Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unspeakable, Horrific Scene: Father Sought: Murder Children and Wife--Thomas Mortimer IV


June 17, 2010 - 9:54 AM | by: Molly Line

Police are looking for Thomas Mortimer IV after his family was found murdered in what prosecutors are calling an "unspeakable" scene.

The bodies of 2-year-old Charlotte Mortimer, her brother 4-year-old Thomas 'Finn' Mortimer V, their mother Laura Stone Mortimer, 41, and her mother, the children's grandmother, Ellen Ragna Stone, 64, were discovered yesterday morning following a forced entry well-being check conducted at the family residence at 2 Windsong Lane in the quiet Boston suburb of Winchester, Massachusetts.

"They went to that home because they were concerned relatives. They had not been able to have conversation with the family members in that house since Monday night," said Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone.

Prosecutors would not say how the family was killed and investigators remained at the home this morning, yellow crime scene tape marking out a perimeter in the upscale neighborhood.

"After having been in that scene, I can tell you, after making observations of that scene, it was horrific, disturbing and unspeakable and the acts do not appear to be random," said Leone.

Police are not saying where Mortimer IV may been or where he could be headed.
Until recently the father of two had been unemployed but several weeks ago he got a job doing sales for a technology firm. He didn't show up to work on Tuesday.


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