Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Mothers Political Party Show—Special Guest Adult Child Survivor of the PAS Scam, Lyn Twyman --TONIGHT @ 6 pm EST Call in (347) 205-9977

TONIGHT at 6ET join hosts Claudine Dombrowski and Lorraine Tipton as they welcome guest Lyn Twyman to the show to share her experiences of parental alienation and its abuse in her childhood.


Lyn Twyman Domestic violence advocate. Creator and founder of Courage Network, an online community for domestic violence survivors, family, friends, advocates and organizations.

There is no doubt that Lyn Twyman wears many hats. The driving force behind her passion for life and what she does comes from a past that has shaped and formed her to become the dynamic woman that she is today. Lyn grew up watching all forms of abuse in the lives of her parents. She was victimized as a child by a psychologically abusive father who caused years of separation from her mother, an Asian immigrant who was pressured to marry an American that she had never met. Lyn’s abusive childhood set the stage for her and she later became a victim of intimate partner violence. After sometime of healing and while trying to find resources for another immigrant victim of violence in her own family, Lyn found that comprehensive resources were lacking online. Also, she realized she needed to be a part of breaking the cycle of violence within her own family and families across the country so she founded Courage Network in February of 2009.


AMPP is a social movement seeking justice and accountability within the family court system which includes DHHS/CPS, psychologists and other so called experts.

  • We as mothers demand CITIZENSHIP and our Rights to our Children.
  • We demand that our children not be used as pawns by our abuser in a custody dispute.
  • We demand that Mothers and Children be equally protected against court ordered visitation with an abuser.
  • We demand that Mothers and Children be given the same rights, privileges and voice that the abuser gets in family courts!
  • We demand that our President take action now as can no longer afford to be silent and we won’t.
  • We demand the same "rights and freedoms" to which all humans are entitled.

Behind the closed doors of the dirty little secret of the family court system, thousands of women each year lose child custody to violent men who beat and abuse Mothers and Children. Family courts are not family-friendly and betray the best interests of the child.

Until Mothers and Childrens voices are heard we will never shut up, give up or go away!

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