Monday, July 18, 2011

Conduct Unbecoming for an attorney: Rene Netherton, Topeka Kansas- But this is nothing new. She Claims Claudine Dombrowski is DEAD. Does she know something we do not? Is she making yet another terroristic threat .. ? Is Claudine Really Dead? Did Rene Netherton kill her? ATTENTION LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FBI!!! Please investigate. Is Claudine DEAD?

Which is why this blog exists- to expose the whores of the court. This one is an *oldie* (literally)

Click on the links for full WEBPAGE Screen Shots  links- (which will show you and direct link to the source of the web screen pictures) -- of this renegade attorney Rene M. Netherton Attorney at Law Topeka, Kansas who is harassing a known battered mother, one to which she is a part of the conspiracy to commit deprivation of civil rights as formerly posted under the FBI- COLOR OF LAW

She rants and raves a lot - a lot. One would think that she should be removed as an just an embarrassment to the rest of the legal profession- even alone with just her booze in her office desk drawer-

Seems this attorney needs her anti psychotic drugs increased.

“Really Rene- is this what they teach in Law School?” - you are a disgrace to all Lawyers and you add creed to the the ‘lawyer jokes’ .


*Screen shots begin with her *currently* open profile then by most recent date of each blog.

Rene Netherton Blogger Profile

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