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I have been following a New Jersey family court case that started out in Essex County, and was moved to Hudson County.  The mom is a pro-se litigant- up against many high powered lawyers.  The appeal was filed pro-se, and while custody of kids was a genuine issue, the trial court made changes without the benefit of a trial.  There was no testimony in this case ever.  The court used one tainted expert - and - a CD captured something unsavory the day custody was altered a year ago.  The father in the case is caught on tape "I am giving this to you to make good to this guy"- nodding toward chambers.  The lawyers are heard saying "watch-- be careful - the tape is running"- what did New Jersey family court do with this information?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  The story gets better.  The father gifted a large grant one month before the case was heard.  What was done about that?  NOTHING!

Today- the news came in that a decision was reached in the case.  The Appellate Judges affirmed the decision of the trial court to alter custody and parenting time without the benefit of a trial, without any testimony, and without a peer review of the biased report.  The court went on TO JUSTIFY CHILD ABUSE !  Yes--- you read that correctly- the appellate division of New Jersey justified why a six year old boy was hit across the face by the paternal grandfather.  (This abuse occurred during the evaluation)  There was no exam of finances in this case for over six years, and yet the court ruled the mother should pay all experts.  The mother has nothing left !  Not one dollar !  The father however has millions of dollars, many lawyers, and purposely ran the mom penniless litigating the case for six years and counting.  The court also talks about how the father cannot control his anger at times, but still grants him over 50% of the children's time.  The oldest child will not attend parenting time, and they blame her for that too! 

I can promise you that if the father had not liked the decision made in the evaluations, there would have been national experts flown in for him.  (The court actually promised him he could hire as many experts as he wanted- but denied the mother any independent experts)  This case has always had a smell to it-- it stinks!  The children were taken from a stay at home mom, and sent to a "nanny".  The father continues to muscle the court system, even getting the new Judge to agree it is OK to leave a seven year old boy alone in a hotel room.  (The boy had been injured while the father strolled on the beach with a woman)  The Judge told the mom she would "do anything to ruin his vacation".  The child was left alone on an island repeatedly, and that was deemed acceptable by the Hudson County family court. 

I always suspected that the appellate court would take the coward's route - they will rarely go against a fellow Judge in the brotherhood.  What recourse does a regular mom have against a mogul?  None !  He bought this verdict no matter how you look at it--he had the money to pay all the experts he wanted- he had the money to have all the lawyers he wanted- the mom had nothing!  This case has never been on level playing ground.  While the husband brought in a parade of high profile lawyers (some worked on McGreevey divorce- Strahan divorce- and mafia cases) the mom was alone.

The case is an unpublished opinion and will be posted on the NJ Court website for 10 days-

The title of the case is LC vs VC (Essex County)   Decision of 7/23/12

Note that the opinion rips apart the mom for everything, and pats the dad on the back for everything.  This is the typical family court attitude- punish the victims- punish mom for leaving-- award the monied spouse whatever they want- treat kids like property.  The appellate judges should be deeply ashamed of this decision- kids are being impacted because of a biased opinion that women are crybabies.  (Please keep in mind my other posts about the Honorable Judge Sol Gothard- only about 7% of abuse reports are false in custody cases)  The fair Judge they keep referring to was under federal investigation for his behavior in this case - and they knew it.  How much of this decision comes down to retaliation for going against a sitting judge?  Note-- they fail to mention that the FBI were actively investigating this Judge, even though the point was talked about at oral arguments.  They had to punish her for seeking help from authorities.  (Although I cannot imagine what mother would hear the CD of the money exchange and not go to the authorities for help)  The court makes mention of the case being moved from Essex to Hudson County- but they never mention why it was done.  The case was moved after the FBI began questioning people close to the case.


PART OF THE CD $$$ EXCHANGE - Video here:


Any person who wishes to help this mom- offer legal assistance- offer a peer review of the report that was placed into order- please contact me at -  At this point in time- she is alone with no experts- no lawyer- and no way to help her children.  Something really unsavory occurred a year ago- and the appellate court does not care to correct this injustice- and this travesty of justice involving innocent children-- "take care of this guy"--  I cannot sit by and watch this any longer-- to be very clear to the courtwhores that will read this blog-- the mom did not ask me to do this - she did not tell me to do this-- I am just so disgusted with the justice system- I need to try and help in some small way- even if it is only showing support for this family-  The truth needs to be told- whether they like it or not - FREEDOM OF SPEECH STILL EXISTS (I hope)

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