Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a little message for Rikki Dombrowski in Topeka, Kansas USA- because this Sunday, December 12th is her birthday.

Just a little message for Rikki in Topeka, Kansas USA- because this Sunday December 12th is her birthday.
"All your family in Belgium wish you a Happy Birthday!!!"
"We send to you all our love and we hope to see you a day.
Lots of loves and kissesses. We Love you Rikki!"

Your Family;
-The Dombrowski's -- Belgium
(Aunt Sabrina, Uncle Frederic, Nieces, Nephews, Cousin's, Grandfather, his wife)

Please spread this video--- although she is held captive, the www will get to her and she will know how loved she is-- that she is not forgotten and that her family loves her so very much.
Especially her mother Claudine Dombrowski who on December 12, 1994 became a mother-- and knew what unconditional love was truly about.
Six years later she was stolen by the family courts--given to her Mothers abuser Hal Richardson and has been kept away from her mother for now 11 years.
"You can not chain the wind-- no matter how hard you try."  Fly high-- Fly Free.

All over the Nation their is a CRISIS in the Family Courts—Abusers get Custody


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