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U.S. FAMILY COURTS SACRIFICING MOTHERS & CHILDREN all the usual suspects; Guardian ad Litem’s, Psychologists, Case Managers, Custody Evaluators, Access Visitation Supervisors, Parenting Coordinators, and *Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Courtesy American Mothers Political Party   Dear Court Whores – Your Days Are Numbered! We Have Had Enough – We Will Expose Each and Every One of You, Your Child Trafficking Days $$$$ Are No Longer Secret. We Are Silent No More!

[This is an ongoing investigative report by Keith Harmon Snow of Conscious Being Alliance. Please visit link for the entire 60+ pages and continuous updates of Court Corruption by all the usual suspects; Guardian ad Litem’s, Psychologists, Case Managers, Custody Evaluators, Access Visitation Supervisors, Parenting Coordinators, and *Therapeutic Jurisprudence.] 

* SF Peter Jamison's "California Family Courts Helping Pedophiles, Batterers Get Child Custody"

AMPP Is Proud To Support And Encourage All Journalists And Media Who Courageously Do Investigative Reports Exposing The Judicial Profit And Big Industry Of Battered Mothers And Abused Children.

Planned, Organized, And Premeditated: This Is The Mafia of Family Courts.

* PBS Documentary: Breaking The Silence; Children’s Stories
* Domestic Violence Continued
* Family Court Crisis; Our Children At Risk
* No way out But One


Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse

by keith harmon snow

First publication: 01 May 2012
Edits & Revision: 03 May 2012 
Edits & Revision: 17 May 2012

(*The article's original title "SCREW THE BITCH" -- based on a book designed to destroy protective mothers -- was unacceptably offensive to the author.  Revision on May 17 was to clarify 'Father's Manifesto' vs. 'Father's Rights'.)

A five month investigation reveals an epidemic of violence and corruption facilitated by Family Courts in the United States.  Children all over the United States are being taken from their protective mothers and delivered to abusers.  Behind this epidemic of judicial abuse are organized networks involved in racketeering and corruption, channeling and disappearing billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money every year.  Insurance companies are being defrauded by medical and mental health professionals rewarded handsomely for producing quack studies that criminalize loving mothers and protect abusive fathers.  With clear evidence of racketeering and corruption, high court judges and insider lawyers use and abuse the Family Courts system to destroy protective mothers and deliver life sentences of suffering to innocent children.  Rich, poor, middle-class... No child in America is safe.

Little did they know, the worst was yet to come.  Sunny Kelley and Lori Handrahan are just two mothers in two states in the country whose cases provide irrefutable evidence of judicial abuse and pedophile trafficking through Family Courts.  Their court cases went straight from horrible to hell. 
Despite solid documentation of judicial corruption, cronyism, state social service agency abuse, misconduct or dismissal by police, and massive profiteering by officials who are preying on families and children, even the Federal Bureau of Investigation is mute.
Just when Sunny and Lori thought it couldn't get worse, it did.

The cover of the woman-hating 'Father's Rights' book Screw the Bitch.

The cover of the woman-hating 'Father's Rights' book Screw the Bitch.

As I write this story, the family court system has already delivered Sunny Kelley's son and Lori Handrahan's daughter to alleged sex abusers who appear to be part of sex crime networks.  Both mothers are fighting for their children's lives, at the expense of their own.  They have been slandered, abused, ridiculed, harassed, ignored, humiliated, threatened and attacked.  They have been financially devastated.
With the incredible love of a protective mother for her baby they have fought back fiercely, but the more they have fought the more the system has restricted, hammered and punished them.  Every move they made has brought further retaliation upon them.  And they are not alone.  
Like other mothers persecuted by the Family Court system, Sunny and Lori have been psychologically and emotionally tortured, and it's still happening.  It is the same story for Susan Skipp (Tittle v. Tittle) and Sandra MacVicar (Buggy v. Buggy) and Marlene Debek (Bhatia v. Debek) and Lisa Foley (Foley v. Foley) and many more.  
Some of the protective mothers I have talked to tell stories of their children sleeping terrified in the same bed, living in constant fear of their father sexually abusing them.  They talk about their child and their neighbor's child being dressed and undressed in costumes and made to touch each other for the baby-sitting father's pleasure.  Evidence has been provided to the authorities, and nothing is done.
Unlike some mothers who have been forced to live on the streets or in their cars or those committed to mental health asylums as a result of fraudulent court psychological evaluations, protective mothers like Sunny Kelley and Lori Handrahan have not succumbed to the institutionalized corruption and criminality served on them in an effort to silence them, destroy them and deliver their children to the abusers.  They are broke.  They are exhausted.  They are depressed and disillusioned.  They are still fighting.  And they are courageous beyond belief. 
How can our society have let them down so badly?
The legal systems in Maine and Connecticut have given Lori and Sunny and mothers like them the proverbial bitch-slap unceremoniously reserved for any mother in America who stands up for her children and herself against a misogynist and patriarchal culture dominated by shrill demagogues.  Worst of all, Sunny and Lori's pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears: when they tell their stories no one believes them.

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* "I think this [change of names] was done to protect the court from being exposed and also to protect the judges whose actions are damnable," said Dr. Eli Newberger. "This is like Soviet Russia, but it's happening in the United States, and people's rights are being trampled on by people in power who can only maintain their power through the conventions of secrecy."

