Monday, February 7, 2011



A report out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on the Women’s Health website details the effects of violence on women.  Here is an excerpt of the report…an excerpt I found particularly interesting because it discusses women that abuse children.  This is enlightening to discover this:

Impact on children

Violence against women can also impact children. About 50 percent of men who assault their wives also physically abuse their children. Also, women who are abused are more likely to abuse their children. And children can be injured during violence between their parents.  Studies show children who witness or experience violence at home may have long-term physical, emotional, and social problems. They are also more likely to experience or commit violence in the future.  Protect your children by getting help for yourself.

Common physical injuries and health problems from violence include:
• Increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV, which can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and a higher risk of cervical cancer
• Unwanted pregnancies, or rapid, repeat pregnancies
• Miscarriages and other reproductive problems
• Vaginal bleeding or pelvic pain
• Injuries such as bruises, cuts, broken bones, or internal damage
• Back or neck pain
• Chronic pain syndrome
• Trouble sleeping and nightmares
• High blood pressure or chest pain
• Arthritis
• High stress and lowered immune system
• Central nervous system problems, such as headaches, seizures, or nerve damage
• Respiratory problems, such as asthma and shortness of breath
• Digestive problems, such as stomach ulcers and nausea

To download a copy of the report, which discusses a wide range of overall health effects for being a victim of domestic violence, please click here.

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