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Rene Netherton and her blatant hatred of Claudine Dombrowski
Rene Netherton and her blatant hatred of Claudine Dombrowski

Rene you can shut down the blog all you want. We took screen shots of everything that was out there and I am now publishing it for all to see.
Now for everyone to understand we must post the screen shots so they can see for themselves. So we will start with your blogger profile:

Next we move in to your question in blogger/google help files:

Now we have established that you are Rene we can move on to the blog posts (which sorry folks are no longer available but here are the screen shots of the alleged blog posts. This is the first one but it is extremely shrunk so hard to make out. I also zoomed in and took a second screen shot of the same post in order to show the actual wording:

Now we have the second blog post made by Rene:

And the third post:

I am not sure which of these posts is more disturbing. You have here a woman who is a lawyer. But in the first post she publishes information about Claudine which should (whether true or not) be protected under medical confidentiality.
The second post contains more information about Claudine's alleged mental disorder (keep in mind folks that an abuser's biggest tool in his toolbox is to claim the mother is mentally ill or promiscuous or both).
The third post then contains the statement that the blogger is going to reveal Claudine's address to "both of her supporters". Claudine is and has been a participant in the safe at home address program. This is for victims of violence to be able to live in safety and not worry about future violence. Why on earth would a program administered by the state allow Claudine to be a participant if she is indeed lying about the abuse that happened?
There is a Facebook page created in Rene's honor. We ask on behalf of the creator that you join and help Claudine start the complaint process which will ultimately strip Rene Netherton of the privilege to practice law anywhere.
Hat Tip to "R" and thank you for your part in keeping the world safe from abusers and those who would support them.

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