Monday, June 7, 2010

Remove incumbent Judge Lemkau on Tuesday!


Dear Friends,

     I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!  I am grateful for your time, generous support, and unwavering spirit you have collectively shown over the last four months.  It’s hard to believe that June 8th is just a day away!  For those of you who live in San Bernardino County, I am thankful that I can count on your vote in Tuesday’s election.

     I am writing to ask one last favor of you all.  Please send a personal email to ALL of your friends and family, reminding them to VOTE and to VOTE FOR HOSKING.  It sounds corny, but every vote counts, and there is no indication how many votes will make the difference on Tuesday.

     I know you are all busy, so I have drafted a sample email below that you can cut & paste into a blank e-mail, and send out in a matter of seconds.

     I wanted to make this is easy as possible for all of you, as you have contributed so much to my efforts and my campaign already.  If you would prefer to write something yourself, please feel free.

     Once again, thank you for all you’ve done to help me over the last few months.  The finale is upon us.  With your help, I look forward to serving as a Superior Court Judge!


James Hosking 


I need your help.  Election Day is Tuesday, June 8th, and I am asking you to PLEASE vote for James Hosking for Superior Court Judge.  I support James Hosking: he is trying desperately to remove incumbent Judge Robert Lemkau.

Earlier this year, Judge Lemkau refused to protect Baby Wyatt from Wyatt’s father, who had written a story about killing Wyatt.  Baby Wyatt’s mother asked Lemkau to protect her son.  Judge Lemkau accused her of lying, of manufacturing evidence, and told the 23 year old single mother who couldn’t afford an attorney that there would be “adverse consequences” if she came back to his courtroom.  Click Here to read the Transcript.

On TV, this has been called " of the most heated and emotional judicial elections in the country," Pat Harvey, CBS 2 News Los Angeles.  Click Here to Watch the Video.

Hosking is a veteran San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney, earned a Master’s of Law degree, was nominated Prosecutor of the Year by the Sheriff’s Department, and instructs both law enforcement and other prosecutors.   Please visit for detailed information.

"James Hosking is more than qualified to become a Superior Court Judge,” Mike Ramos, District Attorney of San Bernardino County.  Click Here for a list of endorsements.  rated both Hosking and Judge Lemkau.  Hosking earned an 8 of 10.  Lemkau received a rating of 3.5 of 10 - among the lowest of all the judicial candidates in California. gave Hosking "Two Thumbs Up" and Lemkau received "No Thumbs Up."

I cannot understate how important it is that you VOTE for James Hosking on Tuesday, June 8th.  If you feel the way I do, please send this email to everyone you know in San Bernardino County!

Thank you!          •


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