some members tie radical Islam in the toxic mix.

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