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M. Jill Dykes, Jason P Hoffman, Rene M. Netherton, Scott McKenzie, Rikki Dombrowski (and other children) -- Conflict of interest? Standard of professional Conduct / Ethics? OR, Just all out Child Trafficking

Conflict of interest? Standard of professional conduct/ethics?
just all out Child Trafficking. Happy ML King Day.
1- 17-2011 Facebook Profile of Mary Jill Dougan Dykes—GAL--


Jason P. Hoffman –Atty for Petitioner Hal Richardson

Scott McKenzie GAL 1998
Dombrowski Richardson Custody

Christopher Dykes 
Husband of GAL

Rikki Dombrowski
Minor child being trafficked by Dykes and co-conspirators.

2nd facebook profile for
Scott McKenzie

Rene M. Netherton
Friend and co-conspirator of other two GALs
Dykes and McKenzie


Un Ethical GAL Jill Dykes Posts images of Other Mothers Children on the Internet

Mary Jill Dougan-DykesNext we tell you about how she released attorney client confidential information and on a minors case  she had her husband Christopher Dykes call and harass Claudine—wtg Jill—you really know how to be professional.

Yes the very same GAL from hell who has erased the Mother out of this little girls life—the Mother Claudine Dombrowski who is not allowed to even have any photos of her daughter and vice versa --  who is constantly being harassed for ANY images of her own child she may possess—

….yet this county paid empolyee-- acting as an attorney thinks its all right to post images of Claudine Dombrowski’s daughter on the internet beside the fact that this just aint cool..

Hey, M. Jill Dykes--- we heard you screamed all up and down the Courthouse when you thought a picture of your child was some other persons hands.

Did it make you scream did it make you hysterical?? Well, now I guess any mother would be hysterical—just like Claudine is when it comes to her child.. ..

The door swings both ways, remember that and know that HELL has a special place for you, your husband and of course the end of any law degree you hold.


MARY JILL DOUGAN-DYKES and all Topeka’s little court whores –friends.. welcome to Facebook

Rene M. Netherton

Rene M. Netherton Add as Friend

1-17-2011 jill dykes all screen shot

Friends as above copy pasted with their links in tact

Suzette Figgins Holston

Carole Williams

Marc Rapp

Kurt Bossert

Jennifer Harris-Berger

Briana Jackson

Kansas State

Rene M. Netherton

Celeste Ellen Jacobs

Brad Metzgerhomes

Cat Gates

Danielle 'Twemlow' Huckins

Amie Wolff Logan

Kayla Stukey

Kathleen Powell

Harold Fingerstoff

Karen Gatlin

Jennifer Powell

Marty Bloomquist

Scott Vaughn

Debbie Cox

Georgia A. Platt-Sparta

Colleen Oliva Speaker

Alyssa Ward

Michel' Philipp Cole

Greg Muzingo

Marc White

Gwen Saville

Katrina Bailey Van Aalst

Mona Schneider Arnold

Colleen Rodgers Harrell

Tracy Bossert

Carolyn Scripps

Kristin Anderson Chanay

Larry Tenopir

Adam Jenks

Kathleen Ambrosio

Joseph P. Huerter

Susan Richards

Blake Zachritz

Jennifer Welch

Ellen Young Hilbert

Betsy Leonard

Paula Gerlach

Kimberly A. Copeland

Nancy J. Escalante

Jennifer Van Bruggen

Timothy J. Langland

Charles Metzger

'Miyah Danielson

David Chall

Paul Dykes


Chelle Dell Decker

Amy Bixler Kelly

Betsy Sutton

Eileen McGivern

Jared Arnold

Edward Collazo Vega

Jennifer Metzger

Ken Keller

Nicole Wendland-Selvidge

Scott McKenzie

Virginia Channel Schmelzle

Hannah Dykes

Melanie Oberhelman

Tawnya S. Dodds

John Benson

Lee Ann Froelich

Mike Broemmel

Lisa Stewart Works

Dallas Bauer

Mark Woelk

Skyler Dykes

Rikki Dombrowski

Shawnee Heights Senior High

Leigh R. Nitcher

Nagol Nevets

Nancy Norton Goodall

Kurt Danenhauer

Barbara Gannaway Shinn

Dave Abel

Allan Hazlett

Anjie Ginn

Yasmin Haque

Holly Kennedy


Lis Ballou

Mary Sheetz

Amy Pendergast

Mimi Smith

Mary Holleran Orr

David Christy

Brent Sutton

Anthony Esquivel

Nathan Ham

Matt Hamel


Melinda Stauffer Silardi

Vineeta Agarwal Hendry

Dan Denton


Annette Kiene

Carmen Cook Kindling

Jim Ramos

Ann Cox Doyle

Todd Moorman

Anne Benfer Hesse

Mary Wieser Cajigas

Cheryl L Holz

James Fenoglio

Kelly Hawkins Skinner

Christopher Dykes

Dinah Dykes

Kyle Sommers

Colette de Gagnier-Rettner

Shelby Smiley Hoytal

Rich Smith

Benjamin Campbell

Martha Booth Stanley

Anne Garlinghouse

Mindy Press Boos

Willie Schmelzle

Robin 'Murphy' Bonsall


Rod Kelley

Marion Armstrong

Mike Broemmel

Scott McKenzie

Derrick Weinbrecht

Robb Baker

Renata Heironimus Coleman

Anjie Ginn

Renee Brungardt Williams

Sally Glassman

Mike Francis

Anne Garlinghouse

Kurt Danenhauer

Joe Pennington

Rebecca Barbee

Hannah Anthony

University of Louisville

Amy Weber

Dan May

Rod Kelley

Jason P. Hoffman

Melody Evans

Mary Sheetz

Colette de Gagnier-Rettner

Marilyn Kido

Cristi Hooper Reiger

Dan Denton


Kelly Dykes-Sommers

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