Monday, July 19, 2010

NCADV - Nat'l Dialogue on Family Court Crisis 7/20 noon


The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence presents...

A National Dialogue:

The Family Law Courts Crisis

Tuesday, July 20, 2010**

12:00pm-1:00pm EST

Across the nation, protective parents have been reporting, at alarming rates, the injustices they suffer at the hands of state family courts. Battered mothers are at particular risk as they work tirelessly to protect their children from abusive fathers who use the family court system to continue to abuse, harass, impoverish, punish, stalk and destroy their families.

Join NCADV, and legal and policy experts for a discussion about the crisis in our nation’s family courts. The dialogue will focus on organizational efforts to address this tragedy, and give recommendations for handling cases and courts in your* own community.


Rita Smith, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Special address by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice

Barry Goldstein, Esq. - Mr. Goldstein is a New York State attorney, author, teacher, advocate for battered women, and expert on abuser’s legal tactics. He is the author of the 2002 book Scared to Leave, Afraid to Stay: Paths From Family Violence to Safety. Mr. Goldstein has practiced law for 24 years and served on the board of directors of the local battered women's shelter for 14 years. For several years, Mr. Goldstein has worked with the Community Change Project of the Volunteer Counseling Service teaching domestic violence classes for men convicted of abusing their partners. He is co-editor of the recently published book Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody: Legal Strategies and Policy Issues.

Mo Hannah, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Licensed Psychologist, Siena College - Dr. Hannah practices clinical psychology specializing in couples’ therapy. Dr. Hannah’s interest in abusive dynamics and their impact on interpersonal relationships and in forensic psychology led her to plan and chair the first annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference (BMCC), held in January 2004. At this conference, many of the nation's leading attorneys, batterers' intervention experts, authors, and advocates working in the area of battered mothers custody issues gather to present their cutting-edge knowledge and experience. Dr. Hannah has published many books and produced numerous articles and presentations on topics related to relational psychology, including co-editing her most recent book: Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody: Legal Strategies and Policy Issues.

Vivian Huelgo, Esq., Chief Counsel, Commission on Domestic Violence of the American Bar Association - Ms. Huelgo leads the development and implementation of initiatives designed to assist lawyers representing victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking through continuing legal education programs; provision of legal technical assistance; publication of legal manuals, treatises and texts; and promotion of protective state and federal legislation. She is the former Director of the Community Law Project of Sanctuary for Families’ Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services. There, she helped craft legislative advocacy efforts, coordinated pro bono on family law matters and helped oversee law student advocacy programs in family court.

Joan Meier, Esq., Executive Director, Domestic Violence Legal Appeals and Empowerment Project - For over 20 years, Ms. Meier has litigated hundreds of domestic violence cases at both the trial and appellate court levels. She has engaged in national and local domestic violence advocacy efforts in collaboration with the domestic violence community; consulted for numerous organizations including the Department of Justice and American Bar Association; and delivers regular trainings and workshops for lawyers, judges, advocates, and mental health professionals.

Kathleen Russell, Owner and Founder, Kathleen Russell Consulting - Kathleen serves as the lead strategist on all KRC projects and brings more than eighteen years of experience in strategic communications, government relations, grassroots organizing and campaign consulting to

the helm of KRC. In 2008, she co-directed and produced the award-winning film Family Court Crisis: Our Children At Risk for the Center for Judicial Excellence (CJE). She coordinates CJE’s advocacy and media relations work in Sacramento and Washington, DC.

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*The target audience for this call is legal and policy practitioners, domestic violence or child abuse service providers, and survivors of domestic violence or the family court system.

**This call will be recorded. Replay dates are forthcoming.

Irene Weiser

331 W. 57th St #518

New York, NY 10019


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