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Shattered Men, Fragmented Beliefs, Fathers Rights

Shattered Men, Fragmented Beliefs

I would like to thank "Shattered Men" for leaving a response to my post on Suicide: How Father's Rights Groups Drive Men Over the Edge though "they" made this more difficult than necessary by leaving "their" comment in the guestbook, instead of on the post.

Randi’s comments in bold

December 29th 2009

02:33:43 PM

Shattered Men

Looking at BOTH sides of domestic abuse with an emphasis on men (so what's your solution for men's violence?)

Randi's rants (LOL)

Marion Indiana

Suicide: How Father's Rights Groups Drive Men Over the Edge

Randi, why is it that most of the men who take their own life have never contracted a "father's rights group'? (can you verify this? i think a study needs to be done. even a man who didn't kill himself, but killed MANY others, was found to have contacted an FR group. he's been killed now, though not of his own accord. i am afraid to think that there are more.)Perhaps if they had, they would not have taken their own life. I know Shattered Men has helped to prevent over three dozen suicides of both men and women. (all i would like to know is, have you, not particularly meaning you personally, or "Shattered Men," but rather father's rights groups, or shall I say the vocal fringe lunatic segment, helped more than you have harmed?)

I would also like to know why this can not and does not work regarding mothers rights groups or are they perfect and never have problems. (i don't know why it doesn't, perhaps because mother's groups aren't vile, don't threaten or kill judges, nor do they spray paint courthouses. show me the suiciding, familiciding mothers and the mothers bordering on terrorism.)

In the situation you talk about in your rant, the father's rights group in question did not have a chance to do anything. They only had made first contact. (i understand that. it was very clear. but i think you agree that sometimes all you have is one time, and that FR group may have ruined this guy's life...well, he's dead...so...) Had this person taken time to hear the group out, we may have seen a different outcome. (he did "hear the group out." he tried to do as he was advised, but the FR advisor refused to recognized that those game tactics did not fit this young man's nature. this FR group did wrong by him AND his family.)

You rant on saying we have a "hate campaign against his current or ex-partner" While you know nothing about Shattered Men because we encourage forgiveness, not hate. (look dude, there is not part in that story in which forgiveness is encouraged. maybe you forgot to do that part with chris--or, I mean, maybe if your group handled it, it would have been different. but apparently, you must think i'm a fool to believe that hate is not a part of FR campaign. i have enough to publish a book. it is evident in many of your members' speech and actions. maybe you do not recognize this for some odd reason.) Oddly enough, most of the men have already forgiven their ex but it has been the women who come to us that have the most problem forgiving. (why do you think that is?)

Shattered Men exist because feminist groups refused to acknowledge that women can be violent. (bullshit. if anything, feminist groups recognized it first, because they recognize all forms of violence, but as it is not as grave a problem as men's international violence against women, thus, it is not at the forefront of feminist's campaign.) As a result a women who has been handicapped all of her life and who thanked GOD for the many times she was in a hospital because it got her away from her abusive mother did her own research and found women are as violent as men. (but women aren't as violent as men. they can be, as anyone has potential, but they aren't. all international human rights campaigns have statements contrary to your beliefs...and so does the evidence) It was her website that opened my eyes as I was much like you before that but now I know that unbiased research shows that women are as abusive as men.(false) I also know that unless we look at both sides, more men and women will be harmed. (but while men refuse to look at their side, men's violence against men and women will continue to harm nations)

What now?

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