Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SOLE CUSTODY TO A SEXUAL PREDATOR The Hague Act was originally intended for battered mothers and their children - designed for their safety. Only the Abusers have been successfully able to use the Hague, and used to further abuse the very victims it was intended to protect.

With that why is the Hague not being used in this case?

Simple. Mothers have no rights. Abusers have Fathers Rights.Which seems to be always more important than what is right for the children.


The stories we all share are so similar, but each horrifying in it's own right.  This story is about a Mom who has been denied all contact with her children since 2007.  Today is her Son's birthday.  Her children were given to a Father who is a sexual predator, and who filed for custody using fraud.  This is an international matter, and we are asking all American Citizens to call the United States Embassy and help this Mom bring her kids home.  The mom in this case has been denied all contact with her children since the fraudulent order in 2007- this mom has not heard her children's voices in years, and has no way of knowing if they are alright.  Please take a moment to contact the US embassy in Berlin and ask them to assist this mom.

The facts:

On January 31, 2007 United States District Court Judge William Smith takes an application pursuant to the Hague Act from a German Father, which is based on fraud.  The mother's legal address is not even on the petition.  It is believed the Judge knew it to be inaccurate, but had his eye on a higher office with the First Circuit Appeals Court.  For political reasons alone, the Judge entertained the German father's application with no proofs.  Judge Smith thereby denied due process, denied justice, and committed multiple color of law violations.  Judge Smith even stayed a Rhode Island family court's custody order for the mother, and an order of protection.  The mother's custody orders were granted by a Rhode Island Family Court on January 30, 2007 after child porn was found in the father's hard drive.  The children had communicated they feared that the father would publish these images via Internet depicting horrific sexual abuse of the children.  The mother had no lawyer at the time, and was visiting family while having surgery.  The case was pending in Germany at the time.   Rhode Island Family Court had done the right thing for the Mom and the kids, it was the higher court that interceded in the mater and endangered the children.

The United States District Court of Rhode Island expedited a fraudulent petition for international child abduction for a man who HAD NO VISITATION BECAUSE OF CHILD PORN.  The United States District Court of Rhode Island handed the abusive father the children, and their passports in 2007, and mom has never seen, or heard from them again.  Despite the fact the child was in need of an operation at the time he was handed over to the father, and despite law enforcement reports, and doctor statements, the children were sent to Germany with the father.    Article 13 (b) of the Hague Act was ignored in this case.  "Grave risk of danger" did in fact exist in this case, and it was ignored as the kids were sent with their abuser.   One of the children was even removed before having his medically necessary operation, further endangering his life.  The children should never have been removed from Rhode Island without further investigation.

In 2008 the Father evicted mom from the home in Germany, and gained sole custody.  (Even after more child porn is discovered on his hard drive- even after Mom wins her appeal)   The father then did what all abusers do...... he filed endless papers in court knowing mom had no lawyer.  Mom cannot find a United States lawyer, or a German lawyer to help her with her case.  As is the fact in many of our cases, mom is run penniless.  Lawyers do not come cheap, and will not help pro bono.  The children were left in the sole care of their sex predator father, and denied all contact with mom, or their grandparents.

We are asking all United States citizens to contact the US Embassy and ask them to assist Ms. Tina Melo-Kufner with the return of her children under the Hague Act.


US Embassy- Berlin

Clayallee 170

14195 Berlin

Routine calls- (030) 8305-1200  2- 4 p.m. M-F

Fax- (030) 8305-1215


The father's name is Dominik Kufner- The fathers info...and address has been found on line

Dominik Kufner tel 011 49 1797005042

fax 011 49 81712384145

email dkufner@web.de

19 Rings Strasse

82538 Geretsried


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