Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are you afraid of Glenn Sacks? A bad man who helps mean dads!

Are you afraid of Glenn Sacks?

Hi Kids,

Glenn Sacks is a bad man who helps mean dads. If your dad is hurting you and Glenn Sacks is sticking up for your dad, try not to worry. There are a lot of Good Moms and Good Dads out there who will believe you! If you need help making contact with someone who will believe you, you can always contact me and I will try to find the right person to help you.

Here is the conclusion of an investigation I did about Glenn Sacks and his followers. The actual reports (part 1-5) can be found on



College student, Jennifer Collins investigated the unethical Father Supremacist columnist, Glenn Sacks.

Glenn Sacks had a sad childhood. His father was a workaholic and was never around. Glenn resented his mother for her use of physical discipline and her lack of enthusiasm about parenting (because she was bedridden with cancer.) Although his parents fought in front of him and his sister, Glenn Sacks is still under the illusion that he had "a perfect family life". He was a lonely child, very unpopular at school and embarrassed by his father. From information provided by some of his former classmates, I learned that Glenn Sacks was very insecure especially when the other children made fun of him for his rather large nose and tall posture which may have been the cause for him to stand/walk hunched over. It is truly pitiful how unhappy Glenn Sacks was as a child. High school was no better and unbearable for Glenn who was the butt of many tasteless pranks. He had a falling out with his father and was not at all close with his own mother.

Glenn Sacks then went onto University where he felt persecuted just for being a guy. After feelings of guilt regarding some sort of sexual incident, he changed colleges. Sacks went to UCLA where he received a degree in Latin American studies. Sacks became a teacher but he was not happy in the classroom. His painful past was too much for him to bear. He also taught at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Perhaps that is where his fear that one of his former students will file charges against him for rape stems from. I don’t know exactly what sort of sexual assault Glenn Sacks committed in his past, but it appears to haunt and be following him wherever he goes.

Glenn Sacks married and had a son, yet he was very unhappy with fatherhood. His son had severe discipline problems and Glenn Sacks relays that he found parenting to be a “hollow, joyless fatherhood”. Using the excuse that grading papers was beneath him, Sacks quit his job and then a depressed Glenn hid at home while his wife worked.

Many years later Sacks had a daughter and he decided to dedicate everything he had to this precious little girl - but he eventually lost site of appropriate parent-child boundaries and became over enmeshed with the poor child.

In 2001, even though Glenn Sacks was still hiding at home, he dumped his 3 year-old daughter off at day care so he could have more time to devote to his hateful, anti-women, anti-mother propaganda. He founded which is nothing more than a self-made website that spews his gender-biased babble.

Glenn Sacks prides himself as being a self-proclaimed "investigative journalist" yet does nothing more than sit at home alone all day looking up the daily news then rambling on about how this or that situation reflects a conspiracy against all men while his wife, the breadwinner of the family, admirably works providing for her family's needs while his kids are in school.

Glenn Sacks has aligned himself with male zealots, father’s rights attorneys and father supremacists making it abundantly clear to his wife that she may never leave him and that divorce is absolutely out of the question. He backs up his position by making it clear that the children belong to him and if his wife ever leaves him, he will take the children away from her. Glenn Sacks has publically humiliated his wife over and over again yet he professes to have a "happy marriage" - I think someone needs to tell Mr. Sacks that a happy marriage is about putting someone else before, NOT beneath, yourself.

Sacks joined forces with "Fathers and Family" in 2009. Fathers and Families boasts that they have “the largest membership base, the highest media profile, the most funding of any family court reform organization.” Their mission statement in principle is actually quite honorable: “Fathers & Families improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting the child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.”

However under the "leadership" of Glenn Sacks, the new Fathers & Families sets out to destroy and discredit child abuse victims who come forward with accounts of abuse perpetrated by their fathers while kids who come forward with accounts of abuse by their mothers or other females are embraced.

You would think that a fathers organization would embrace all abused children and would be leading the charge to reform the behavior of their violent and abusive peers who give fathers a bad name. You would think that a fathers organization would lead by principle, honor and example, showing the world how wonderful non-abusive fathers are - gentlemen raising gentle men.

Thankfully, with a new editor in charge and new policies being enforced in the beginning of 2010, it appears that Sacks is being weaned out.

It is obvious that the Sacks family experiment where mommy works long hours, over time and attends law school in the evening so her husband can attempt to fulfill her role in their children's lives by playing Mr. Mom has failed causing severe emotional problems for their pre-teen daughter. The temper tantrums her father groomed her for by creating a dependency upon him are exploited by him on the internet in his attempt to prove what "a loving understanding father" he is by giving into her demands. Sadly, this just shows the world how far he'll go to get attention and documents his inappropriate parenting behavior.

Sacks infatuation and exclusivity with his daughter is highly disturbing and reflects factors identified in covert incest. Strangely, Sacks has admitted that one of his greatest fears is being arrested for raping one of his daughter's friends and has made public statements saying if his wife ever brings his daughter to an emergency room doctor to be evaluated for sexual abuse, Sacks will “blow his head off” referring to the treating physician.

