Friday, June 18, 2010

Ft. Gibson Murder-Suicide

The deaths of Amy Vazquez, 35, of Fort Gibson and Rodrigo Mejia-Mejia, 55, of Muskogee were officially declared murder-suicide Thursday.

Sheriff’s Investigator Faye Banks said all evidence points to Mejia-Mejia shooting Vazquez Wednesday while he was sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle.

A witness had seen them arguing 15 minutes before their bodies were discovered, Banks said.

She was standing near him in the edge of a corn field on West 40th Street North, 7/10 of a mile west of North Main Street, when the shooting took place, Banks said.

The gun that killed the couple, who allegedly were dating, was found under Mejia-Mejia, and “two spent shells” were found at the scene, said Muskogee County District Attorney Investigator Richard Slader. “It is a closed case.”

Vazquez and Mejia-Mejia had been shot in the head.

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