Thursday, August 5, 2010

San Bernardino County, California -- Father killed 2-year-old son after being given visitation rights; apparently there's an epidemic of rude judges who disbelieve and threaten mothers in favor of men who abuse and kill children

San Bernardino County, California --

Dastardly reports "This is NOT the first time a judge has refused to believe the mother or look at the evidence in a child abuse case involving the father. Judge Robert Lemkau (also of San Bernadino County) was recently drummed off the bench for allowing a similar miscarriage of justice in the murder of Wyatt Garcia. Now Judge John M. Pacheco is also being looked at for granting dad Alex Baeza unsupervised visitation with his 2-year-old son, despite credible evidence of child abuse. The little boy later died of a head injury 'allegedly' inflicted by his father. The father is facing homicide charges. Note that the mother was threatened with loss of custody for even mentioning her concerns."

"The family of a 2-year-old Inland boy who died in his father's care has filed a complaint asking that a San Bernardino County Superior Court judge be disbarred for granting visitation to the boy's father. Seven months after the judge's order, in which court records show he chastised the mother for overreacting to injuries, Isaac Gallegos was dead and his Moreno Valley father was charged with murder... [Judge Pacheco told the mother] "I think you're overreacting all right? Now, if you continue to act this way... I'll have to take custody away from you and... I will give custody to the person that is most willing to cooperate with the other parent, and giving them custody OK?... "

MEDIA BIAS: But WTF is this in the above article: "University of San Diego professor Robert Fellmeth said the case points to not just the court's failure but to a larger indictment on the system...  said Fellmeth, who founded the Child Advocacy Institute... 'Family courts can often overlook signs of abuse because false allegations are frequent in embattled custody cases...'  And just how "frequent" are they, when mothers accuse fathers in child custody cases?  A relative word, a value judgment, an unquantified and unexplained perception that itself is arguably false. So what is this blather doing in here? The upshot: it's not anyone's fault. It's someone else's job. It's the fault of the "system" (an abstract thing that doesn't actually exist). No individual is to blame. No one did anything wrong. No one was biased. Public opinion isn't confused because of media false balance... So when you come away from the article, the bottom line you are left with is: only one individual in the entire system actually is inherently suspect as to motive or credibility, and that's an accusing mother. Everyone is presumed well-intentioned,  intelligent and unbiased, and faced with having to grapple with the near-impossible task of figuring out which mothers are liars or delusionals, and which mothers might have a point.

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