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Kansas Public Conference Reveals Deep Contempt for the Poor and for Women – Fatherhood Initiatives - Control of Women and Children Under the Guise of "Responsible Married Fatherhood"

[My comment’s are in Red to Kari’s article below- Good Job Kari- and thank you for covering this.] The real agenda- is much more sinister. The National Fatherhood Initiative: supporting a misogynistic agenda with "politically correct" jock straps.

Federal and Kansas Fatherhood Initiatives, Fathers Rights, Grant Funding, under HHS Federal to local Kansas SRS- Fatherhood Programs…Kansas Fatherhood Coalition, etc. After all, single (Government Funded) abusive, killer daddies are so much better than single women with children.

See: Children need. . . THIS? THE FATHERS RIGHTS MOVEMENT: IN THEIR OWN WORDS Fatherhood.Gov, (Not The National Fatherhood Initiative: Supporting a Misogynistic Agenda (all this money spent, much more than ADC ever has been). Fatherhood the real pork.

Just recently Kansas Children's Service League (KCSL) Grant Funding for a father Class “How to Not Kill your Child”. sick sick sick…“DADDY WELFARE IN KANSAS - KANSAS FATHERHOOD INITATIVES” 

Kansas’s STRONG ‘REMINDING’ statement below, that ‘you women are owned, your children belong to the Father and or State- and if you claim Abuse Domestic Violence or child sexual Abuse by the father- You will be punished severely’ - The Abuser WILL TAKE your child(ren), You will be driven into poverty, joblessness. You will be further punished via proxies of the Court, Custody Evaluator, the GAL, Children's Rights Groups such as but NOT limited to the umbrella groups - e.g Children’s Rights Council- (CRC),  to Kansas Children Service League (KCSL) just to name a few….All who get paid federal and State funding for ‘legal child trafficking’ – and this will go on for years- [I have experienced 17 hell years in the ‘System’ in KS as described above.]

All because you thought (wrongly) that you had the Human Right to be free from torture and left an Abusive Marriage - So if you were having thoughts of ‘human rights’- think again.


In Kansas, A Public Conference Reveals Deep Contempt for the Poor and for Women

From RH Reality Check

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by Kari Ann Rinker, National Organization for Women (NOW), Kansas

November 16, 2011 - 3:49pm (Print)


“This Governor failed!” This was my angry proclamation to Kansas Public Radio after listening to Robert Rector from the Heritage Foundation speak in Kansas City, Kansas on the topic of childhood poverty. Robert Rector was introduced as the “intellectual godfather of welfare reform." Mr. Rector was invited to Kansas to speak by Governor Sam Brownback.

Governor Brownback stated at the start of the conference that he was seeking bi-partisan solutions to the problem of high rates of children living in poverty within our state.  He declared “the best way to do it is to reach as far across the political spectrum and find someone as far opposite or different from you as you can and start to talk about strategy." This advice is obviously meant for all of the left leaning and moderate folks in the room, because this far right, radical Governor brought in a far-right, radical talking head from the Heritage Foundation. This is how the Governor failed.  Obama who openly supports the misogynistic Fatherhood Initiatives by pouring Billions of $$ into Responsible fatherhood Programs (RFP). Brownback failed by bringing in the National Fatherhood Programs- while Congressman and is filtering that money even more into KS State $$- its all about oppression of women and their children and of course it’s monetary- it’s all about the money.] See: Ron Nichols, National Center for Fathering and Here in Kansas

Robert Rector’s resume includes a piece he wrote titled “The Myth of Poverty”, claiming that the Census Bureau is overestimating the number of those truly living in poverty. He recently wrote a piece for the National Review, “How do the poor live? For starters, a poor child in America is far more likely to have a wide-screen plasma television, cable or satellite TV, a computer and an Xbox or TiVo in his home than he is to be hungry." Mr. Rector backed up his resume of crazy by spouting off some of these doozies during the course of his 45 minute speech…

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that the means-tested welfare system to support children in the United States is predominately a support system that compensates for the erosion of marriage. (fathers rights and patriarchy)


Your state is separating into 2 social castes- unmarried women and married couples. SINGLE DADDYS- [KCSL is Federally Funded  recently a grant to teach KS Fathers ‘HOW NOT to Kill their Children’ and support SINGLE DADDY or aka Daddy Welfare]


