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Letter to Government Officials re: Lorraine Tipton

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Children’s Rights

“Giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves”

Governor James Doyle

Dear Governor Doyle:

I am writing to you because I need your help with a very urgent matter concerning the welfare of a young child in your state. Her name is Michaela, and she is 11 years old. I am writing on behalf of Michaela and of her mom who has fought tirelessly to protect her child from the horrific abuse of an angry ex-boyfriend. On Thursday, October 12, Michaela’s mom is facing a jail sentence and Michaela is threatened with placement in foster care. I believe it is only fair that you are made aware of the atrocity of injustice Michaela and her mom have had to suffer at the hands of the family court system of Wisconsin.

While in the care of her father, Michaela has been the victim of sexual, as well as emotional and psychological abuse and neglect. In addition to the attached documented (and substantiated) sexual abuse, Michaela has been forcibly fed her own vomit. She is left to sleep either on the living room floor or in the unfinished basement while her father and grandmother occupy the only two bedrooms. She lives in constant fear due to the unpredictable behaviors of her inebriated father and grandmother, and is regularly put in danger as a passenger in the car of her father who continually drives under the influence of alcohol.

Michaela’s mother and step-father have exhausted their resources yet continue to fight for Michaela’s safety. Though reports of abuse were substantiated by CPS, and reports by Michaela of other kinds of abuse were deemed true by concerned mental health professionals who consider Michaela to be in imminent danger, the court has decided to ignore the evidence, and thus, continues to place Michaela in harm’s way. What are most disturbing are the questionable practices of the court (see attached documentation) as this little girl’s welfare is continually placed in jeopardy. In fact, despite the facts, as time goes on Michaela’s dad has been awarded more access to Michaela while her mom has had to withstand criticism, chastisement, and punishment from the court.

After years of being subjected to such dangerous and frightening conditions, Michaela has decided to stand up for herself and adamantly refuses to visit her father. Withstanding 3 years of living with knowledge of the abuse and now after hearing the desperate pleas of her frightened and endangered daughter, Michaela’s mom now finds it impossible to force Michaela to visit her father against her will. In the past Michaela has been refused the opportunity to speak with local authorities as well as the District Attorney. Presently, she has been denied her own request to be heard by the court.

After years of this unjust treatment on the part of the Wisconsin family court system, the judge has now ordered that on Thursday October 12 at 10:00am, if Michaela’s mom has not been successful in forcing Michaela to visit her dad, she will then be sentenced to 30 days in jail, and Michaela will be permanently placed in foster care. Today, Sunday October 8, Michaela and her family are having Thanksgiving dinner, in the unfortunate event that they are all separated this Thursday.

I am confident that after hearing of this egregious situation and after reading the following documentation (supported by the necessary evidence) you will agree that immediate action needs to be taken to protect this little girl. I believe in our government. I believe in the just treatment it promises. That is why it is so disconcerting and incomprehensible to witness what appears to be “court-sanctioned” abuse.

I thank you for taking the time to review the enclosed documentation and would greatly appreciate your immediate intervention in this matter before further injustice is cast upon Michaela and her mother. Feel free to contact Michaela’s mom, Lorraine Tipton at (920) 785-0328, or I can be reached at (518) 505-9200. Thank you.


Elizabeth B. McVey

Founder/Child Advocate

Supporting evidence and documentation:

Official court Transcripts

Private Investigator Photos and Reports

Audio Tape of Court Hearing

Counseling Notes and Records

CPS Report Substantiating Sexual Abuse

    Mother – Lorraine Tipton

    Father – Craig Hensberger

    Judges – Hon. Frank Calvert

Hon. David Miron

    CPS Worker – Carrie Burke

    Forensic Interviewer – Sara Schumacher

    Guardian ad Litem - _____ Krzewinski


Senator David Hause

Assemblyman John Nygren

The Wisconsin State Attorney General

The Committee on Judicial Affairs

The Office of Children and Family Services

The Wisconsin State Bar Association

Wisconsin State National Organization for Women

The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“Working Together To Bring The Truth Into The Light”

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Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] I will not SHUT UP , GIVE UP and I WONT go away!!.


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