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UPDATE: From the Mothers Rally In Washington, DC on Feb 13th, 14th, 2011


Our Heroes

The Mothers Movement is patterned after all movements that oppose human rights violations:

  • Madres de los Desaparecidos (Mothers of the Disappeared) movement in Argentina,
  • African American civil rights movement in the United States
  • Women's movement that stopped a civil war in Liberia


    February 13, 2011

    On Sunday February 13, twenty to thirty mothers and children participated in a vigil and demonstration in front of the White House for two hours. They held one big banner, three large double-sided signs on poles, and several other large signs.

    The purpose was to express grave concerns about five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000.00) designed to encourage fathers to pay child support and provide abusers with supervised visits.

    Instead, this gender-biased project provides legal services to batterers, molester, felons and drug addicts who avoid paying child support by getting custody. Safe mothers are put on supervised visitation. Children's continued outcries of abuse are ignored.

    We want the President to know our tax dollars are destroying children's lives, not improving them.

    Federal Fatherhood Initiatives


    February 14, 2011

    A press conference and speak out were held on Monday, February 14 at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to inform them how their fatherhood programs impact children.

    Advocates joined the speak out. A television reported came by, but security staff forced him to leave. Fortunately, he had a zoom lens, so could film the event from afar. We don't know if he was able to air the story on Channels 4, 5 or 9.

    About half way through the speak out, several Homeland Security vehicles arrived. A small squadron of large uniformed federal agents announced that the group was on Federal property and told us to leave or be arrested.

    After a lively discussion from citizens whose taxes provide HHS with money for the property, the mothers, children and advocates (including 2 attorneys) marched off, finishing the speak out while moving along peacefully.

    The march continued up Independence Ave., past the three House of Representative buildings, turned left on First Street and ended at the Senate buildings.

    Many of the mothers stood with the signs and banners during the next several hours in front of the Senate buildings, while others met with Senate aides and distributed packets of information.

    A courageous kid told Senate aides how she was forced to reunite with her sex offender father.

    A mother explained how she was turned away from federally-funded HHS legal services because she is a mother, not a father.

    Two attorneys, two counselors, and several mothers discussed how the HHS fatherhood program backfires, leading to destructive outcomes for children.

    Family Court Related Research and Articles


    February 15, 2011

    The next day, one stalwart mother continued to distribute the rest of the packets and flyers to the remaining Senators. She found that Senators and their aides recognized her white t-shirt with Mothers of Lost Children in black letters on the front. Our emblematic uniform is being noticed - an excellent sign.


    Mothers Day 2011 Demonstrations

    • Our next events will be on Sunday May 8, Mothers Day and Monday, May 9, 2011. We hope to have Mothers of Lost Children t-shirts for sale in advance. Those who are not able to come to Washington DC can organize a speak out at your local courthouse on Monday May 9 and wear the t-shirt 'uniform'. If needed, wear a white scarf over your face to prevent recognition and retribution by the court. White pants or skirts complete the ensemble.


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