Marriage is stronger than education in reducing child poverty—[WTF?] it has the same effect as 4 or 5 years of education for the mother. [You have got to be kidding me?= oh those terrible mothers]The effect of marriage in reducing poverty is stronger statistically than graduating from high school. [oh good goddess]


These women [ewww were so infested] regard having children as the most significant thing in their lives. It’s what gives their lives meaning. [As a Battered Mother who was a Nurse in the psych field in Kansas for 13 years prior to having my daughter- only to then be battered by the FATHER – I leave the ‘marriage’ only to be punished by this BS thinking –that ‘man-is-‘god-mentality = Maintaining Complete Control over women and their children’ and gave my child to a known admitted and convicted batter—I say FU!] It’s just that they think of marriage like we think of a trip to Honolulu-it’d be nice sometime in the future, but not right now! First they get pregnant, and then they worry about marriage. [f*# that s*#t]


We’ve absolutely saturated these communities with birth control. In fact, Title X clinics don’t seem to be doing a very good job, do they?! [sigh]


Sequential cohabitation is the primary cause of spousal abuse and child abuse. If they’re not the dad and just living with the mom, and the child is screaming and yelling, then the guy is more likely to react not in a positive way. [WRONG WRONG WRONG!! See Dastardly Dads and 175 Killer Dads: Fathers who ended their children’s lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)


Low income women aren’t hostile to marriage-they’re not radical feminists. They’re actually quite conservative.

Mr. Rector’s government ‘solution to the problem of unmarried ladies’ was presented as a three-part plan…

1. Explain the benefits of marriage in middle and high schools with a high proportion of at-risk youth;

2. Create public education campaigns in low-income communities on the benefits of marriage;

3. Require federally funded birth control clinics to provide information on the benefits of marriage and skills needed to develop stable families to interested low-income clients. [Right just what we need- more Government pork—like, National Fatherhood Initiatives, Head Start, YWCA, Access Visitation, Kansas Children's Service League etc… the pay flow is endless, utterly. Just Google any of the above, the genocide of ‘Battered Mothers and Their Abused Children’- all by ‘daddy dearest of course.]

I can condense those three parts into two words… indoctrination and coercion. [enslaving women and entrapping children]

Mr. Rector backed his statements up by producing a big screen with a power point that had lots of “data." [hahah what data? his? try this data—Leadership Council- or better this data The Liz Library – or how about this data, the Battered Mothers Custody Conference] or DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE, and CHILD CUSTODY: Legal Strategies and Policy Issues

’A reporter later asked me what I thought about the data. I agreed with the fact that the majority of children that are living in poverty are living in the homes of single mothers. However, focusing on this one piece of this very large puzzle is not just short-sided, it perpetuates the right wing sexist myth of lazy welfare moms. So, for Mr. Rector’s purposes…focusing on this one piece serves him, Governor Brownback and the rest of their right wing radical base well.

What young women need (beyond the obvious need for greater access to low cost birth control and improved sex education in schools) is a boost to their self-esteem. They need mentors that will tell them that they are greater than their biological ability to pro-create. [no shit- that they are what ?human beings? damn straight] They need to be told that they possess greatness within themselves beyond what can be obtained by any outside stimulus, whether that be men, babies, money, drugs or alcohol. We must prop these young women up with not only internal fortitude, but with jobs that pay a living wage and opportunities for secondary education.

These “town halls” created to perpetuate myths and sexist stereotypes about women for the political purpose of crushing welfare benefits to the needy within our state will do nothing to combat the true problem of childhood poverty. These events are despicable and they are sad. This Governor is using the poor children of Kansas as pawns to advance his personal political agenda.

The one positive that could potentially come from these high profile staged “town hall” events in Kansas, is the outing of this Governor. This Governor is not just an opponent of abortion, or even birth control, he is an opponent of women.

In Kansas, Secrecy, Control, and Limited Participation Are Hallmarks Of Brownback's Town Halls

by Kari Ann Rinker

Governor Brownback's policies are designed to favor the likes of the Kochs, not the kids of Kansas. His "town halls" are further proof of the control that our governor demands over every interaction, every policy and every man, woman and child within Kansas boundaries.

What Topeka Tells Us: When the Budget Cuts Come, It's Women and Children First

by Jodi Jacobson

This week's power struggle over who would pay for prosecuting domestic violence crimes in Shawnee County, Kansas is both a reflection and a foreshadowing of how anti-tax, anti-government, religiously ideological leaders see their states and our country going. In short, when it comes to making cuts, it's women and children first.

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