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Topeka Lawyer sanctioned by Supreme Court ( lied about auto insurance HIS)

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sounds like a real UPSTANDING kinda dude.. wonder what else he lies about..? uhh-duhh This btw has to be a first in history- a KanSUCKS lawyer sanctioned?? hey its a start- how about a judge? I mean c’mon take your pick!!

Lawyer sanctioned by Supreme Court

Topeka Capital-Journal, The, Oct 10, 2009 by James Carlson

By James Carlson

The Capital-Journal

The state's highest court formally has admonished a long-time Topeka public defender for altering an insurance card and ordered him to undergo an evaluation for depression.

Wendell Betts previously had been convicted of two misdemeanor offenses related to the forgery, and a disciplinary panel had already recommended censure by the Kansas Supreme Court.

On Friday, the court did so and further required Betts to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. During the disciplinary hearing, panel members said they believed his mental health at the time of the crime had contributed to his actions.

For two years following the evaluation, Betts is ordered to provide quarterly reports proving he is following the doctor's recommended treatments.

Betts said during the criminal case that his wife had been pestering him to obtain insurance for one of their cars.

"The respondent's purpose in altering the insurance card was to appease his wife," Friday's court filing said.

The forged insurance card came to light when his wife was stopped by a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper in October 2005.

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    Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] KS-Family Court Reform Coalition.


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