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Man vs. Woman: The Grudge Match –by; Free us now

Man vs. Woman: The Grudge Match

Posted on January 4, 2010 by freemenow

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

This is the result of the all boys club that has absolutely no respect for women. It is also the grudge match a long time coming. Woman used to sit and take whatever a man doled out – then they started to stand up for their rights resulting in arrests and embarrassment for the batterer. In retaliation, those with means found a way to discredit the women, get away with battery and use the court system to take away their children.

Grudge Synonyms:
1. bitterness, rancor, malevolence, enmity, hatred. Grudge, malice, spite refer to ill will held against another or others. A grudge is a feeling of resentment harbored because of some real or fancied wrong: to hold a grudge because of jealousy; He has a grudge against him. 2. Malice is the state of mind that delights in doing harm, or seeing harm done, to others, whether expressing itself in an attempt seriously to injure or merely in sardonic humor: malice in watching someone’s embarrassment; to tell lies about someone out of malice. 3. Spite is petty, and often sudden, resentment that manifests itself usually in trifling retaliations: to reveal a secret out of spite. 4. envy.

So women want equality do they- well said the men- try this on for size is what they thought – I surmise! Now it has become vogue to turn the tables on a woman.

How else can we explain a judge that feels the face of this woman must deserve what she got from a man with a record for battery, booze, drugs and more and more? The judge not only disrespects the woman but respects the lout enough to give the child to him in spite of his growing criminal record.

Apparently any man is better than any woman to these judges because this is happening to millions of women. Many are not only losing their children to their abusers but are forced out of their homes and into the streets. Some are forced to turn over their entire pittance of a paycheck for child support and now live in their cars.

It appears these judges are taking it out on some women for alimony or child support they ( the judges and lawyers) may have been rightfully paying for their own children and who now delights in watching women live in cars and struggle to see their children. 

With this obvious male  bias in the courts their can be no justice. What we have are Kangaroo Courts full of rouge lawyers and judges patting each others asses one lies and the other swears to it. Allso remember the statistics – nearly 50% of the divorces are do to Porn and or Online chat rooms cheating with minor girls- these are our lawyers and judges. Remember the NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate who was sworn into  office a mere week after trying to carve his girlfriend’s eye out- and the judge who gave him a slap on the wrist- he still sits on the NY bench. They both do!Woman Haters

Are we going to sit by and allow this? Again there are more of us then there are of them- Let’s go Gals!

Contributed by:
The lady (Claudine Dombrowski) in this picture was violently beaten by Hal Richardson, the father of her baby and ex-husband.  Now Hal Richardson isn’t exactly going to win any father awards this year for this, and his criminal record keeps growing (Battery, Attempted Battery, Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer, Obstruction of Legal Process, and Possession of Marijuana and violation of Open Container law.)

Shawnee County Judge James P. Buchele refused to permit testimony in this case because his docket was full.  If that wasn’t bad enough, Claudine was ordered by this Judge to move back to Shawnee County so Hal Richardson could be closer to her daughter and ordered her not to call the police when dealing with her husband, all calls had to go through her case manager first.  Allegations of death threats, rape and the killing of her daughter were what the Judge was not letting get into testimony.  Outrage, to say the least, read the harrowing account of a lawyer’s outrage in this matter here.

As usual standard operating procedure, the family court gave custody of her child to her abuser.  With Hal Richardson having sole custody for YEARS of child, with only very limited contact for Claudine, supervised at that, people should be outraged.  I am.  Can you image…she went for long spells not even seeing her only child, now she’s worked up to a whopping 2 HOURS a week, supervised.

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