* "This is how abusive and narcissistic men work the family court system to destroy the lives of their ex-partners and their children. The documentary film No Way Out But One tells the story of Holly Collins -- a woman just like Lori Handrahan and Sunny Kelley -- a protective mother persecuted by the family court system in Minnesota for trying to protect her children. A family court in that state had ignored Holly Collin's complaints of domestic violence, and the physical evidence of serious child abuse, and had given full custody of the children to the abusive ex-partner. Holly Collins became an international fugitive when she grabbed her children and went on the run. Collins fled the United States in 1994, and she became the first U.S. citizen to gain asylum in the Netherlands. The FBI tracked Collins down. The now grown children confirmed that their mother was not their kidnapper, but their savior."


"Most mothers heading down the divorce and custody road have no idea that they are destined for judicial entrapment, extortion, exploitation, and total loss. They don't want to upset the apple cart, appear to be contentious, or be judged guilty by association, as they follow well-meaning advice about going through a divorce in the family court system. Who wants to piss off the judge? Mothers convince themselves that it can't happen to them. Worse, no one believes a protective mother who says the court is not protecting her child"

* The problem is, what we are talking about here is a massive national and global epidemic in sex slavery and pedophilia that makes the Penn State University pedophile scandal look like a bonafidé success story. In that case, someone caught the thief with his hands in the cookie jar -- or the kiddie's nightie. Penn State was the tip of the top of the peak of the iceberg of sexual horrors that children are experiencing and mothers are fighting against. There is an ocean of evidence for any clear thinking person to see.

* There is little or no U.S. Department of Justice oversight of the billions of dollars in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services monies that are funding the black holes of Family Courts. The mass media is almost completely silent.

* Blueprint, the story goes like this: mother suspects father of sexual abuse against child; mother asks Family Court to investigate; court assigns psychologist to evaluate parents; psychologist declares that mother invented charges against father; mother is labeled with psychopathology based on discredited psychological theories; Family Court judge delivers child to abusive father.

* However, child sexual abuse and organized crime like this is not a matter of 'sometimes' failing dramatically. When even one child is taken away from his or her loving mother and delivered to a sex abuser it is a matter of ruining -- and sometimes ending -- a life.

* The problems with Family Courts pervade all levels of the federal and state systems, and no United States citizens are immune: rich and poor are exploited, only differently. At the root of the problem are these central truths: The five billion dollar a year budget of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provides a black hole of funding that filters millions of dollars down to 'gatekeepers' posted to key positions in Family Courts, state agencies, law-enforcement, and affiliated non-profit organizations that have learned how to milk the system;

  • Over the past 50 years, a destructive movement designed to win abusive fathers' access to their victims (women and children) has evolved into a hydra that has virtually overtaken judicial systems and social services, and it now uses them to persecute mothers and destroy families according to the otherwise reasonable dictate that access and visitation with both parents is in 'the best interest of the child'. This destructive movement is premised on and falsely bills itself as a movement for father's rights, thus further confusing the Family Courts landscape. 'Father's Rights' will be used to describe the movement designed by and for abusive fathers to further control, intimidate and abuse women and children.

The United States is both a domestic and an international hub for a trillion dollars a year sex industry in trafficking in women and children.

    Why are Family Courts Manhandling Good Mothers?

    Pretending to assist men to become responsible parents, federal programs operating under the banners of'Responsible Fatherhood', 'Access to Visitation Enforcement' (supervised visitation for noncustodial parents), and 'Child Support Enforcement' have perpetuated abuse of women and children through the family court system. These government programs are not producing responsible fathers, but motherless children, in order to advance the agenda of the so-called 'fathers' rights' movement.

    * Based on laws enacted by the Clinton Administration in the mid-1990's -- under the lobbying of the 'Contract on America' -- problems originate with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and programs like the Transitional Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Based on the financial and economic 'incentives', and with zero oversight or regulation, the system uses Family Courts and state agencies to destroy families.

    * The guardian ad litem serves a gatekeeper function placing lawyers in positions of power, manipulation and coercive control and this is not in the best interests of the child they are supposed to protect.   The corruption and judicial abuse being perpetrated through GAL systems in Pennsylvania has provoked federal lawsuits.  On March 16, 2012, a lawsuit was filed seeking to dismantle the GAL system in Lakawanna County, PA.


    One protective mother starts sobbing every time she talks about the calculated program used by courts and lawyers to abuse and destroy families -- and how they attacked and abused her and her prepubescent daughter. "I found my husband's lawyer's strategy when my husband left his notebook and I read it," says 'Mrs. Wilson'. "It said:
    1. Figure Out How to Shut the Bitch Up;

    2. Bleed the Bitch Dry Legally;

    3. Reunification Therapy;

    4. Trial."


    Who is Nicholas J. Sarno? How did Nicholas J. Sarno get involved in the millions of dollars business of supervising the visits between parents and children involved in highly contentious custody battles in Connecticut Family Courts? Why does Nicholas Sicinolfi alias Nick Sarno have at least five aliases and six names?


    For six days in December 2011, alone, Sunny Kelley was billed $3910.00 for 46 hours of supervision (@ $85 an hour) from the Nicholas J. Sarno & Company of Trumbull CT, one of the select agencies used by the CT Family Court system for mandated supervised visitations, but an agency with a very interesting history and questionable ties to court officials.

    Supervised visitation programs provide services to courts in visitation and custody disputes where a parent alleges physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, or other harmful behaviors against a spouse or partner. Hailed as a welcome tool in the judicial management of high-conflict family court cases, such programs are garnering increased attention from legislatures, judges, and lawyers nationwide.

    Continue Reading this Report in it's entirety with updates here.

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