Thursday, June 16, 2011

ONLY 15 Comments out of 1,237 about Domestic Violence in the KS Blue Ribbon Commission’s ‘Feedback from Community and other Meetings and directly-received Documents”

Selected comments from 1,237 comments in the Blue Ribbon Commission’s Feedback from Community and other Meetings and directly-received Documents (56 pages), updated June 15, 2011.


15 statements about Domestic Violence

the last statement the only statement dealing with battered mothers in custody disputes. (open up file, use your tool bar ‘find’ type in “Domestic”(or any other search term)

1. 32. Attorneys using e-filing in Shawnee County for the limited actions cases are very favorable towards e-filing, and noted the system was used for child support and domestic cases also.

2. 4. Domestic and sexual assault victim safety and privacy are critical. Many victims are unrepresented and video conferencing can be very threatening to them

3. 62. It could be dangerous to set domestic violence bonds by phone.

4. 96. If video conferencing is used for domestic violence hearings, the perpetrator will have the edge.

5. 26. A domestic violence case deserves to have immediate access to judge. We're all Kansas people; we all deserve access to justice. The only reason not to have access to justice is political expediency.

6. 29. Domestic and sexual assault victims rely heavily on DMJs; immediate access to the court is critical

7. 42. Access to justice is necessary in order to provide safety for our clients that are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence

8. 68. KLS in civil cases can assist person who meets the legal definition of “poor” or if a victim of domestic violence. KLS can also assist otherwise with the use of forms, the library, etc., but if a true emergency, forms are not enough, and KLS often recommends an attorney because usually a large number of temporary orders might be needed.

9. 139. Sometimes finding enough mediators is a problem. Only a certain number of people want to do it and are good at it. It's hard to qualify as a mediator in the state. It's hard to get mediators qualified in the state; it takes a lot of hours and money to get certified; it takes a lot of commitment. However, it's money and time well-spent. Not all attorneys are good mediators: attorneys are taught to be bull dogs, mediators aren't. Mediators are not required to be attorneys: social workers and paralegals can be good mediators. It's better to have law-trained mediators, if they spend the time to get trained. It's financially difficult for solo practitioners in rural areas to get certified, considering the time and money it takes. Certification has different requirements for civil and domestic mediation.

10. 72. It would help if the forms for domestic abuse cases were in a fillable pdf format and if those forms were available in Spanish

11. 103. Some grant money in Wyandotte County now is used for domestic cases.

12. 161. We could charge more for domestic case filings

13. 34. Domestic courts are a business rather than a judicial organization

14. 89. Emergency access to courts is very critical to domestic violence victims

15. 90. Concern was expressed for not having more cases, especially post-divorce, getting placed with mediators and case managers who are not educated or experienced with domestic violence.

See Kansas Watch Dog for more information about the Kansas Blue Ribbon Commission’s progress or or thereby lack of Progress in Fixing a broken Judicial System

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