In the meantime Sacks teenage son displays much animosity towards his father. His son has made it abundantly clear that he is ashamed to be seen with his father in public and has referred to his father as "a loser" on several occasions. As always, Sacks tries to gain sympathy by portraying himself as the wounded victim of his son’s distain and advertises his own insecurity by constantly pulling at the audience for praise and reinforcement, referring to himself all to often as "a loser" and pitying "the plight" of his children. Sacks writes: "if I were him, I wouldn't want to be seen with me, either... "

When his children do something wrong, Sacks explains with delight how “I can hardly wait...”when they've “expected to be punished” so he can say to wait “for your mother to see when she gets home from work" to them. He has substituted the old saying "Just wait till your father gets home!" and frightens the children he loves so much by threatening them with their mother?

Sacks rallies abusive fathers and offers support and understanding for their abuse of children! He publically states that he believes in hitting children as a form of punishment!

If a child comes forward with abuse allegations against a man Glenn Sacks searches for any inconsistencies in their accounts, whatever they may be, and then tries to discredit the child! Although Sacks himself asks for forgiveness when he makes a mistake he is quick to condemn everyone else whose ever made a mistake and refuses to listen to anyone else's explanation but his own.

If Glenn Sacks wasn’t such a hypocrite who sanctions and promotes child abuse, I would have to feel bad for him since he fails at everything he does - from being a teacher, husband and father.

On a lighter side, I almost felt bad for the guy sometimes for his sheer cluelessness. Sacks is attempting to gather a collection of bedtime stories which he intends on republishing. His target audience is 8-10 year old children. Background: “I'm starting a blog-based collection of bedtime stories for children… The core of these stories will be those I tell my 9 year-old daughter. She's pretty demanding. She's only 9, but she enjoys learning about adult issues.”

Here are a few examples: (Maybe we're missing something here in the Netherlands, but is this an appropriate bed time story for a 9 year-old? My mom said she would never tell it to the little kids at night and probably not during the day either!)

Glenn Sacks Bedtime Story #1

One of the things that happens sometimes that's bad is racial profiling. That's when police judge somebody by their race instead of who they are as a person. And sometimes they do bad things to black people because of it. One example is what happened to Joe Morgan. He flew in on a plane to Los Angeles. He got off the plane and was making a phone call when a cop came up to him, grabbed him from behind, threw him on the floor, and handcuffed him behind his back. Imagine how humiliated he was lying on the floor of the airport with his hands behind his back, all the passengers staring at him. They arrested him because he fit the profile of a black drug dealer…

Glenn Sacks Bedtime Story #2

Roberto Clemente was a great outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates during the 1960s… There was a terrible earthquake in Managua… He said, "I will go down there myself… So Clemente got on the plane, too. But the plane was overloaded with supplies and weighed too much. They shouldn't have had so much, but Clemente wanted to bring as much as possible to the people suffering in Nicaragua. The plane crashed, and Clemente was killed…

Now I don’t know if this is a cultural difference because, although American, I was raised in the Netherlands. I have 4 little brothers and sisters between the ages of 8-12 and my mother and (step)father would never tell such disturbing stories to them. I am all for everyday heroes but this poor little Sacks girl! With stories like these at bedtime, what chance does she have for a healthy, normal childhood?

Since Glenn Sacks wants true stories which teach a morale lesson, how about the bedtime story of my life? (I sent him a copy as he requested at but I guess he just hasn’t gotten around to adding it to his collection yet...)

Jennifer Collins bedtime story#1

Sometimes people need to stand up for themselves, no matter how powerful or rich or famous the person treating them badly is. Kids need to respect adults, such as their parents and teachers, but only if these grown ups respect the kids too. Sometimes kids need to stand up for themselves like the story of a little girl named Jennifer.

Many years ago there was a little girl named Jennifer. She lived with her mommy and daddy and her brother. Jennifer’s daddy had a problem though. He drank too much beer and took pills that made him mean. Jennifer’s daddy used to hit her mommy all the time. Sometimes he hit Jennifer and her brother too. One night the dad hurt Jennifer’s mommy and brother so bad that they both had to go to the hospital. Jennifer went with them and she was so scared to see all the blood on her mommy’s face again! Then police came and made the daddy leave because he was too angry. But then Jennifer’s dad got a bad lawyer to help him lie about all the mean things he did...

Then there was this really bad man name Glenn Sacks who also started helping the dad get away with his lies. Glenn Sacks was very mean to Jennifer and said very bad things about her and her mommy even though Jennifer never did anything to Mr. Sacks and he didn’t even know her! This made Jennifer very sad at first but then she got mad and decided to take a stand! Jennifer exposed the really bad man for who he was so he couldn't hurt other people's feelings and families as badly as he had hurt Jennifer's.

Jennifer grew up to help other kids who were being scared and hurt by mean adults and the corrupt family court system. Jennifer, her brother and mommy all got to live happily ever after because the bad men couldn't destroy the truth and they had each other to love forever and ever and ever. The End.

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