Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A graphologist, who ‘read’ the Judge David Debenham Shawnee County Courts signature

Just kinda kewl and a bit off topic but her reading is dead on with the experiences and knowledge I have of this particular Judge


This from a graphologist, and who ‘read’ the judges signature.

Judge David Debenham




I am a graphologist, and ‘read’ the judges signature.

David Debenham

This judge draws out things unnecessary, the gap weighs more to one side in his signature- he is not family oriented- looks to have deep wounds from his childhood experiences.

He carries a ‘demeanor’ of I stand on this decision, but the choice does not require thought.

His first letter “D” has no flow expression; he seems to be beside himself. He tends to leave himself open for failure in his personal life, but stands his ground on issues that he is close to.

I do not think he can see the complete picture. Not much of a talker, except in the beginning, he might trail parts of the last sentence on what he is speaking about-

his ‘v’ is somewhat pivoted out, meaning that he extends (goes on and on-babbling) his beliefs and I bet you very mundanely, he could repeat himself over again.  He really does not take the time to understand an issue, he is very short on correcting, although he does have a refined order to placing a ‘jab’ to his professional viewpoints: either way he does not open to anything after his decision- he enjoys being right.

His middle initial is mostly masculine, with a female hard undertone. He was probably a child caught in the middle; if he had siblings they used him.

Looks like his dreams were redirected from an early age, he struggled and has to this day separated his-self from the family (father more so than mother)- he is closer with his siblings and has earned his right.

He likes to finish HIS own stuff, he does not have time to dwell on other people’s important things, and his excuses are calculated to serve his respect. Comment: he has old traditions, has a need for someone to do things for him. I bet in a relationship he does much to catch the woman, and has jokes that are off beat….

He enjoys goofing off, dittoing- but give him something challenged and for the right price he will make it seem as though he put in a lot of effort, in reality he seems to peter out beyond the ¾ mark or by the tail end. 

He is secretive about something that happened in his life- he has not come to grips with it- his separation with his family name is apparent- the laziness of his hand delays in the middle and crunches up at the end.  Meaning that he has mixed emotional feelings that his last name represents.

He has worked hard to get to where he is now. I could say more on his personal areas, but he is boring.

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