Wednesday, February 22, 2012

View the Pilot for MURPHY’S JUSTICE Television Starring Susan Murphy Milano!


This is HOT…This is NOW…It’s here and it’s HAPPENING!

ImaginePublicity has just received the rough pilot for a new television show, MURPHY’S JUSTICE and we need you to take a look!  We are in important negotiations to make this show a reality. We value and need your immediate feedback!

Murphys Justice ROCKS! Its long over do that a expert like Susan is taking these cases HEAD ON!!!
Why was Josh Powell allowed to even have those kids? Why was his fairy tale story from Josh about Susan just up and gone even heard? Where in the HELL is common sense? If mommy goes missing in the middle of the night a stain in the rug, a fan on the wet stain in middle of December WTF?? who don’t get this I mean come on already?
Josh Powell was Always a Person of Interest, this NEVER NEVER should have  happened.

He should have been charged, those kids should have been removed... to hell w fathers rights to abuse-- perfect case here.
Person of Interest in a Murder of a mother and FATHER keeps kids, moves out of state gets popped for child porn, then he looses kids then he hacks them to death and blows up the house!

Enough Already!!! Drop the Domestic,drop all the excuses for daddy.....Start charging these batterers for ASSAULT not domestic-  give theses mothers a chance for christ sake -- assault, crowbars, is NOT domestic—its dead. Josh Powell should have been charged for her murder when she disappeared!!!
Murphys Justice it’s long needed thumbs up for taking these cases of peoples lives HEAD on!

New study -- Fathers kill children for revenge on their mothers: "A new study of child murders...

Susan Powell, Fathers Rights, Killer Dads, Domestic  Violence, Coercive Control, Court Whores, Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit, Lives, Cases, Real People, Real , Supervised Visitation is WRONG!!!!



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