Friday, January 1, 2010

Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody: “A NATIONAL CRISIS” BMCC VII:



Battered Women,

Abused Children,


Child Custody:



Now that we know,

What are we doing about it?


The Seventh Annual
Battered Mothers Custody

Fri., Sat., & Sun.,

Jan. 8th - 10th, 2010

Holiday Inn Turf

205 Wolf Road

Albany, New York

1-800-HOLIDAY or



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Unknown said...

"SAVE AUSTIN" in Alabama, I attended the conference and NOW, I know I can and will save my son, from the "judicial terrorism" I have experienced in the NW corner of Alabama I live in, Florence, Al., my most recent case. This is my life, trying to save my 11 yr old sons life, from the sexual allegations/abuse...that I believe to be real abuse, he has suffered from, at the "hands" of his so called "sperm donor" referred to as "Good Daddy, Father" by the people deligated to protect children in this area....HaHaHa, me not laughing or smiling or respecting people, inhumane and neglectful in their positions of power.

The conference gave me HOPE, and knowledge and a sisterhood of motherhood between many facets of powerful hearted "Protective Mothers" who know the TRUTHS surrounding their cases and their "Lost Babe's"...

I will spread the knowledge of the tragedy of the judicial terroism in our family courts...I will fight for my child's voice and all children and their loving "Protective Mothers"...

"If we do not protect our children, we can not protect our freedom...Our children are our most important resource...Without them, what is to be become of this great country?"

Robin Childers Blackburn
Florence, Alabama

Unknown said...

I remember you from the conference, I am from Jersey, "Nancy" we talked for some time. I thoght you were awesome in your presentations and I feel for you, as I am there too.
You really need to continue speaking, you have a talent at it, your southern accent is amazing and your articulation is better, so keep on keeping on. We mothers and our children, around this country need you.

Praying for you and your son,
Nancy C.
New Jersey, USA

Unknown said...

Austinyou go mothers, save your children! and fight, fight, fight! how brave all of you are. there is a tide of change in the making and it will drown the evil judicial terrorist and cronies. blessings to you mothers and your beautiful children, this grandmother will write to my congressmen and political leaders.
may God and his Angels protect and watch over you.

Lynn said...

Hello Robin If you are Robin from Colbert Co. High today for some reason I had you in my thoughts. Hope you are well. Starr Lehner