Sunday, November 14, 2010

Disbar Rene Netherton GAL in Kansas FACEBOOK PAGE

Disbar Renee


GAL (child's lawyer) in Kansas has overstepped her boundaries. She accuses a battered mother of posting confidential information about the child, yet this was not a medical report, nor was it a psychological or psychiatric evaluation. This was an opinion based letter concerning visitation with her child. The child she has only seen for a total of about 100 hours (possibly not even that much) in the last 10 years.
This GAL and her cronies have tried to remove this mother from the child's life permanently. They have allowed the father to abuse and batter and rape the mother with no consequence. A different court in fact feels this mother to be in such mortal danger that she is a participant in the Safe At Home address confidentiality program.
So for Rene M Netherton's behavior, I want this page to grow, I will be putting up a petition page tomorrow and hope we can get enough signatures to give to the Kansas Bar Association and Rene will soon enough be stripped of her license to practice law. She can threaten an abused and battered and raped mother with the law, but not follow it herself? Let's gather around and show Rene we mean business and we will not take it anymore. (read less)

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2002 March 20 Rene Letter to Judge to remove a good Forensic who knew the Judge fucked up_1 -

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