Monday, July 18, 2011

When Abusers FORCE their Victims to Marry them Like HAL RICHARDSON forced Claudine Dombrowski.

(This is a Forward from Claudine Dombrowski.)

The author(s) of this blog felt it relevant to post on the ‘hell’ blogs of Shawnee County, Kansas OUTRAGE Case. A Case that NEVER should have happened, but due to the FOC’s GAL’s MHP’s and other cronyism and collusion  of Court Officers for PROFIT only- another battered mother,lost custody to the abuser and RIKKI DOMBROWSKI was forced to grow up in ‘hell’ without her mommy. Its monetary. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

That is CHILD TRAFFICKING by very definition. Look it up Rene  Netherton. M. Jill Dykes, David C Rodeheffer, Judge David Debenham, Donal Hoffman, Jason Hoffman, Kara Haney, Safe Visit, Odyssey et el, and of course DADDY DEAEREST--You are all a part of the ‘conspiracy’ of Color of Law- when 3 or more people conspire to deprive one of their civil and human rights.As you did to this mother.


From: Claudine Dombrowski


This happened to me.

My daughter Rikki was 10 months old before we were married. Hal Richardson was on probation for 95 DV conviction 8 mos prior (part of which entailed NO CONTACT w Victim).

When all other coercion did not work--He took my infant daughter from her from dayca
re, to the Indian reservation.

The Topeka, Kansas local authorities (and FBI) would not go get my daughter, said it was treaties or such. No one, even w  restraining order, and probation requirements and conviction in hand-- would get my daughter back to me.

Our captor and Abuser: HAL RICHARDSON said if I ever wanted to see my child again, I would marry him (he was smart enough to do it in another STATE -  MO. as he was on probation in KS for crimes against myself).

Eventually after no 'authority' would help me, I did marry him, got my daughter back 3 days later, I left him two days after that and never went back.

That was in October 1995.

In 2005,while in hiding in MO. for my safety from this ‘batterer’.  I found the State and county were we were married, and had it annulled as a 'shot gun' marriage. (although I was by this time divorced and still in custody litigation w abuser in Kansas) it was a self principled matter by this time. In the last few years we brought this up in court that we were ‘never married’ and still this control freak was open mouthed that his ‘ownership’ was annulled.

I am glad they arrested this bully. There is always  ‘coercive control’ going on when women 'go back' or 'marry' the perp they have restraining order on.

Man arrested for trying to marry woman with a restraining order against him

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